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Home » Imadeya Co., Ltd. Anyone can easily start a liquor store! Launched “IMADEYA Select” to support local shops with “alcohol”.

Imadeya Co., Ltd. Anyone can easily start a liquor store! Launched “IMADEYA Select” to support local shops with “alcohol”.

Imaya Co., Ltd.
Anyone can easily start a liquor store! Launched “IMADEYA Select” to support local shops with “alcohol”.
A 62-year-old liquor store located in GINZA SIX and other areas provides total support from obtaining a liquor license to selecting alcoholic beverages. The first company to be introduced will be CaD, which sells ham and sausages in Mejiro.
Imadeya Co., Ltd., which has its main store in Chiba and operates select alcohol shops “IMADEYA” in GINZA SIX, Kinshicho PARCO, Chiba Ekinaka, Kiyosumi Shirakawa, and Karuizawa (location: Nitona-cho, Chuo-ku, Chiba City; CEO: (Shuichi Ogura) will provide local businesses with the liquor store know-how they have cultivated over the years, and will launch “IMADEYA Select,” a service that allows anyone to easily open a liquor store. IMADEYA Select provides total support for local shops that want to sell alcohol but don’t know where to start, from obtaining a liquor license to selecting alcohol and managing it. By providing a portion of the alcohol sold at IMADEYA to shops that have not previously sold alcohol, such as butcher shops, confectionery shops, and cafes, we are increasing the number of locations in town where high-quality alcohol can be purchased. I’m coming.
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3-20-15 Shimoai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (6 minutes walk from Mejiro Station) CaD ■The first store to be introduced is a store operated by Tsuyoshi Sudo Architects, who also designed Imaaya Kiyosumi Shirakawa.
This service was inspired by “Imadeya Kiyosumi Shirakawa,” which opened in 2021. “Imadeya Kiyosumi Shirakawa” was opened on the first floor of the home of Mr. Yuichiro Kojima, who was working at the advertising company Dentsu at the time. The person who designed Mr. Kojima’s home is Tsuyoshi Sudo, who is introducing IMADEYA Select this time. Last year, Mr. Sudo approached me and said, “Through the design, I also wanted to turn the first floor of my house into a store.Would you be willing to sell IMADEYA’s alcohol?” After several meetings, we realized that there was a latent need in local stores for people who wanted to sell alcohol but didn’t know how to start. It’s true that even if you have a license to sell alcohol, it’s difficult to sell your products unless you have a connection with the producer. Our company, which handles wines from around 200 Japanese sake breweries, 80 Japanese wineries, and 60 shochu breweries, as well as overseas wines with the cooperation of our partner importers, decided to offer a variety of alcoholic beverages for each store. We have decided to start a service called “IMADEYA Select” that allows you to select whether selling products will be appreciated by the local community. The first of these is CaD, which sells hams and sausages in Mejiro on the first floor of Tsuyoshi Sudo Architects. IMADEYA staff will sample the Okinawa TESIO ham, sausage, hot dogs, and other menu items available at CaD, and then select the alcoholic beverages and other items to be sold.
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In the future, we plan to expand IMADEYA Select to stores in areas with similar needs. For inquiries, please use the form below.
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