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Home » Polene Polene releases “Hors-Champ”, a portrait of three craftsmen

Polene Polene releases “Hors-Champ”, a portrait of three craftsmen

Polaine Japan Co., Ltd.
Polene releases “Hors-Champ” portrait of three craftsmen
From Parisian leather goods brand Polene, content that takes a close look at the maison’s craftsmen.
Since its founding in 2016, Polaine has consistently entrusted the production of leather products to the reliable skills and skills of Ubrique craftsmen. Life in the atelier in Ubrique, a town located in the south of Spain, cannot be talked about separately from the personalities of the people who work there. At “Hors-Champ,” we listen to the voices of such craftsmen.
“Hors-Champ”, portraits of three craftsmen
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] Like a travel diary written on video, “Hors-Champ” captures and reflects the craftsmen from an unexpected perspective. Portraits of the craftsmen drawn by Polaine, who listens to their words while looking at their hands, and then moves outside the atelier to follow in their footsteps–they depict the savoir-faire of the people who live there. It also reveals the image of Ubrique, a town driven by creativity.
[Image 2:×3114.jpg] Sonia’s father is a cutter and her mother is a seamstress. She entered the atelier when she was 16 years old. Currently, she heads a production atelier with approximately 30 craftsmen, and is responsible for allocating work such as production, sewing, and edge finishing.
[Image 3:×3114.jpg] Sonia inherited knowledge and precision from her mother. It also has the tenacity to withstand anything. The strong and unyielding attitude of the women in her family is an inspiration for her way of life. She is also passionate about writing and has written two novels, one of which is dedicated to her grandmother. Sonia also has a door to the world of literature, but her path is straight and unwavering. Her dream is to have her own atelier and be in charge of it in five years.
[Image 4:×2700.jpg]
[Image 5:×2700.jpg] Jose María, a leather cutter, has been honing his craft since he was 16 years old. High quality of work and accurate placement of the pattern on the most beautiful parts of the leather. This determines the perfect finish of the bag. Passionate about his work and strong ties with his fellow artisans who are also his friends, he took us on a tour of his farm on the outskirts of Ubrique. It is said that the nature and animals in this place give peace of mind.
[Image 6:×3114.jpg] Ángel was born in Ubrique into a family that has been in existence for five generations, and he is proud of it. Like his father and grandfather, he chose to pass on to his son his name and the values ​​he deeply instilled through work and soccer. Angel’s job is to be the person in charge of the atelier in charge of cutting. We manage the extremely important processes that form the basis of the work of all other craftsmen and ateliers involved in bag production: receiving leather, quality control, and cutting.
[Image 7:×3114.jpg] “At Ubrique, working with leather sets the rhythm of every day, like the beating of a heart or the ticking of a clock.” – Ángel Ríos, Head of Cutting Atelier
3 chapters, 3 stories. Sonia Fernández Pérez, José María Torres Fernández, and Ángel Ríos showed us a side of their work that we don’t usually get to see, and not just their craftsmanship. The freely woven stories of these three people give us a sense of their private moments and everyday moments rooted in the Spanish landscape. What is reflected there is a “side story that colors the main story.” And that is the source of outstanding work. The passionate personalities of Sonia, José María and Ángel, who love their work and Ubrique, have passed on from generation to generation, such as family ties, connection with nature, the power of literature, and the value of team sports. It has been nurtured by precious treasures passed down from generation to generation.
[Image 8:×2700.jpg] movie ■About “Polene”
Maison “Porene” was launched in France in 2016 by three brothers and sisters. We develop a leather goods and jewelry collection
characterized by original forms expressed by the savoir-faire (craftsmanship) of outstanding craftsmen. The design of each item shows a fusion of minimalism and creativity. Each bag is handmade by craftsmen in Ubrique, a city famous for its leather industry in Spain. Official Japanese online store: More details about this release: