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Cainz Co., Ltd. 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake: About Cainz’s support activities for the affected areas

Cains Co., Ltd.
2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake: About Cainz’s support activities for the affected areas
We would like to express our deepest sympathies to those affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2020. We sincerely hope that the disaster-stricken areas will recover as soon as possible and that peaceful days will return.
Cainz Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Masayuki Takaie; hereinafter referred to as “Cainz”) has been working with local NPOs and organizations to carry out various support activities for about a month since the disaster. As part of this effort, Cainz members (employees) directly distributed supplies to evacuation centers and evacuees.
[Image 1:×1247.jpg] On January 31st, Cainz’s “Warm Roll Cushion” was provided to the Noto High School gymnasium and Noto Town Hall.
■Support activities in collaboration with NPOs and organizations active in disaster-stricken areas
[Table 3: ]
[Image 2:×585.jpg] “Car evacuation action book (published in October 2023)” Supervised by disaster prevention expert Gunma University Professor Masanobu Kanai In addition, Cainz has concluded disaster-related agreements with 233 local governments across the country, such as the “Agreement on the Supply of Supplies in Times of Disaster” (as of February 13, 2024). As part of this effort, we provide supplies to local governments and other organizations that provide support to disaster-stricken areas upon request.
■Support activities based on disaster-related agreements, etc.
[Table 4:] In addition, the Basia Group, including Cainz, is also supporting disaster-stricken areas through fundraising activities at its stores. ■About in-store fundraising activities by Basia Group
1. Implementation period: January 5th (Friday) to February 15th (Thursday) 2. Donation stores: Beisia Co., Ltd., Cains Co., Ltd., Hands Co., Ltd., Beisia Electric Co., Ltd., AutoRs Co., Ltd.
*Cainz accepts applications at up to 242 stores, including 3 C’z PRO stores, which are membership wholesale stores.
*Members (employees) are also collecting donations at Cainz Honjo Waseda Headquarters.
3. Donation method: Donation box installed at each store
4. Contractor: Japanese Red Cross Society
The disaster-stricken area is still in the early stages of recovery, and the local community has expressed the need for continued support. Cainz will continue to utilize its characteristics as a local lifeline, collaborate with various stakeholders based on the “Kumimachi Initiative,” and continue activities to support the recovery and reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas.
-About the Kumimachi concept-
“Let’s all DIY our lives in the town.”
Since our founding, we have had the aspiration of “contributing to the development of society through commerce,” and this is a concept unique to Cainz, whose stores have carried out business activities while closely supporting the lives of local residents. Stores and the members (employees) who work there serve as a hub, carefully listening to the problems, concerns, and needs of each region, and
collaborating/co-creating with the various stakeholders involved in daily life, so that people can become independent. We aim to create a “town” (≒ local community) where each person can play a leading role, where everyone can have fun together and help each other.
-About Cains-
Cainz Co., Ltd. is a home center chain with 239 stores in 29 prefectures. Based on the brand concept of “Lifestyle DIY,” we develop valuable products and services that enrich people’s lives and provide them every day at reasonable prices. By striving to create stores full of ideas of kindness and ingenuity, we will make the daily lives of each customer, their family, and the community more enjoyable, and uphold our promise to our customers, “Living, la la la.” I will deliver it. -Cains Co., Ltd. Overview-
Representative: Hiromasa Tsuchiya, Representative Director and Chairman Masayuki Takaie Representative Director, President and CEO
Established: March 1989
Headquarters location: 1-2-1 Waseda no Mori, Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture Capital: 3.26 billion yen
Business details: Management of home center chain
Number of employees: 13,086 (as of the end of February 2023) Number of stores: 239 stores
Official website: (corporate website) (Online shop) (Mr. Cainz Next Door)
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