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Home » NTT West × Zojirushi Mahobin × Tomorrow Gate × Actobi Dialogue event will be held on March 6th (Wednesday)

NTT West × Zojirushi Mahobin × Tomorrow Gate × Actobi Dialogue event will be held on March 6th (Wednesday)

[NTT West × Zojirushi Mahobin × Tomorrow Gate × Actobi] Dialogue event will be held on March 6th (Wednesday)

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Press release: February 13, 2024
[NTT West × Zojirushi Mahobin × Tomorrow Gate × Actobi] Dialogue event will be held on March 6th (Wednesday)
Actobi Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Ryosuke Fujiwara, hereinafter Actobi) is a subsidiary of Tomorrow Gate Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Ryosuke Fujiwara, hereinafter Actobi). CEO: Kohei Nishizaki) will hold a conversation event “What is needed in Kansai now? Large companies and startups think about open innovation and new businesses in conjunction with branding and DX” on March 6, 2024. It will be held on Sunday (Wednesday).

The guests at this event were Kazutaka Oibe, Open Innovation Producer, Innovation Strategy Office, NTT West, and Manager, New Business Development Office, Zojirushi Mahobin Co., Ltd.
We will invite Mr. Yuhei Iwamoto for a discussion on the themes of “open innovation” and “new business development.”

Based on the experience of professionals in each field, we provide essential information such as the necessity of new businesses, factors that cause failure, success points for open innovation in Kansai, and necessary elements when developing business between major companies and startups. To do.

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◆Background of the event
Since its founding, ACTBI, which is based in Osaka and provides essential support for enterprise companies in new business
development, has wanted to create companies from Osaka that will have an impact on the whole of Japan and the world, and to revitalize the Kansai region. Masu.
I also felt that for Kansai companies to grow significantly, they needed opportunities to obtain essential information.
Therefore, together with Tomorrow Gate Co., Ltd., which aims to be the “most interesting company in Osaka,” we are holding this event as an opportunity to obtain real information from professionals in various fields who are currently active mainly in Kansai. We will create a place that will lead to growth.

* [Guest comments] *
* ・Mr. Kazuya Oibe – Open Innovation Producer, Innovation Strategy Office, NTT West*
I am working both publicly and privately to revitalize the Kansai region, and I believe that the region still has a lot of potential. This time, with the theme of “What does Kansai need now?”, I received a warm invitation from Mr. Mochizaki, a consultant from Actobi, and decided to take the stage.
On the day of the event, I am looking forward to speaking with everyone who will lead the future of Kansai.

* ・Mr. Yuhei Iwamoto – Head of New Business Development Office, Zojirushi Mahobin Co., Ltd.*
I met Mr. Mochizaki, a consultant from ACTBE, at a new
business-related networking event, and that’s how I was approached. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been able to work with ACTBE yet, but our company is entering its 6th year of new business initiatives, and we have accumulated many failures and concerns, so I would like to have a frank discussion with you all.

◆Event details
Date and time: March 6, 2024 (Wednesday) 18:30-21:00 *Doors open 18:15 Format: Offline event
Venue: Tomorrow Gate Co., Ltd. Head Office (Annie’s Building 2F, 1-6-32 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture) Capacity: 60 people
Participation fee: Free
Application deadline: March 6, 2024 (Wednesday) 18:30
Sponsor: Tomorrow Gate Co., Ltd., Actobi Co., Ltd.
Event page:

* [Speaker profile] *
* Kazuya Oibe – Open Innovation Producer, Innovation Strategy Office, NTT West*

Joined NTT West in 2007. Since 2012, he has been involved in strategy planning and product/service development in the new business department. In 2017, “HEROES” where anyone within NTT West can take on a new business challenge
Launch “PROJECT”.
Currently, he is contributing to the construction of a co-creation ecosystem with 1,200 corporate member organizations and 17,000 individual members at NTT West’s open innovation facility
“QUINTBRIDGE”, which was launched in March 2022.

* Mr. Yuhei Iwamoto – Head of New Business Development Office, Zojirushi Mahobin Co., Ltd.*

For 10 years after joining the company, he was involved in the design and development of comfortable environment products. The futon dryer “Smart Dry” RF-AA model developed in 2012 has taken the market by storm with its innovative structure that eliminates the hassle of preparing and cleaning up mats and hoses. He was ranked in the 2014 Nikkei Trendy Hit Ranking, and as an individual, he received the Encouragement Award at the Japan Electrical Manufacturers
Association’s Technical Achievement Award. For the next 6 years, I was in charge of product planning, planning new products for domestic and international electric cooking products and boiling water cooking products. The main items include a fully automatic coffee maker with a removable and washable mill, and an electric kettle from the STAN. series, a concept home appliance aimed at people with children. Moved to the New Business Development Office at the end of 2018. We are taking on the challenge of developing new businesses that will help solve social issues and propose new lifestyles.

* Mr. Shunpei Nishizaki – Managing Director, Tomorrow Gate Co., Ltd.*

Worked as a salesperson at a foreign real estate consulting company for nine years, and joined Tomorrow Gate Co., Ltd. in 2016. In 2017, he became a director of the company. While establishing a sales planning department, we commercialized new services such as
establishing a philosophy and establishing an evaluation system. In 2023, he won the Sales Tenkaichi Budokai, which determines the best sales person in Japan. He has been involved in everything from inner branding to outer branding, and has been involved in corporate philosophy development and organizational consulting for over 50 companies.

* Ryosuke Fujiwara – Actobi Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO*

After graduating from an automobile maintenance school, he worked as a mechanic at an official Mercedes-Benz dealership, and then opened his own restaurant at the age of 22.
After that, he aspired to become a programmer and got a job at a system integrator in Tokyo, where he experienced multiple iOS/Android application development projects and the launch of an agricultural IoT service as an in-house venture.
Thinking that creators should further build up business knowledge from the experience of starting a business, I changed jobs to a consulting company and after experiencing freelance, I moved to Osaka in February 2018.
ACTBE Inc. established. Technology × Business ×
In order to build a next-generation SIer with global knowledge, we will actively work on establishing overseas corporations and creating new businesses, with a focus on business creation and business improvement centered on software products for enterprise companies.

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◆About Tomorrow Gate Co., Ltd.
* 【Company Profile】*
Company name Tomorrow Gate Co., Ltd.
Representative Director CEO Kohei Nishizaki
Head office location 2nd floor, Annie’s Building, 1-6-32
Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Year of establishment: April 2010
Business content Branding business
– Management philosophy design (verbalizing mission, vision, and values) – Outer branding (web design, graphic design, video production) – Inner branding (personnel evaluation system design, internal system design, work style reform)
– Recruitment branding (Recruitment site, Recruitment pamphlet, Recruitment movie)
– SNS branding (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok operation)

◆About Actobi Co., Ltd.
* 【Company Profile】*
Company name Aktobi Co., Ltd.
Representative Director CEO Ryosuke Fujiwara
Head office location: 4F, ​​1-3-24 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture Year of establishment: February 2018
Business content DX consulting/Software planning, development, and operation/UI/UX design
Digital marketing support/product planning, development, and operation

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*The contents of this release are subject to change without notice. *About details about this release*

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