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Home » 4v4 JAPAN CUP U10 2023 presented by au The first champion shines at Compania (Tokyo).

4v4 JAPAN CUP U10 2023 presented by au The first champion shines at Compania (Tokyo).

[4v4 JAPAN CUP U10 2023 presented by au] The first champion shines at Compania (Tokyo).

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Press release: February 13, 2024
[4v4 JAPAN CUP U10 2023 presented by au] The first champion shines at Compania (Tokyo).
*First national competition/luxurious performance. A fusion of entertainment and sports. *
The first champion, Compania
 Now Do
Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Keisuke Honda) will hold a 4-on-4 national soccer tournament for under 10 years old devised by Honda from December 24th (Sunday) to December 26th (Tuesday), 2023. 4v4
JAPAN CUP U10 2023 presented by au” was held. ZOZOPARK HONDA Football on the 24th and 25th
The national tournament preliminaries were held at Area (Chiba Prefecture), and the national tournament finals were held on the 26th at Yokohama International Pool (Kanagawa Prefecture).

In the final of the national tournament, the “SETA-boy” team from Tokyo competed against the “Compania” team, also from Tokyo. After a fierce battle, Compania won the championship. In addition, in the “Special Match” held after the final match, Honda was joined by soccer legends Yuto Nagatomo, Yasuhito Endo, Takashi Inui, Akihiro Ienaga, Takanori Sakai, and Ryo Miyaichi. A total of 8 super-luxurious members, including Lee Tae-sung and Lee Tae-sung, competed against the winning team. In the “Legend Match” that followed, Honda and the legend players were divided into four players each and held a 4v4 match.

National tournament special website: * “Even the most successful athletes in the world keep losing. But there are those who never gave up.” Honda gives a passionate shout out (Opening Ceremony) *
At 13:00 on Sunday, December 24th, 48 teams that achieved good results in regional tournaments across the country will participate in ZOZOPARK HONDA Football.
We gathered in Area. The opening ceremony begins, and Honda, the founder of the tournament, appears. Opening speeches were given to athletes who had gathered from all over the country.
Speaking to the participating players, Honda began by saying, “We have a competitive spirit here,” and “When it comes to a match, we don’t go easy even against children. I’ve never done that before. I’m proud of that.” He spoke to the players in his own Honda way. Ta. Furthermore, he encouraged the players by telling them that in order to become world-class soccer players, they must not give up even when they lose, and that those who survive till the end are the ones who are successful. After Honda’s greeting, all the players and Honda took a commemorative photo together while chanting “4v4″.
*Starts with a gorgeous performance*

On December 26th (Tuesday), the final match between the two teams that won the preliminary round was held at the Yokohama International Pool (Kanagawa Prefecture). An opening show will be held before the finals. Using a light display using a drone, performances by roller skaters, and acrobatics by dancers, the story tells the story of a child who shares the joys and sorrows of soccer with his friends, and finally meets the person of his dreams. When Honda appeared at the end of the show, the approximately 3,000 audience members cheered and the voltage in the venue immediately rose.
Keisuke Honda appears at the opening show
kids dance performance
The “goalkeeper’s offensive posture” unique to 4v4 influences the outcome of the final match.

Approximately 17,000 people and 1382 teams participated in this tournament nationwide. The match card for the final match, which won out of the 48 qualifying teams, was between SETA-boy from Tokyo and Compania, also from Tokyo. All students on both sides were fourth graders. In the final match, Compania’s goalkeeper took a long shot 20 seconds into the match and suddenly scored two points. They then added two more goals in a minute and a half, bringing the score to 4-0. Not to be outdone, SETA-boy dribbles aggressively and looks for
opportunities to shoot. Commentators and Honda also shouted, “Good defense!” and “Nice keeper!”
The players exchanged members and discussed tactics, and there were times when players clashed violently with each other. With one minute remaining, SETA-boy took a long shot when Compania’s goalkeeper was not around, but unfortunately it did not go into the goal and the game ended. Compania was crowned the first champion with a score of 4-0.

At the awards ceremony that followed, medals and certificates were presented to the winning and runner-up teams, prizes were presented, and commemorative photos were taken. Furthermore, Nguyen Xuan Minh Nhat, who served as Compania’s goalkeeper and contributed to the team’s points with his offensive attitude, was honored as Honda’s MVP of the tournament. In addition, “KIMT” in Kanagawa Prefecture was chosen as number one in the points ranking for earning the most points*1 nationwide. The 2023 Best Organizer Award, which will be given to the organizer who gathered the most teams during the qualifying round period, will be awarded to Futsal Club Tokyo. Ryu Nagao from Minamiosawa was selected.
Note 1: Tiers are set in the tournament rank depending on the number of participating teams, and the more participating teams, the more points you can earn based on your ranking.
Runner-up SETA-boy
Winner Compania
* Nagatomo and Ienaga score 3 goals! The winning team also surprised Endo and scored a goal (special match)*

In the “Special Match” held after the final, Honda was joined by soccer legends Yuto Nagatomo, Yasuhito Endo, Takashi Inui, Akihiro Ienaga, Takanori Sakai, Ryo Miyaichi, Lee Chung-sung’s super-luxurious team played against the winner, Compania, as a “special team.” Compania’s players are eager to win, saying, “It’s not often in life that we get to play against such great players. We want to make the most of this opportunity,” and “We want to beat the professional players and get everyone excited.” For the special teams, Endo will play the role of goalkeeper, an important position in 4v4. Both sides seriously discussed tactics and took on the challenge of a special match.

Kickoff with four players: Honda, Inui, Nagatomo, and Endo. 37 seconds into the game, Nagatomo received a pass from Honda and took a shot from inside the penalty area, scoring a three-point goal. After that, Compania’s Haru Matsuda caught Endo by surprise and scored two points. However, Ienaga, who was substituted in the team, took a shot from close to the goal and added three points, making the score 6-2. Miyaichi, Lee, and Sakai also participated and tried to widen the point gap by taking many shots, but Minh Nhat, the tournament’s MVP, made an impregnable defense that prevented them from allowing any additional points. 6-2 with 1 minute left. Compania’s Miura made a long shot to make it 6-4. Compania continued to attack until the very last moment, but the match ended. It was a great close game. * A heated game leading to a sudden death penalty shootout at 13-13 (Legend Match) *
The 4v4 “Legend Match” is a 4v4 match between Honda and legendary players, with teams divided into Team Honda and Team Nagatomo. Team Honda includes Honda, Ienaga, Sakai, Lee, and the F League.
Tachikawa Athletic FC Ryotaro Sakai will participate. Team Nagatomo includes Nagatomo, Endo, Inui, Miyaichi, and F League Tachikawa Athletic FC.
Mitsuya Uemura participated. In the match, unlike the 4v4 main tournament, a No. 5 ball was used*4.
The game kicked off with Team Nagatomo Ball. The goalkeepers of both teams also actively participate in the attack. Lee made a powerful shot in the beginning, and Team Honda scored two points. After scoring the goal, Lee performed his familiar bow and arrow performance, which excited the audience. Furthermore, Honda took advantage of the lack of a goalkeeper to head the ball from Ienaga’s pass. He scored 3 points and took the lead to 5-0. However, a terrible mistake by goalkeeper Sakai resulted in an own goal, making the score 5-2. Honda quickly switched and then hit a long shot to make it 7-2.
It’s only been 3 minutes since the start, so it’s been a very quick turn of events. Team Nagatomo tried to make a comeback, and Inui scored two goals to narrow the gap to 7-4, but Honda scored three more points to widen the gap to 10-4. With five minutes remaining, Team Nagatomo’s Miyaichi scored three points to make the score 10-7. Team Nagatomo made a bold attack, and Team Honda’s goalkeeper Lee accidentally stopped the ball with his hand outside the penalty area. Team Nagatomo gets a free kick, but it is blocked by the defense and they do not score.
With three and a half minutes remaining, Team Nagatomo’s Uemura scored a three-point goal to tie the score at 10-10. It was the moment when I could truly experience the fun of 4v4, where the game can be turned upside down all at once. From there, Team Honda’s Sakai scored a three-point goal to make it 13-10, but with one minute left, Nagatomo scored to make it 13-13. The score was tied, and the winner was decided in a sudden death penalty shootout.
Up until the fourth player, both teams scored and the score was tied, but when the fifth player, Nagatomo, made a long run-up shot from the edge of the court, Honda stopped it, resulting in a missed penalty kick. Team Honda’s victory was decided by Honda’s shot at the end. It was a deadly battle that involved up to the fifth person.

In an interview after the match, Nagatomo commented, “It’s
frustrating. It’s frustrating. I’m frustrated, so I’ll do a shuttle run at home when I get home.” Honda exuded his joy at the victory and expressed his gratitude to the legendary players who participated in the tournament, saying, “Thank you for coming to visit us during your busy time at the end of the year.You can only call members like this for their retirement matches, but everyone takes their time.” Thank you very much for making this.” Furthermore, regarding the future of 4v4, he said, “U10 still has a lot of potential.The level is higher than when we were kids,” and added, “Next year, I’m thinking of playing U12 as well.Furthermore, I think I’ll do an adult version as well.” I think so,” a big announcement! The tournament came to a close with high expectations for next year’s event.
Note 4: In 4v4 tournaments, a No. 4 soccer ball will be used for all games.

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■National tournament qualifying 171 games
■National Tournament Final/Special Match/Legend Match
ABEMA ■Keisuke Honda’s thoughts on the new challenge 4v4 | Behind the scenes of the finals

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