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Home » The cumulative number of registered users of “Compatibility Career Change Personal File”, an employment and career change support service specializing in inexperienced people, has exceeded 16,000!

The cumulative number of registered users of “Compatibility Career Change Personal File”, an employment and career change support service specializing in inexperienced people, has exceeded 16,000!

Wiz Co., Ltd.
The cumulative number of registered users of “Compatibility Career Change Personal File”, an employment and career change support service specializing in inexperienced people, has exceeded 16,000!
Personal Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kenichi Ogikubo, hereinafter referred to as “Personal”), which introduces jobs that are compatible with your aptitude, is an employment and career change support service specializing in inexperienced people. We would like to inform you that the cumulative number of registered users has exceeded 16,000 in “File”.
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Background of the development of “Compatibility Career Change Personal File” Based on the idea that “there is a job that is suitable for everyone,” we aim to “provide jobs that are suitable for everyone,” and we aim to help people with motivation and potential find their own work. We launched it in July 2022 with the aim of providing a service that allows people to find jobs that match their aptitude, feel rewarding, and increase their market value.
Thanks to your support, our “highly accurate career personality diagnosis” and “thorough support from experienced career
counselors” have been well received, and we have grown to over 16,000 registered users in January 2024.
We will continue to advocate “the right job for everyone” and will do our best to introduce jobs that are compatible with as many people as possible.
What is “Compatibility Career Change Personal File”?
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This is an employment/career change support service that specializes in inexperienced people. Using our highly accurate and unique career personality diagnosis, we will guide job seekers to suitable jobs and introduce them to jobs that are a good fit.
■Point 1. Understand important points in your work through highly accurate career personality diagnosis
Through our unique career personality diagnosis, which specializes in finding the right job, we can help you understand the important points you need in your job. You can find out things like “What type of job is suitable for you?” “What kind of boss are you compatible with?” “What kind of subordinates are you compatible with?” “What kind of work style is suitable for you?”
■Point 2. An experienced and qualified counselor will analyze and explain the diagnosis results in detail.
We not only provide analysis but also provide thorough support to help you obtain a job offer based on your aptitude. Paid career coaching level content such as “self-analysis”, “work history correction”, “resume correction”, and “interview preparation” is completely free. ■Point 3. Only job openings that are compatible with you! Introducing pinpoint information
Emphasis on compatibility rather than skills or academic background. We will carefully select and introduce job openings that you can take on even if you have no experience, based on the analysis results of career personality diagnosis and interviews.
▼Click here for the “Compatibility Career Change Personal File” site
▼Click here for “Compatibility Career Change Magazine” full of useful information for changing jobs
Recommended for these people
・I don’t know which job is suitable for me
-I don’t know my strengths or what I want to do
-Lack of confidence in educational background and skills
・I am worried about interpersonal relationships at work.
・I don’t know what to do when I get a job for the first time or change jobs. Feedback from users of “Compatibility Career Change Personal File” ■21 years old, female
I am truly grateful to my counselor, Mr. H, who kindly supported me when I was full of anxiety after making the decision to quit the company I joined as a new graduate and change jobs after only 3 months. Even after changing jobs, I was really happy that you kept in touch with me regularly!
■27 years old, male
After joining the company, I was surprised at how nice my bosses and seniors were! Looks like I’ll be able to work hard and have fun! thank you!
■27 years old, female
For some reason, I vaguely thought that I would be suited for accounting, but a personality test also showed that I was suited for it! That gave me a little more confidence.
■28 years old, female
At first, I was worried about changing jobs while working, but they supported me through mock interviews, etc., so I was able to move forward with my job search with peace of mind even within my limited time. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for making it possible for me to receive the job offer.
■28 years old, female
This gave me the opportunity to consider a career that I had never considered before!
If you have no experience and would like to find a job or change jobs based on your aptitude, please register below.
▼Click here to register for “Compatibility Career Change Personal File”
If you are a company that would like to introduce people with no experience, please contact us below.
▼Click here for inquiries from companies looking for human resources
About Personal Co., Ltd.
Personal Co., Ltd. is a group company of Wiz Co., Ltd., and offers employment and job change support services specializing in
inexperienced people such as “Compatibility Career Change Personal File”, a job site for moms “Mama’s Jobs”, and a job site
specializing in call centers. We operate “Call Navi” etc.
Company name: Personal Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Hareza Tower 12F, 1-18-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Kenichi Ogikubo
Business content: Recruitment consulting business, recruitment media business, education and training business
About Wiz Co., Ltd.
We are a general IT trading company that provides various IT services and promotes digitalization in Japan. Through DX select media “Wiz cloud”, we offer valuable DX proposals with our strengths of “wide range of over 300 services” and “comprehensive concierge”. Aiming to solve as many issues faced by people and companies as possible, we will take on challenges in three markets: IT (DX), HR, and M&A. Company Profile
Company name: Wiz Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 12F South Shin-Otsuka Building, 2-25-15 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Shun Yamazaki
Business details: Individual partner DX business, corporate partner DX business, condominium DX business, regional DX business, HR business, M&A business
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