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Nelp Co., Ltd. i-step Make Instagram x affiliate marketing easier and more effective

[Nelp Co., Ltd.] [i-step] Make Instagram x affiliate marketing easier and more effective

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Press release: February 13, 2024
[i-step] Make Instagram x affiliate marketing easier and more effective *~Providing a new system where you can earn rewards just by sending a DM~* Nerp Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director), developer of the Instagram chatbot tool “i-step”
On February 13, 2024, Shin Inaba will start providing a platform function (beta version) that allows i-step users to easily apply for affiliate membership within the i-step management screen.
According to the “Survey of influence through influencers’ PR posts” conducted by THECOO Co., Ltd. in June 2023 among people who have seen PR posts by influencers, 45% of people who have seen PR posts by influencers etc. They answered that they have seen and purchased the product. Additionally, 64% said that information posted by influencers is helpful.
On the other hand, according to the “Corporate SNS Marketing Actual Survey” conducted by Allied Architects Co., Ltd. in 2021, 69.4% of companies increased their SNS marketing budget from 2020 to 2021, and an additional 31.3% of companies increased their SNS marketing budget from 2020 to 2021. The SNS that they are most focused on is Instagram. For these reasons, it is expected that companies will continue to use Instagram more in the future, and that they will increasingly use influencers as part of their utilization measures.
Nelp Co., Ltd., which develops and provides services for the Instagram chatbot tool “i-step”, has a vision of creating a new future for Instagram, and since providing the service in February 2022, it has increased 3,700 users. It is used by more than 1,000 Instagram accounts, including personal influencer accounts and corporate accounts.
“i-Step Affiliate”, which will be launched as a new feature, is a platform that allows i-step users to easily apply for affiliate deals that interest them on the i-step management screen.
*i-Step Affiliate Features*
1. *Introducing affiliate projects where i-step can be used* All projects posted on this platform can use i-step. You can earn money through safe and secure affiliate deals.
2. *Providing i-step affiliate winning manual*
We will introduce usage examples where influencers who are i-step users actually succeeded in increasing sales, as well as posting strategies that can aim to maximize sales using i-step.
3. * Introducing the latest affiliate deals *
Affiliate deals are updated daily, so you can receive the latest deals. *Usage image*
1. *Select affiliate project*
Check the projects from the i-step management screen and select the desired project.
2. *Affiliate service provider registration/application*
Please register for the affiliate service (not necessary if you have already registered) and apply for the affiliate project of your choice.
3. * Check whether the affiliate project can be implemented * Please check whether the affiliate project is possible or not from the affiliate service provider.
4. *Issue affiliate link* After the affiliate contract is
established, we will notify you of the affiliate link.
5. *Posting completed*
You can send affiliate links to users by using automatic direct messages from posts and stories on i-step, and receive performance fees with the permission of the advertiser.
* NEW release special campaign [i-step affiliate program where you can get rewards just by sending a DM] *
To commemorate the release of the new feature, we will be running the i-step official LP inducement affiliate program as a special campaign for 17 days from February 13th to February 29th.

By registering for this affiliate program and introducing the i-step official LP to users through automatic direct messages by i-step with the specified settings, we will pay you a performance fee based on the number of users who send direct messages. .
*About Instagram chatbot tool “i-step”*

“i-Step” is a direct message (DM) that accelerates Instagram results and is currently being implemented by more than 3,700 accounts in Japan.
A chatbot system. It is possible to automatically respond to customers 24 hours a day, and enables two-way communication with followers. Since we have obtained permission to use Instagram’s official API from the US company Meta, there is almost no risk of violating the terms of service or having your account frozen.

You can use it in a variety of ways, such as automatically replying to comments on Instagram posts with a DM, using it to distribute coupons in story comments, or replying to comments during live streaming with a DM with a purchase URL. Our services are used by a wide variety of customers, from listed companies to sole proprietors, including cases where the number of conversions increased by 2.5 times without the need for an LP, and cases where the number of inquiries increased by 4 times.

Additionally, in the Instagram DM chatbot industry, we have eliminated the pay-as-you-go bill based on the number of DMs, which can be called innovative. Another major feature is that everyone from relatively small businesses to major corporations can try it out at a low price without worrying about the number of letters.
“iStep”: [14-day free trial is available. ]

*Nelp Co., Ltd. Company Profile*
Name: Nelp Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3-2-1 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Meguro Center Building 8th floor
Representative: Representative Director Makoto Inaba
Business content: Information service business, SNS marketing support business Established in February 2022. We provide the Instagram chatbot system “i-step” tool, which utilizes an API officially approved by Meta, the company that operates Instagram. There are over 3,700 Instagram accounts using the tool. As an innovative tool for Instagram, we are developing business partnerships with major companies.

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