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First Beauty Freelance Academy Introduction of class content and supporting companies

[First Beauty Freelance Academy] Introduction of class content and supporting companies

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Press release: February 13, 2024
[First Beauty Freelance Academy] Introduction of class content and supporting companies
*Detailed introduction to the class content of the Beauty Academy to be held in March 2024*
The Japan Beauty Freelance Association (Representative Director: Kazuki Ishihara, Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) aims to provide freelancers working in the beauty industry with the necessary knowledge and information in the form of an academy, so that they can work safely as a freelancer. We will start a project to develop them into a state where they can work with care.
* Background of the Academy *
As the number of freelancers working in the beauty industry is increasing, there are also increasing cases of people starting their own businesses without the necessary knowledge/information. You cannot learn specialized knowledge such as purchasing, attracting customers, accounting, etc. at school, and it is an environment where you are forced to become independent without any knowledge. While facing these various issues, there are few environments where people can
learn/re-learn after becoming freelancers. At the Academy, we aim to provide freelancers working in the beauty industry with the necessary knowledge/information on purchasing, customer attraction, accounting, etc., and to develop them into a state where they can work as freelancers with peace of mind.

In addition, by providing a place for real interaction in the form of an academy, we can create horizontal connections between freelancers and share knowledge and information with customers. By doing so, we will eliminate the “feeling of loneliness” that freelancers have and create an environment where they can share their customers.
*Introduction of instructor and class content*
*Eri Hitomi*
Born in Saga Prefecture. After graduating from high school, she moved to Tokyo and enrolled at Yamano Beauty College. After graduating, he worked at three hair salons and then opened a hair salon in Kichijoji, Tokyo, where he worked as the manager for 11 years. In 2017, I started working as a freelancer. Online salon classes started in 2018-19. 2019s/s
In charge of makeup backstage at NY and Paris collections. The next reservation seminar for 2021 has started. Next reservation
consultation starts in 2022. In addition to beauticians and beauty salons, we also consult for eyelash, eyebrow, and nail salons, chiropractic clinics, and fortune tellers. We have produced 92 students from 35 consulting companies and 8 students with a 100% booking rate for their next appointment. On SNS, she is a beauty salon professional who makes next reservations and shares her customer service and mindset that will lead to repeat customers and next reservations.
・Instagram: hitomi.eri0916
・X: @erihitomi0916
* Lesson 1.: Increase repeat rate*
* ・Date and time: April 9, 2024 (Tuesday) 14:00-15:00*
Hitomi Eri, an active freelance hairdresser who works 15 days a month and has monthly sales of over 1 million yen, will be teaching classes to help her achieve a 100% next booking rate. Aiming to be fully booked for next month, we will teach you how to serve customers and create a fan base that will lead to next month’s reservations. Knowing next month’s expected sales will help you work with peace of mind and make it easier to plan your days off. For freelancers who want to work flexibly, I think “time flexibility” is the key word. We will teach you how to work with peace of mind and stability, both physically and mentally, with a 100% reservation rate for your next appointment! *Ryota Hayasaka*

After gaining experience at beauty salons in Harajuku and Omotesando for about five years, she became independent as a freelancer in 2022. It has gained strong support from women in their 20s and 30s. The number of reviews and likes on the customer attraction tool “minimo” is overwhelmingly high, and the review rating is 5 stars. Has systematic know-how regarding how to operate Minimo. It has received a solid reputation with over 10,000 likes. He has a reputation not only for his technical skills but also for his counseling skills, including explanations and advice on hair types.
*Lesson 2.: How to operate Minimo*
* ・Date and time: March 12, 2024 (Tuesday) 14:00-15:00*
In this class, we will teach you how to improve your search ranking within your area and how to develop Minimo customers into your own customers. While providing specific know-how such as “How to create a page,” “How to show style photos,” “How to increase ratings, word of mouth, and likes,” and “Coupon design to increase customer attraction,” “Attracting customers with Minimo”・We will lead to the acquisition of repeat customers.
*Please create a Minimo account in advance.
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Belle Époque Beauty College, hair and makeup department. Trained as a freelance hair and makeup artist’s assistant for about two years. After that, I became interested in the job of a hairdresser and joined a salon famous for its high-tone color. I continued to learn high-quality color technology in a busy environment every day, and after working for about three years, I turned to freelance and GO.
Belongs to TODAY SHAiRE SALON. She is supported by many women for her wide range of girly hair.
・Instagram: shokomaru_17
*Lesson 3.: Self-branding method*
* ・Date and time: Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 13:00-14:00*
We aim to build an Instagram account with the aim of “building branding that envisions the customers we want to visit.” First of all, we will start with “customer design”, think about “what kind of customers we want to attract” and “what kind of posts will be of interest to customers?” and teach them how to post not only style photos but also private posts. I also think about the uniformity and presentation of the photos I post, and try to differentiate myself using my special skills. More than anything, we aim to get people interested in themselves, and we will teach you the know-how to do that!
Hairdresser’s Instagram customer attraction expert. In 2018, she began advocating her own methods to attract customers, such as “You don’t need followers to attract customers on Instagram,” and it quickly became a hot topic in the beauty industry. Hairdressers who have adopted this method are seeing an increase in customer numbers without exception (more than 50 customers per month, 850,000 yen increase in monthly sales, etc.). A marketer with strengths in utilizing digital technology who runs the industry’s largest online salon all by himself.
・Instagram: shiki_fp_138
*Lesson 4.: How to attract customers on SNS*
* ・Date and time: Tuesday, April 30, 2024, 13:00-14:00*
Mr. Shiki, who provides unique know-how on attracting customers, “You don’t need followers to attract customers on Instagram,” will introduce methods based on his experience and actual examples. We will teach you the importance of disseminating information on an individual basis, with the themes of “Two measures necessary to attract customers”, “You can’t attract customers by posting”, “The reason for Amazon’s rise can be a hint for attracting customers!”, and “What is more important than attracting customers”. . We will analyze your “goals and current situation” and “your current situation”, including your “target sales”, “schedule for achievement”, “situation of attracting customers”, and “customer attributes”, and teach you the best way to attract customers. I will do it.

*Introduction of other instructors*
In other classes, instructors with specialized knowledge will be on stage! A special guest is also scheduled to appear on stage, and we will introduce them later!
*Supporter companies/organizations*
The insurance agency “NOLiNA” is an insurance agency that upholds the philosophy that “If the company and the workers work together, the workplace will be better.”
In collaboration with the Japan Beauty Freelance Association, we provide insurance for freelance hairdressers to cover damages to customers. This insurance covers compensation problems that may occur in your daily work, such as “injury to your face,” “scalp rash from medication,” and “contaminating customer’s property.”
You can join in 10 minutes with just your smartphone, so if you are interested, please check the link below.

Grand Story Salon (Operating company: Faith Network Co., Ltd.) Grand Story Salon (operating company: Face Network Co., Ltd.) is based on the concept of “enabling people to work freely in the beauty industry” and operates 6 stores (Shibuya store / Nakameguro store / Daikanyama store / Sendagaya store / Jiyugaoka store / GrandStorySALON + store) is a subscription sharing salon for hairdressers and nail artists that can be used freely 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can use it immediately after registration, so those who want to change their working style or those who are confident in their skills but don’t have the money can easily realize their dreams of independence or side jobs, which were previously difficult to achieve. can. ・Grand Story official website:

Digital Salon Association General Incorporated Association
The Digital Salon Association (General Incorporated Association) was established on April 15, 2023 with the aim of enriching the country through beauty and technology.
Intelligence) was established.
Our association promotes industry structural reform for the beauty industry by beauticians, with companies and individuals active in the beauty industry facing technology to solve all issues surrounding the beauty industry through platforms such as AI and DAO. .
We will discuss how the beauty industry should tackle VR, AI, DAO, and blockchain in the coming Web 3.0 era, and how the entire beauty industry, including hairdressers, should keep an eye on technology and tackle it. The purpose is that.
・Digital Salon Association:

JIN’s Co Lab General Incorporated Association
General Incorporated Association JIN’s Co
Based on the concept of “bringing the world into one classroom,” the Lab strives to achieve its mission of “forming hairdressers’ careers,” “creating an environment where they can relearn,” and “bringing Japanese beauty techniques to the world.” We are active. To date, we have held practical seminars for over 2,000 hairdressers and taught them our unique cutting techniques.
Through the activities of the association, we aim to improve the skills and knowledge of hairdressers, and expand the options of becoming a lecturer (teacher) as a second career for hairdressers. In addition, in order to spread the world’s top-class Japanese beauty technology to the world, JIN’s
Co Lab will serve as a platform to form a collective knowledge and spread Japanese beauty culture to the world.
JIN’s Co Lab official homepage:
Overseas Nail Association General Incorporated Association
Based on the concept of “bringing Japanese nails to the world,” the Overseas Nail Association is working to spread overseas the Japanese manicurists and nail techniques that can be said to be the best in the world in both technique and customer service. We provide a variety of support for nail artists to succeed overseas, including “overseas job information,” “foreigner employment,” “English conversation lessons,” “management/legal consultation,” and “homepage creation.”
Together with our association members, we will spread “Japanese nail art to the world” through “exchange meetings with nail artists working overseas” and “visiting overseas beauty schools.” Overseas Nail Association Official Homepage:
*Corporate overview:*
Name: Japan Beauty Freelance Association (General Incorporated Association) Established: November 1, 2021
Address: Kaleido Shibuya Miyamasuzaka Building 4th floor-A, Shibuya 1-12-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Kazuki Ishihara
Official website:
Portal site:

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