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Home » Tokyo × 01Booster Producing female entrepreneurs who will change the world from Tokyo! A results report sessi on was held for the 8th batch of Tokyo Women’s Venture Growth Promotion Project “APT Women”

Tokyo × 01Booster Producing female entrepreneurs who will change the world from Tokyo! A results report sessi on was held for the 8th batch of Tokyo Women’s Venture Growth Promotion Project “APT Women”

[Tokyo × 01Booster] Producing female entrepreneurs who will change the world from Tokyo! Tokyo Women’s Venture Growth Promotion Project “APT”
A results report session was held by the 8th batch of students of “Women”.
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Press release: February 13, 2024
Producing female entrepreneurs who will change the world from Tokyo! A results report session was held for the 8th batch of Tokyo Women’s Venture Growth Promotion Project “APT Women”
 Tokyo Women’s Venture Growth Promotion Project “APT”
Women (*)” held the 8th results report meeting on Friday, February 9, 2024. The day was a hybrid event held at the Tokyo International Forum venue and streamed online, and was open to many people, including investors, business companies interested in supporting venture companies, and those considering starting a business. Thank you for participating and watching.
In addition, an archive of this event is currently available on the APT Women official YouTube site. (
*APT Women (pronunciation: APT Women) is an abbreviation for Acceleration Program in Tokyo for Women.
At this event, after the management office explained the project outline and five representatives of the 8th batch of students reported on the program results, APT
In addition to a lecture by Ms. Arisa Sakanashi, Representative Director of mederi Co., Ltd., who is a 5th batch of Women
participants, we also received a lecture from the Governor of Tokyo, who is the organizer.
We received a cheer from Yuriko Koike to congratulate us on our new beginning. In the results report by the 8th term students, Chisato Kunimoto, Representative Director of Cynthialy Co., Ltd., and Representative Director/CEO of Zenmetry Co., Ltd.
Tomie Naga, Representative Director of Clean next Co., Ltd. Takayo Nishiyama, Representative Director of Women’s Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. Shinobu Sumiyoshi, B Informatica Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Fumiko Inada presented the results obtained through domestic and overseas programs as well as the business details that were further refined through the program.

Supervised best-selling books. Chisato Kunimoto, Representative Director of Cynthialy Co., Ltd., which develops generative AI human resources development and transformation support business for companies.
Representative Director/CEO of Zenmetry, Inc., which operates a seed-round company developing a service that uses AI assistants to lighten business chat processing.
Mr. Nagatomojie
A savior for the hotel industry that is understaffed! Takayo Nishiyama, Representative Director of Clean next Co., Ltd., which develops business improvement and human resource development specializing in hotel cleaning.
Sumitomo Life Insurance is conducting a demonstration project with Sankei Living Shimbun! Shinobu Sumiyoshi, Representative Director of Women’s Kampo Co., Ltd., which provides Kampo counseling to accompany women’s health care.
3rd place in the Tokyo Financial Award Financial Innovation Category! Fumiko Inada, Representative Director of B Informatica Co., Ltd., which develops a credit platform that utilizes behavioral data  APT
Women has so far selected 200 companies from the first to the seventh period, raising a total of approximately 14.8 billion yen and boasting a track record of collaborating with more than 616 major companies, making it one of the largest female entrepreneurs in Japan. This is a specialized support program. With the addition of all 40 students from the 8th batch and their brilliant achievements, we will continue to support female entrepreneurs who aim to be active in the world starting from Tokyo.

The “8th Pitch Event & SHOWCASE” will be held on February 22, 2024 (Thursday) at a venue in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. At the “Pitch Event,” 12 people selected from the 40 participants will present their company’s business, including a new vision and unique business plan. In addition, 10 people will exhibit booths at “SHOWCASE” to be held at the same venue. This is a valuable opportunity for you to come into contact with female entrepreneurs who aim to be active in the world from Tokyo and the products they deliver to the world.
This event is limited to investors and business companies who are interested in collaborating with female entrepreneurs.
The public can view it online at “Base”. Anyone who is interested, including those who are interested in supporting venture companies or those who are considering starting a business, are encouraged to participate.

* 8th Pitch Event & SHOWCASE *
[Date and time]
Thursday, February 22, 2024 15:00-18:00

On-site viewing: Tokyo Innovation Base (2nd floor, SusHi Tech Square, 3-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku)
Watch online: APT Women Official YouTube

【way to participate】
On-site viewing: Please apply using the application form below. Participation is limited to investors and business companies interested in collaborating with female entrepreneurs (first 50 people).
*Application deadline: February 21, 2024 (Wednesday) 13:00

Online viewing: Please watch from APT Women official YouTube (live streaming)
*Only the pitch session will be streamed. Please note that we cannot accept questions.

[Program overview]
・15:00-17:30 Pitch session (12 companies)
・17:30-18:00 Exchange meeting
*Pitches are approximately 8 minutes per company (including questions and answers)
*Please note that the schedule and contents are subject to change without notice.

* APT Women 8th period students (total of 40 participants, arranged in alphabetical order by genre) *
List of students: *Information at the time of selection

* 1. IT/ICT*
●Cynthialy Co., Ltd. Chisato Kunimoto
“AI Performer” is a companion business for generative AI human resource development and generative AI business transformation for companies.

●Agriee Co., Ltd. Chinatsu Suzuki
GrowthWatcher, a crop growth evaluation system using satellite data

●Darajapan Co., Ltd. Yao Tsunoda
“IMANI Hacking Bootcamp” is a cohort development/OJT education type IT human resource development project that connects Japan and emerging countries.

●Zenmetry Co., Ltd. Mr. Yoshie Nagatomo
“Zenmetry” allows you to make time by leaving chat management to an AI assistant

●bgrass Co., Ltd. Mr. Ham Da-young
Bridging the gender gap with technology! Job change for female engineers “Waveleap”

* 2. Consulting*
●I Create Co., Ltd. Aya Awata
Co-creative sustainability promotion support between future
generations and companies “Planners”

●Sparkle Co., Ltd. Chika Kawai
Change the “emotions of the organization” through well-being learning!

●Clean next Co., Ltd. Takayo Nishiyama
Business improvement and human resource development specialized in hotel cleaning

* 3. Service *
●at FOREST Co., Ltd. Yuki Koike
A new grave shape. “RETURN TO NATURE” circular funeral that is kind to people and the earth

●Pochitto Tsunagaru POTZ Co., Ltd. Ms. Akiko Sato
A system for housewives to help the elderly: “POTZ (+Nursing care turnover prevention service)”

* 4. Femtech*
●Women’s Kampo Co., Ltd. Shinobu Sumiyoshi
Chinese medicine counseling to accompany women’s health care such as infertility, preconceptions, and menopause

●Lumirous Sdn Bhd Anna Yamauchi
Lumiras is a platform for pregnancy and infertility treatment support and women’s wellness support.

●Mellia Co., Ltd. Yuki Wada
“I’m La Floria” is a delicate zone care brand that helps you get to know your body and get to know yourself.

* 5. Pet related*
●Gochiinu Masumi Okumura
“Gochiinu” is a diet personal recipe service for owners who are concerned about their pet’s obesity.

●S’more Co., Ltd. Satsuki Sawashima
Individual identification using dog nose print recognition! “NoseID” creates big data by linking all information to nose prints, creating a pet-friendly society

●Nekohana Co., Ltd. Mai Shono
“Nekohana” is an online flower shop that sells only flowers that are highly safe for cats.

* 6. Healthcare*
●U-BLOOM Co., Ltd. Mio Shibata
“Cosme Fitter by Hada Flora Karte” proposes the best solution for each person’s skin.

●COMARU Co., Ltd. Madoka Suzuki
“Marumark” is an app that allows you to self-assess your mental state and perform self-coaching.

●Matou Co., Ltd. Ms. Saiko Nagaoka
“GoJiai” is a well-being app that visualizes gratitude using positive psychology & brain science x AI

●Smart Nurse Kaori Yagome
“Preemptive care for your baby once they become a family” Nurse counseling “Smart Nurse”

* 7. Lifestyle*
●GACO Co., Ltd. Mr. Xu Dannie
Communicating the charms of Japan to the world through SNS and building a regional ecosystem where diverse human resources are utilized

●Rouen Light Co., Ltd. Mr. Sayaka Otsubo
“POSICOOK” creates a world where cooking from childhood is commonplace.

●qaraq Co., Ltd. Mr. Nozomi Ohashi
“MUUT” delivers “jobs” to refugees in the Middle East through the Olive Wood brand.

●Morning Boost Co., Ltd. Mr. Nozomi Jinguji
“UPBEET!Tokyo” brings the charm of Japanese food culture “fermented foods” to the world through vegan and gluten-free sweets

●For Good Co., Ltd. Yumiko Nishioka
[GX Promotion] Realize a decarbonized society with a weather forecaster network

●atelier ST,CAT (BH Long Co., Ltd.) Seiko Hayashi
A new option for wedding rings for Generation Z: “Fashion semi-custom rings”

●Nolud Co., Ltd. Mr. Pesic Bessie
“Nolud jewelry” is recycled silver jewelry created by the fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and Scandinavian design.

●FUNDARD Co., Ltd. Kazue Murase
“Jibungurumi” allows you to make your loved one into a custom-made stuffed animal with 33.4 billion caricatures.

●Color Your Life Co., Ltd. Chihiro Murata
Chocolate “KOKODii” eaten at night. Sustainable brand from Japan using cacao from Thailand

* 8. Childbirth/Childcare*
●Hahakara Co., Ltd. Sakurako Katada
Attention as a measure for active participation of dual-income women! Marital communication tool “OYA.NOTE”

●NEM Co., Ltd. Chinato Shimura
“Educational furniture that can be used as interior decoration” for a new at-home education in the era of inquiry learning. Winner of Kids Design Award.

* 9. Human resources services*
●Nam Photo Co., Ltd. Yuko Naraya
“How do you perceive society?” Diagnosis from photos taken x Dialogue tool for companies “miit”

●CLARITY Co., Ltd. Satomi Furuya
Role model matching service for developing female managers “ROLMO”

●Smile Baton Co., Ltd. Nao Mihara
“Teacher’s School” is an educational media community that provides new perspectives and connections to teachers.

* 10. Education/School*
“FFi” is a career design seminar for junior high and high school students that fosters the ability to survive in future generations.

●MAGEEEK Co., Ltd. Mr. Wu Mengshan
“There is no Magic!!” is a learning media that eliminates the information gap in studying abroad and studying English and creates global human resources.

●Givin’ Back Co., Ltd. Naomi Kinoshita
Next-generation female manager development “HerCarich”: Community & AI mentoring support

●YOMY Co., Ltd. Ms. Riko Yasuda
Based on research from Harvard and other cutting-edge educational institutions. “YOMY!” is an online school that expands the world of children with the theme of adventure in picture books.

* 11. Medical/Welfare*
●Child Play Labo Mayu Inomura
Make your time in the hospital a little special! POCO! is a play brand for hospitalized children.

* 12. Finance*
●B Informatica Co., Ltd. Ms. Fumiko Inada
Microfinance business for retail businesses using behavior-driven credit scores

*What is APT Women*
Women aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for management and scale-up to women who are aiming to start a business or grow as a business manager, as well as provide support and support for like-minded entrepreneurs and to accelerate their businesses. This program provides a variety of venues and opportunities for the purpose of meeting and collaborating with other people.
Through a wide variety of lectures by lecturers with a wide range of knowledge and experience, mentoring to solve problems at individual companies, backup for global expansion, and encounters with
irreplaceable colleagues with high aspirations, you can help shape the future of Japan and the world. We support entrepreneurs who make a difference and “people who create the future” who serve as role models for many women.
Official website

Zero One Booster Co., Ltd.
Based on our corporate philosophy of “making Japan a country where businesses can be created and changing the world,” open innovation aims to accelerate business growth by co-creating innovation and complementing each other’s gaps between major companies and venture companies. We are developing the “Corporate Accelerator” program and the “Intrapreneur Accelerator” program to discover and develop intrapreneurs. We are also expanding our business areas, including operating learning programs to train entrepreneurs and in-house business development personnel, venture investment, and operating a venture studio. In addition, from February 2020, Yurakucho “SAAI” Wonder, a working community that gives form to individual ideas, will be launched.
We operate a “Working Community.”
Trade name: Zero One Booster Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director George Goda
Address: 1st floor, Shin-Tokyo Building, 3-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Established: March 2012
Business details:
Shared offices for entrepreneurs, corporate accelerator/intrapreneur accelerator program planning and management, intra-company
entrepreneurial training, investment and financing support, business creation consulting, M&A intermediary support, etc.
*Corporate Accelerator is a registered trademark of 01Booster. *About details about this release*

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