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Building Design begins accepting and training Thai technical interns

Building Design begins accepting and training Thai technical interns
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Press release: February 13, 2024
Building Design begins accepting and training Thai technical interns *In order to resolve the shortage of human resources in the
construction industry, the scale is expected to expand even after changing to the “development work system”*
* Building Design Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Sumi), which handles office and store relocation, interior and equipment
As a new development, Yoshinori) announced that it will accept Thai technical intern trainees at its domestic base and train them. This is part of our efforts to pursue sustainable development and
technological improvement in Japan, and to strengthen in-house production and training of our own craftsmen. *
Training contents and policy for technical intern trainees
Our company is currently developing a program in which practical training is conducted under the guidance of craftsmen at our own training facility. During the months-long training, technical interns not only learn our technology and know-how, but also support the technical interns’ stable lives through Japanese language education and measures to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture. In addition, even after the training is completed, experienced Japanese staff will accompany and check the actual work on site, focusing on ensuring quality and improving safety.

Our goal
Through these initiatives, we aim to grow together with our technical intern trainees, pass on our advanced skills, and provide even higher quality standards. Active acceptance of technical intern trainees will help alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in the domestic market, and at the same time, it will expand the international outlook of companies through cross-cultural exchange and indicate the direction of overseas expansion, including Southeast Asian countries. I look forward to it.
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* We make our customers’ dreams come true with the experience and track record we have cultivated as a specialist in building interior construction. *
Building Design provides a wide range of services, including office relocation and restoration of buildings to their original condition, with a focus on building interior construction. Because we have specialized in interior construction, we are able to provide high-quality services with attention to detail.
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Company name: Building Design Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 2nd floor, Shinsaibashi Tetsuda Building, 4-11-19 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
Representative Director: Yoshinori Washimi
Business content: Office relocation/interior construction,
condominium/house renovation
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