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Home » 14% plan to move this spring Top 3 reasons for moving “For work” “Entrance/admission/admission/admission” “Marri age/divorce” Takamy, the money lucker, will tell you! “Moving that will improve your financial luck”

14% plan to move this spring Top 3 reasons for moving “For work” “Entrance/admission/admission/admission” “Marri age/divorce” Takamy, the money lucker, will tell you! “Moving that will improve your financial luck”

14% plan to move this spring Top 3 reasons for moving “For work” “Entrance/admission/admission/admission” “Marriage/divorce” Takamy, the money lucker, will tell you! “Moving that will improve your financial luck”
Ahead of the new year, many people are preparing to move to start a new life. Therefore, Takami, a money luck master who is the author of “Financial Luck Yearbook” and “Amulet rules to improve your luck just by sleeping”, runs a YouTube channel “Money Luck Increasing Channel” with over 270,000 subscribers. conducted a survey on “moving” among 2,000 men and women nationwide between the ages of 18 and under 40.
[Image 1:×426.jpg] Survey overview
Survey period: January 30th to 31st, 2024
Research method: Internet survey
Survey target: Men and women aged 18 to under 40 nationwide
Number of valid respondents: 2,000 people
Research institution: Freeeasy
*When using the survey results of this release, please specify “Investigation of financial luck increasing channel”.
Survey results summary
・More than 10% of people plan to move this spring
・The top 3 reasons for moving were “work,” “admission/admission,” and “marriage/divorce.”
・About half of people move on “days off from work”
・70% of people dispose of unwanted items by putting them out on garbage day Investigation result
March to April is said to be a busy period for moving due to factors such as higher education and employment. When we asked them, “Have you ever moved?”, the most common response was “I have no experience or plans to move” (63.4%), followed by “I have moved, but have no plans to move this spring” (22.9%). %), “I have moved before and am planning to move this spring” (10.2%), and “I have never moved before, but I am planning to move this spring” (3.6%) are planning to move this spring. It was also found that over 10% (13.8%) of the respondents were
[Image 2:×452.png ]
We asked a total of 732 people who have moved or are planning to move this spring, “What prompted you to move?” The most common reasons were “work-related reasons” (32.0%), followed by
“matriculation/further education” (19.8%), “marriage/divorce (including cohabitation/separation)” (19.1%), and “housing circumstances” (17.8%). This was followed by “Reasons related to lifestyle, surroundings, and child-rearing environment” (15.7%).
[Image 3:×566.png ]
So, how do you decide on the moving date? Approximately half (48.1%) answered that it was a day off from work, while other factors included “movers’ availability” (18.9%), “weekdays with lower rates” (14.3%), and “good days on the calendar” (18.9%). 8.2%).
[Image 4:×490.png ]
Next, when asked, “When moving, do you dispose of or declutter unnecessary items? How do you do this?” 70% (69.3%) answered “put it out on the garbage day”, the most common answer. . The following were “Purchase at a recycle shop” (32.9%), “Sell on flea market app or online auction” (30.3%), “Ask a waste collection company” (21.2%), and “Give it to someone” (20.1%). ), and a small percentage of respondents said, “I don’t dispose of or throw away unnecessary items” (4.2%) or “I want to dispose of or throw away unnecessary items, but I can’t do it” (2.9%).
[Image 5:×526.png ]
Money fortune teller Takami will teach you! What is “moving to improve your financial luck”?
good day to move
Just like there are good days when you do ○○, there are also good days when you move. We will compare the Chinese calendar called “Tonsho” with the Japanese calendar and tell you the best days to move from mid-February to the end of April.
In February, the 17th (Sat), 21st (Wed), and 24th (Sat).
In March, the dates are 8th (Friday), 9th (Saturday), 11th (Monday), 12th (Tuesday), 21st (Thursday), 23rd (Saturday), 24th (Sunday), and 26th (Tuesday). ). In April, the dates are 1st (Monday), 2nd (Tuesday), 8th (Monday), 15th (Monday), and 20th (Saturday).
[Image 6:×536.jpg] When moving, let’s get rid of unnecessary items!
Broken items are considered to have reached the end of their lifespan, so they will emit evil spirits that will bring you bad luck, and if you own one, it will bring down your luck. Getting rid of things you don’t use will remove evil spirits and bring good luck to your home. The reason why you feel refreshed after doing a deep cleaning is because the atmosphere in your home feels better because the evil spirits are gone.
Also, if there are too many things in your house, there will be no space for good luck to enter, so new good luck will not be able to come in. This leads to losing the chance to improve your luck. When disposing of items, you can earn money while disposing of them by disposing of them according to the classification of your local government, or by selling items that are still usable at recycle shops or Mercari. You can sell it or give it to someone who needs it. It’s better to get rid of things you received that you don’t plan on using, or things you don’t like and don’t end up using, as these things will give you a negative feeling that they won’t be used and will bring down your luck. Is good. There may be some resistance to getting rid of things, but the more you sell or give away, the easier it will be to get rid of them. For items that you haven’t used since you received them, haven’t used them in a year, or have no use for them in the future, it’s a good idea to set a deadline for them and throw them away.
If you want to buy a new one when you move…
Basically, it is better to keep the number of things you like and use as much as possible. However, from the perspective of increasing luck, we recommend plants that instantly improve the mood of your home and bring in even better luck. The luck of houseplants changes depending on the shape of their leaves and the way they grow. For luck with money, things with round leaves such as banyan and monstera are good, and for luck in work, career advancement, and study, yucca with leaves that grow upwards are recommended.
[Image 7:×535.jpg]

According to the five elements, earth produces money, so it is thought to bring about financial luck. If you purchase something a little more expensive but good quality, such as earthenware cups and plates, it will bring you better luck with money.
Also, if you are moving to a house that is not newly built, such as renting, it is a good idea to purify it by adding salt to it, as the previous person’s luck may still be there.
Takami profile
We mainly work to provide support to improve your luck, including financial fortune tellers who tell you various things that will improve your financial luck. He runs the YouTube “Financial Luck Increasing Channel” and has over 260,000 subscribers. He has a particularly good reputation for being able to precisely pinpoint what he wants to do or avoid on a particular day, using his unique method that makes full use of the Chinese Perpetual Calendar, Mayan Calendar, and calligraphy.
Originally working at a financial company, he was ranked No. 1 in sales for 3 years and 6 months in a row. From there, he developed the illusion that he could do everything by himself, which caused communication to become strained and conflicts in interpersonal relationships. He attempted suicide, became a social shut-in, and ended up with 15 million yen in debt.
From that experience, I focused on conveying my experience and what I have with all my heart, rather than chasing immediate money. As a result, the money started coming in later and the debt was paid off. She is working tirelessly to encourage many people so that they don’t have to go through the same experiences she did.
His books include “Financial Luck Yearbook: Attracting Money 365 Days – A Manga-Based Action Manual” (Kanki Publishing) and “Phoenix’s Money Luck Increasing Action: How to Seize Living Money, How to Let Go of Dead Money” (KADOKAWA), published in 2023. In December 2017, he published his long-awaited third book, “Laws of amulets that will improve your luck just by sleeping” (Arcadia Publishing). “Money luck increase channel”:
[Image 8:×322.jpg] Company Profile
Trade name: RIZING LLC
Address: 1-6-33-206 Sakurazaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Representative: Takaomi Kato
Established: April 12, 2021
Business content: Various consulting services, planning, holding, operation, and management of various seminars and events, planning, manufacturing, and sales of various products.
Phone number: 050-8881-8668
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