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Mandarin Oriental Tokyo will hold a 15-part premium wine program, with the theme for 2024 being “GENERATIONS ”

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo will hold a 15-part premium wine program, with the theme for 2024 being “GENERATIONS”
“Mandarin Oriental Tokyo” (Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Management: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Co., Ltd., General Manager: David Colas) will be offering “Wine Program 2024 by” throughout the year from March 2024 to February 2025. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo”.
Furthermore, we will be holding the hotel’s first wine seminar “Wine Salon” from May 2024.
The Wine Program is an annual program that has been well received by many wine lovers since it began in 2015. The theme of the 2024 wine program is “GENERATIONS”. Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo’s proud sommelier team is made up of five members from four generations, ranging from their 20s to their 60s. In 2024, we have prepared a total of 15 diverse wine programs that combine the originality and sensibility of each sommelier. Wines, food, and service are carefully selected by award-winning sommeliers and dishes prepared by chefs from restaurants known as the “temple of gastronomy,” combined with an outstanding service team. Please enjoy the wine program created by our
[Image 1:×1748.jpg] Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Sommelier Team (from left) Fumihiko Kamo, Daiki Ikeda, Akihiko Nosaka, Maika Yamamoto, Daiki Suzuki
Regarding the 2024 wine program, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Director of Wine Akihiko Nosaka said, “Various generations are active in winemaking, and from the past to the present to the next generation. We continue to develop while inheriting the tradition.Many producers are passionate about winemaking, not only by adapting to the terroir provided by nature, but also by adapting to the changing times.In this way, we are passionate about winemaking. In this wine program, we will introduce a number of wines carefully selected by our sommelier team from long-established stores, small scale producers, and even up-and-coming producers who are pouring their energy into creating new creations.From our 4th generation… We hope that you will enjoy the profound world of wine through the wine program carefully created by our sommelier team.”
The wine program offered by Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo not only includes carefully selected wines, but also features exquisite items created by the chefs of each restaurant. When it comes to wine dinners, the wine that is selected to go with the already existing course meal or the course meal that has been prepared for that occasion is almost always served. Our wine program allows us to offer the best “marriage” because the chef and sommelier discuss the composition of the course meals and wine pairings.
■Overview of “Wine Program 2024 by Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo” 2024
1. March 8th (Friday) and 9th (Saturday) International Dining “Ventario” World Wine Fair/World Wine Fair
We offer over 20 types of wine carefully selected by our sommeliers from all over the world, from the Old World, such as Europe, where wine has been made since ancient times, to notable wine producing regions that are evolving. Enjoy colorful international cuisine prepared by chefs who are well-versed in various food cultures, paired with your favorite wine.
2. March 30th (Sat) Cantonese cuisine “Sense”
Fine Bourgogne – New Generations -/Fine Bourgogne – New Generations – A wine dinner will be held at the Cantonese restaurant “Sense”, focusing on young producers who are active in inheriting traditional culture in Burgundy, France. You can experience the ever-evolving modern Burgundy wines carefully selected by sommeliers from six producers that are currently attracting attention.
3. April 27th (Sat) Italian Dining “Keshiki”
VIVA i VINI! – Best Italian Wines -/Best Italian Wines
We offer a marriage of Italian cuisine and wines carefully selected by sommeliers from world-class winemaking regions in Italy, which can be called a wine superpower. “Barolo,” hailed as the “king” of Italian wine, and “Brunello di Montalcino,” which is receiving a lot of attention, will also appear, adding sparkle to your special night. 4. May 10th (Friday) and 11th (Saturday) “Oriental Lounge”
Champagne High Tea/Champagne High Tea
“Champagne High Tea” is a must-see for Champagne lovers, where you can enjoy eight carefully selected types of Champagne. We also offer plans where you can enjoy free flow Champagne (6 types/90 minutes). Please spend a luxurious time enjoying the night view of the city from the 38th floor.
5. May 25th (Sat) French Fine Dining “Signature”
Motto Japanese Wine – Japanese 7 Producers -/ More Japanese Wine – 7 Producers – Japanese wine continues to evolve over several generations, respecting “learning from the past.” We have invited seven wine makers that our sommelier respects, and we will deliver world-class Japanese wine. Enjoy the marriage of wine born from the spirit of Japanese
craftsmanship and French cuisine that combines classic techniques with a modern essence.
6. June 22nd (Sat) Cantonese cuisine “Sense”
Grands Vins de Bordeaux
Bordeaux wine reigns as the world’s wine capital. The 60 chateaus that were classified in 1855 are called “Grand Vins,” and you can enjoy six types of wine, each specially selected by a sommelier, along with Cantonese cuisine. Enjoy the story of a great chateau and the sensibilities of its sommeliers.
7. July 26th (Friday) and 27th (Saturday) International Dining “Ventario” World Wine Fair/World Wine Fair
The second edition of “World Wine Fair”. We offer over 20 types of wine carefully selected by our sommeliers from all over the world, from the Old World, such as Europe, where wine has been made since ancient times, to notable wine producing regions that are evolving. Enjoy colorful international cuisine prepared by chefs who are well-versed in various food cultures, paired with your favorite wine. 8. August 30th (Friday) and 31st (Saturday) “Oriental Lounge” Champagne High Tea/Champagne High Tea
“Champagne High Tea” is a must-see for Champagne lovers, where you can enjoy eight carefully selected types of Champagne. We also offer plans where you can enjoy free-flow Champagne (6 types/90 minutes). Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a luxurious time at the end of summer with the dazzling night view overlooking from the 38th floor.
9. September 21st (Saturday) French Fine Dining “Signature”
Les Artisans du Champagne – New Era – / Les Artisans du Champagne – The beginning of a new era –
A new dawn is dawning on Champagne, driven by the next generation of craftsmen who respect tradition while expressing terroir and using their own approaches to create high-quality Champagne. Shining the spotlight on small-scale producers with uncompromising commitment, you can experience a new type of pairing consisting only of Champagne at the French fine dining “Signature.”
10. October 26th (Sat) Cantonese cuisine “Sense”
Exceptional Spanish Wine – Vega Sicilia -/Exceptional Spanish Wine – Vega Sicilia –
The winery “Vega Sicilia” is located in Ribera del Duero, Spain’s high-quality wine region, and is known as “Spain’s Treasure.” We have a selection that wine lovers crave, including the winery’s
representative “Unico”. The exquisite selection of “Vega Sicilia” and the Cantonese cuisine “Sense” will create a night that will remain in your heart.
11. November 23rd (Sat) Italian Dining “Keshiki”
Toscana Meravigliosa – Super Tuscan – / Tuscany Meravigliosa – Wonderful Super Tuscan –
“Super Tuscan”, born from a free idea that transcends Italian wine laws, is captivating wine lovers. We offer a selection of attractive Tuscan wines, including “Sassicaia”, which reigns at the top of the “Super Tuscan” category. Enjoy the deep flavor that changed the history of Italian wine with Italian cuisine.
12. December 7th (Sat) Italian dining “Keshiki” & “Pizza Bar on 38th” KRUG Encounters White Truffle
“Krug” is praised as an orchestral champagne, and “white truffles” are touted as white diamonds. For this one night, we will have back editions of “Grand Cuvée,” a few rare vintages, and the finest single-vineyard “Clos du Mesnil.” Please enjoy the noble marriage of Krug and the special course created by Executive Chef Daniele Carson’s Pizza Bar on 38th, which uses luxurious white truffles.
13. December 14th (Sat) “Oriental Lounge”
Premium Champagne High Tea/Premium Champagne High Tea
“Premium Champagne High Tea” where you can enjoy free flow (90 minutes) vintage Champagne carefully selected by a sommelier will be prepared at “Oriental Lounge”. Enjoy an elegant evening of the festive season with vintage champagne with sparkling fine bubbles.
14. January 25th (Sat) Cantonese cuisine “Sense”
Louis Roederer x Sense/Louis Roederer x Sense
We offer prestige champagne “Cristal” by Louis Roederer, the top champagne brand, along with delicate dishes from Cantonese cuisine “Sense”. Please enjoy a luxurious moment where you can enjoy the essence of Louis Roederer, the supreme champagne house whose exquisite, sophisticated and beautiful flavors will remain in your memory.
15. February 22nd (Sat) French Fine Dining “Signature”
Grand finale ‘Vin Vieux Bourgogne x Black Truffle’/
Grand Finale “Aged Burgundy x Black Truffle”
“Burgundy” is the eternal dream of wine lovers around the world and is called “the land blessed by God.” The finale of the wine program will be a wine dinner in which black truffles and exquisite wines produced in Burgundy’s top Grand Cru vineyards resonate with each other. *The contents of “Wine Program 2024 by Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo” are subject to change without notice.
*Details on “Wine Program 2024 by Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo” will be announced on the official website in due course. Alternatively, please contact restaurant reservations.
*For reservations and inquiries, please contact Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo 0120-806-823 (restaurant general reservations 9:00-21:00) or email
■ Mandarin Oriental Tokyo holds its first “Wine Salon”
For the first time, Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo will not only have a wine program, but also a one-of-a-kind “Wine Salon” guided by the hotel’s sommelier team. Five sommeliers will serve as instructors for a total of five lectures (once a month, excluding August) from May to October 2024, with the theme of “France – Unraveling the seven famous wine producing regions.” We will deliver a wine seminar where you can get a glimpse of the world of wine. “Alsace and Loire (May)”, “Bordeaux (June)”, “Rhone Valley and Provence (July)”, “Champagne
(September)”, and “Burgundy (October)”. Five sommeliers personally visit the regions and are in charge of the production areas that they have special feelings for. Each seminar will feature a wine selection from each region and one local dish, providing an opportunity for participants to learn about the fun of pairing.
“Wine Salon” has a maximum of 12 people per class (Tuesday or Friday), and the participation fee is 110,000 yen (tax included) per person. Participation fee includes a signature meal ticket (dinner course and wine pairing worth 35,000 yen). Applications for participation will only be accepted via the hotel’s official website, and are scheduled for the period from April 1st (Monday) to April 10th (Wednesday), 2024. Details will be announced on the official website from mid-March onwards.
■What is Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Sommelier Team?
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] At Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo, approximately 25 people hold sommelier qualifications certified by the Japan Sommelier Association and work at each restaurant and bar. Director of Wine Akihiko Nosaka is in charge of managing Mandarin Oriental Tokyo’s over 5,000 bottles of wine, creating the wine list, and planning and holding events such as wine programs and wine and sake. We are a sommelier team of 5 people led by Hiko. Nosaka won the 10th All-Japan Best Sommelier Competition sponsored by the Japan Sommelier Association in 2023, and can be said to be one of the leaders of the Japanese sommelier industry. The sommelier team at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is led by Nosaka, as well as sommelier/supervisor Maika Yamamoto, who won the “Pommery Sommelier Competition 2023” sponsored by Vranken Pommery Japan Co., Ltd., which can be said to be a gateway to success for young people. Including young chef sommelier Hiroki Ikeda, who won second place, Daiki Suzuki, sommelier supervisor with a promising future, and senior chef sommelier Fumihiko Kamo, who has been active since the hotel opened. Fumihiko). Utilizing their respective knowledge and
sensibilities, they play an active role at our hotel’s restaurant and bar, which is known as a “temple of gourmet cuisine” such as French, Italian, and Cantonese cuisine, sometimes playing the leading role and sometimes supporting roles.
What is “Mandarin Oriental Tokyo”?
Mandarin Oriental, Japan’s first hotel, opened in Nihonbashi, Tokyo on December 2, 2005. The group’s philosophy of “creating hotels that respect the character and culture of the area in which they are located” is realized in both tangible and intangible aspects. The interior design incorporates a Japanese style with the motif of “forest and water = Japanese nature,” creating a luxurious space that is both stylish and tranquil. There are a total of 179 guest rooms located on the upper floors of the 38-story Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower. Enjoy views overlooking Tokyo from our spacious guest rooms, which are over 50 square meters in size. The hotel is fully equipped with extensive facilities, an award-winning spa, 12 food and beverage facilities, 1 grand ballroom, 4 banquet rooms, 6 meeting rooms, and a chapel. Since its opening, it has won numerous global awards and rankings.
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2024 For the 10th consecutive year, we have been awarded the highest rating of 5 stars in both the hotel and spa categories by the US rating agency Forbes Travel Guide.
2023 Selected for “Gold List 2024” by U.S. travel magazine “Condé Nast Traveler”.
2023 “Signature”, “Sense” and “Pizza Bar on 38th” will be listed as “Selected Restaurants” by “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2024”.
2023 Awarded 3 slices in the pizzeria category in the 2024 Tokyo edition of the World’s Top Italian Restaurants by Gambero Rosso (Pizza Bar on 38th).
2023 Ranked 4th in “50 Top Pizza World 2023” by the world’s most influential pizzeria specialist guide “50 Top Pizza” and 1st in “50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific 2023” (Pizza Bar on 38th).
2022: Received Bib Gourmand rating for 6 consecutive years in “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023” (Pizza Bar on 38th).
What is “Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group”?
The award-winning Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, resorts and residences. Mandarin Oriental is renowned for creating exceptional hotels that reflect Oriental tradition, local culture and unique design. Our hotel group’s mission is to deliver excitement and joy to our customers through attentive hospitality. Mandarin Oriental, which has grown from its Asian roots to become a global brand and has a history of more than 60 years, currently operates 38 hotels, 11 residences and 23 Exclusive Homes in 25 countries and regions. We are planning more projects. Mandarin Oriental has built a reputation as an innovative leader in luxury hospitality, delivering sustained growth over the long term.
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