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LINE Research More than 90% of people like sweets! Favorite sweets: Ice cream/gelato

[LINE Research] More than 90% of people like sweets! Favorite sweets: Ice cream/gelato

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Press release: February 13, 2024
[LINE Research] More than 90% of people like sweets! Favorite sweets: Ice cream/gelato
*LINE Research conducts a survey on Western sweets (sweets) targeting people in their teens to 60s nationwide*
LINE Yahoo, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as LINE Yahoo) operates LINE Research, a research platform exclusively for smartphones, which is based on the company’s largest active research panel in Japan, consisting of over 6.5 million people.

LINE Research recently conducted a survey of people in their 10s to 60s across the country about whether they like Western sweets (sweets) and what their favorite Western sweets are.We would like to share with you the results.
*Details of the survey results can be viewed on LINE Research’s research media “Research Notes.”
*Please check the graph images in this release from “Download Press Release Materials”.

* ■A high percentage of both men and women like Western confectionery (sweets) *

We asked them whether they liked Western sweets (sweets), including all the things they eat at home and at shops.
Overall, over 90% of people said they liked it, which is a combination of those who said they liked it and those who said they rather liked it.

By gender, the percentage of women who said they “liked” was particularly high, at just under 80%. Including “somewhat like it”, the percentage of “like*” was as high as 97%. For men, the percentage of “like” was over 60%, which is slightly lower than for women, but the percentage of “like” (including “somewhat like”) was high at 93%. On the other hand, less than 10% of both men and women said they “disliked” it.
*Total of “like” and “somewhat like”

Although it is not shown in the graph, when looking at each age group, the percentage of “like” was highest in all age groups, and the percentage of “like” was particularly high in the 70% range for those in their teens to 30s.
Additionally, the older you get, the higher the percentage of people who say they “somewhat like it” increases, reaching over 30% for those in their 60s.

* ■Favorite Western confectionery (sweets), overall TOP is “ice cream/gelato”, but there are differences depending on the age *

Those who answered that they “like” sweets were asked about their favorite Western sweets (sweets), including all those eaten at home and at stores.
“Ice cream/gelato” ranked first overall with over 60% of
respondents. “Chocolate,” “cheesecake,” and “cream puff” followed in second place.

Looking at men and women by age, “Cream puffs” and “Ice cream/gelato” came in first and second place for men overall, with a narrow margin of over 60%. This is followed closely by “pudding” and
“chocolate,” which are in the upper 50% range.
“Cream puffs” is ranked among men of all ages, with a higher percentage compared to women. It is especially popular among people in their 40s and above, ranking first among men in their 60s with a high rate of over 70%.
In addition, the percentage of men in their 50s and 60s who chose “shortcake” was also high. Among male teenagers, the proportion of “donuts” which came in second place, and “jelly” and “macarons”, which were not ranked, was slightly higher than among men of other age groups.

On the other hand, for women as a whole, “ice cream/gelato,” “chocolate,” and “cheesecake” were the top three. “Cheesecake” was popular among women in their 30s to 50s, and ranked first among women in their 40s and 50s.
Additionally, among women in their teens to 20s, “donuts” ranked 4th, a higher percentage than in other age groups. Among women in their 20s, “Tart” came in 3rd place with over 60% of respondents. Although not included in the ranking, “tart” was chosen by 60% of people in their teens and 30s, which is higher than in other age groups. Additionally, compared to men, baked goods such as tarts,
cookies/biscuits, madeleines/financiers, and scones tend to be more popular among women, especially among women in their teens to 30s. It became.
In addition, although it did not rank in the top five, a high percentage of women in their 50s and 60s chose Mont Blanc.
Additionally, women in their teens to 20s were more likely to choose “canelé,” and women in their 30s were more likely to choose

* [About the survey] *
Smartphone web survey targeting LINE users
Survey target: Men and women aged 15 to 64 from all over Japan Implementation period: January 5, 2024 to January 9, 2024
Valid number of collected samples: 5256 samples
*Weight back the gender and age composition ratio to match the market. *The numbers in the table/graph are rounded to the first or second decimal place, so the total may not add up to 100%, or the same percentage may look different.

* [About “LINE Research”] *
LINE Research is a research platform for the smartphone era that aims to maximize business development and marketing activities for companies. Of the approximately 6.5 million active monitors, 50% are between the ages of 10 and 29*, and it is also possible to conduct surveys with low incidence rates for students and young people. Additionally, unlike traditional survey panels, it is possible to contact people with little interest in research, making it possible to collect more general opinions. Since it is delivered via LINE push notifications, it is not only easy for users to respond in real time, but the screen design makes it easy to respond on smartphones, making it possible to conduct the survey effectively.
*As of January 2023
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