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Home » “The 22nd Tokyu Hotels Cooking Contest” finals will be held. 8 hotels out of 34 hotels nationwide will advance to the finals and the grand prize will be decided!

“The 22nd Tokyu Hotels Cooking Contest” finals will be held. 8 hotels out of 34 hotels nationwide will advance to the finals and the grand prize will be decided!

Tokyu Hotels
“The 22nd Tokyu Hotels Cooking Contest” finals will be held. 8 hotels out of 34 hotels nationwide will advance to the finals and the grand prize will be decided!
Tokyu Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Jun Murai) will hold the finals of the 22nd Tokyu Hotels Cooking Contest this year on Friday, February 9th at the Kichijoji Excel Hotel Tokyu. It was held at The 8 finalists who made it through the preliminary rounds out of 34 hotels across the country took on the finals, and the Grand Prix was decided.
[Image 1:×912.jpg] The challenge this time was to use “Miyagi Salmon” as the main ingredient and to include one or more SDGs elements in the cooking process. Judging items were taste, appearance, presentation during presentation, cost performance, theme of the dish, and naming. The contestants, the cooking staff, and the service staff from the same hotel took on the challenge in pairs. When the athletes bring their prepared ingredients to the venue, finish them within the time limit, and then serve the food together with the service staff, they create a scene where the aroma of the food wafts through the air, music that goes with the food, and other activities that encourage people to say, “I want to try this food.” The venue was captivated by a performance that made people think, ”.
[Image 2:×780.png ]
Situation under review
[Image 3:×244.jpg] As a result of a rigorous examination, the grand prize was awarded to Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, the runner-up prize was awarded to Shin-Osaka Esaka Tokyu REI Hotel, and the special jury award (originally one hotel was awarded the same award, but two hotels were awarded the same award) was awarded to Shibuya Excel Hotel. Tokyu” and “THE HOTEL HIGASHIYAMA” were selected. A certificate and a trophy were awarded to the athletes at the winning restaurants, and as
supplementary prizes, they were each given financial support for cooking training and restaurant inspections. Ikeda of Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, which won the Grand Prix, said of the work, “This is a dish that is aimed at overseas guests and reminds them of spring cherry blossoms.We created it with the hope that they will feel glad to have come to Japan during this time.” He also talked about his thoughts on the team, saying, “Thanks to my seniors and friends who have supported me to this day, I was able to win. I want to return to the hotel as soon as possible and give everyone a good report.”
[Image 4:×1003.jpg] Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel Team
[Image 5:×871.png ]
Grand Prix winning work “Miyagi Salmon with spring smoke and cherry blossoms served with Japanese-style espuma”
[Image 6:×896.jpg] Takashi Ikeda receiving blessings from President Murai
Our president Murai said, “I’m happy that we were able to create a variety of unique dishes based on the same theme, and that all of the players expressed their gratitude to the staff at the same workplace. In the Naru Book Contest, I feel that not only the cooking skills but also the level of the competition is evolving year by year.” Our company claims to be the “Tokyu Hotels of Food,” and in addition to pursuing cooking techniques and services, we also place the training of young chefs as one of our important priorities, and encourage and support them to take on challenges in various cooking competitions. Masu. As part of these efforts, this competition aims to “create opportunities to pass on and improve cooking techniques and service skills,” “improve skills for skillful cooking and service in a short time, and improve product presentation skills.” The purpose of this event is to foster pride in working in the food industry at Tokyu Hotels. The fact that the top winning restaurants were selected from multiple brands operated by our company in this competition can be said to be the result of our efforts to improve food from the bottom up, regardless of brand.
Tokyu Hotels & Resorts will continue to focus more on human resource development, and will link the career development and skill
improvement of individual employees to improved customer satisfaction. Tokyu Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. Overview
Address: 3rd floor, Goto Ikueikai Building, 1-10-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Atsushi Murai, Representative Director and President Business content: Management of hotels, restaurants, and membership resorts ■“Tokyu Hotels” network spreads nationwide ( In addition to The Capitol Hotel Tokyu and the Tokyu Brand Hotels, which include the Tokyu Hotel, Tokyu Resort Hotel, Excel Hotel Tokyu, and Tokyu REI Hotel brands, hotels with their own unique
characteristics include BELLUSTAR TOKYO, HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU, and STREAM HOTEL. “DISTINCTIVE SELECTION” consisting of hotels, and Tokyu Vacations, “membership-only stay resort” nationwide (62 domestic stores / 4 other domestic stores and 3 overseas “partner hotels”)
*Future opening schedule: April 11, 2024 STORYLINE Senaga Island More details about this release: