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BBSec Regarding the start of collaboration with pluszero in the field of AI x security

Regarding the start of collaboration with pluszero in the field of AI x security ~Strengthening efforts in the field of cybersecurity in the age of democratization of AI~
Broadband Security Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takashi Takizawa, hereinafter referred to as BBSec), which provides services specializing in security such as information security consulting, is a subsidiary of pluszero Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takashi Takizawa). Chairman and CEO: Yoshiyuki Ojiro (hereinafter referred to as pluszero) and we have agreed to strengthen our efforts in the cybersecurity field in the AI ​​field.
[Summary] After the 3rd AI boom that utilized machine learning and deep learning in the 2010s, we are now entering the 4th AI boom, where anyone can turn their ideas into creatives thanks to the rise of generative AI. The global market demand for generative AI is expected to reach $211 billion in 2030, with a high average annual growth rate of 53.3%. *1 In addition, the fields in which generative AI is expected to be introduced include finance, manufacturing,
distribution, medical/nursing care, and communications/broadcasting, and changes that can significantly change people’s lifestyles are expected to occur in all situations. It will be. While the convenience of AI has increased, cyber attacks and information leaks that exploit AI have been on the rise in recent years, and security awareness has increased not only among companies and employees involved in AI business, but also among general consumers. As a result, security measures for AI systems have become essential. In this environment, in order to realize our vision of “creating a convenient and safe network society,” BBSec recognizes that a new network society will emerge in the lead-up to the pre-singularity in 2030. In order to solve social issues such as “attacks targeting supply chains,” “attacks targeting social infrastructure,” and “security in the age of AI,” we have established a management vision “Vision 2030” and a growth strategy “Action 2024” to realize it. ” has been established. As one of the measures for “entering new businesses and monetizing” in the growth strategy “Action 2024”, and as a company that provides a complete lineup of security services from information security consulting to vulnerability diagnosis and IT countermeasures against information leaks, In order to realize “security in the age of AI,” we have decided to develop a business jointly with pluszero, which works on development and providing solutions using AI, natural language processing, etc. pluszero, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market, is focusing on AEI*2, the 4th generation AI, and is a solution-type AI that uses deep learning to improve the reliability and on-site responsiveness of ChatGPT, GPT4, etc. We are planning to expand the service. The details of this collaboration between BBSec and pluszero are as follows:
1. Security audits, various guideline compliance support, and management system development support for AI development companies or AI service providers 2. Security and privacy education for AI-using companies
3. Joint research on corporate risk calculation models using AI*1 Research by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association*2 AEI is a coined word from pluszero. It is trademarked as Artificial Elastic Intelligence. [1. Security audits, guideline compliance support, and management system development support for AI development and service providers] Regulations related to AI development and generated AI services are being considered and implemented in countries around the world, including Japan. In addition to the OECD’s AI Principles, the EU’s AI Ethics Guidelines, and the G7’s approval of the Hiroshima AI Process, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry are also scheduled to publish AI business guidelines. These regulations and guidelines include many considerations for cybersecurity and privacy, and require businesses to conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments, as well as response plans and training in the event of a security breach. It is common that a system is required. BBSec and pluszero will jointly develop support services for compliance with various domestic and
international AI regulations and guidelines. We will present issues and improvement measures. In addition, in order to increase the reliability of AI, we will audit compliance with various guidelines and engage in prompt engineering from a security perspective during verification before service release. -Main service offerings for AI development and service companies-
・Evaluation of asset management, governance, and risk management systems ・Evaluation of ID management, access control, data security, and security education implementation status ・Cyber ​​attack detection ・Confirmation of security monitoring status ・Evaluation of incident response and recovery procedures ・Development of security and privacy-related regulations Support, CSIRT construction support, security development standard formulation and shift left consulting *Vulnerability diagnosis specialized for AI systems and data integrity verification services for AI will be provided in the future. [2. Implementation of security and privacy education for companies using AI] As AI-related services continue to develop in corporate
activities, the importance of security and privacy education for companies and employees who use them will increase. I am. Combining pluszero’s track record of AI system development and solution provision with BBSec’s track record of security education services, we will provide training services for managers and employees to reduce the risk of information leaks and legal violations by AI-using companies. . -Main service offerings for companies and employees using AI services-・Appropriate usage methods when using AI systems・Potential risk education・Education to improve privacy protection awareness when using AI・Response training in the event of an incident [3] . Joint research on a corporate risk calculation model using AI] With cyber security threats increasing year by year, the lack of standards for companies to judge the necessity of security investment is causing cyber incidents due to insufficient security measures. This has led to a decline in competitiveness due to security issues and excessive security measures. At BBSec, we combine pluszero’s AI product development capabilities based on nearly 20 years of security business performance and data, as well as information on publicly disclosed security incidents, etc., to make it possible to determine the appropriate security investment amount. We plan to conduct joint research on a corporate risk calculation model. BBSec and pluszero will contribute to the development of a sound AI system in Japan and the improvement of the safety and convenience of corporate activities through AI-specific security and privacy auditing and consulting, and the provision of educational services.
[pluszero company profile] Company name: pluszero Co., Ltd. Capital: 22,848,000 yen Representative: Yoshiyuki Ojiro Representative Director, Chairman and CEO / Ryota Mori Representative Director and President COO Headquarters: 2-6-10 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Senda Building 4th floor Business content: Providing, developing,
maintaining, operating, and selling solutions that integrate various technologies such as AI, natural language processing, software, and hardware, as well as outsourcing and related consulting services URL: https :// [About BBSec] BBSec is a total security service provider that handles IT security diagnosis, operation, maintenance, and digital forensics. Since our establishment in November 2000, based on the concept of “creating a convenient and safe network society,” we have leveraged our high technical capabilities, abundant experience, and wide-ranging information gathering ability to provide support to businesses ranging from major companies and telecommunications carriers to IT ventures. We provide security support for various companies’ IT services.
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