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Home » BEAMS Co., Ltd. Total number of visitors exceeded 750! “Ray BEAMS 40th Anniv. Party vol.1” event report

BEAMS Co., Ltd. Total number of visitors exceeded 750! “Ray BEAMS 40th Anniv. Party vol.1” event report

[BEAMS Co., Ltd.] Total number of visitors exceeded 750! “Ray BEAMS 40th Anniv. Party vol.1” event report

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Press release: February 13, 2024
Total number of visitors exceeded 750! “Ray BEAMS 40th Anniv. Party vol.1” event report
*Enjoy content such as a portrait event by artist Ran Tondabayashi and a DJ performance by model miu Yuna Yabe! Introducing the event reports for Friday, February 9th and the day of the event, Saturday, February 10th, for those involved. *
Flower decoration by “logi PLANTS & FLOWERS”
Ray BEAMS is a women’s label developed by BEAMS Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Shitara). “Ray BEAMS 40th Anniv. Party vol.1” was held at Harajuku.
This event will feature exhibits that will allow you to feel the 40-year history of -Ray BEAMS-, as well as
BEAMS – One-of-a-kind items purchased by buyers at the Paris flea market and bespoke products made possible only for the 40th
anniversary – PUMA × Ray
BEAMS- released. We have prepared 10 types of content, not only exhibitions and shopping, but also music and experiential content. -Ray for each content
BEAMS-responsible staff were in attendance and enjoyed interacting with the visitors.

A total of over 750 people visited the event over two days, February 9th (Friday) for those involved, and February 10th (Saturday) on the day of the event.The venue and content, as well as snap stills of visitors, are shown below. Let me introduce you.

– -Ray BEAMS-40th anniversary exhibition and vintage items sold by buyers Introducing the history of -Ray BEAMS- by year with styling, catalogs, and chronology.
-Ray BEAMS- original products, 1980’s – PICCADILLY (Piccadilly) -, 1990’s -COSMIC
WONDER (Cosmic Wonder) –VIKII (Vicky) –MILK
FED (Milk Fed)–X-girl-, 2000s-REMI RELIFE
Items that colored each era, such as Dr. Martens (Relief), are now available. Also on sale are one-of-a-kind vintage items that five buyers of -Ray BEAMS- found at a flea market in Paris.
*Available until February 18th (Sun)
40th anniversary exhibition
40th anniversary exhibition
marche aux puces
– Portrait event by Ran Tondabayashi
A portrait event by artist Ran Tondabayashi will be held for only 20 people who have been selected in the preliminary lottery. This is one of the contents we did in 2017, this time -Ray
Customers can have their name and portrait drawn on a pink mount with the BEAMS logo and present it to the customer on the spot. The booth was filled with joy as we interacted with Ran Tondabayashi face to face.
In addition, official goods such as compact mirrors and playing cards were also sold at the venue.
Ran Tondabayashi
portrait event
– DJ play by model/actress miu and DJ Yuna Yabe
Model/actress miu, DJ Yuna Yabe, and BEAMS staff member hiroco enlivened the venue with their music as DJs.
miu-Ray in the past
She served as a LOOK model for BEAMS-, and in 2018, the magazine “EYESCREAM” and BEAMS teamed up to release a book, “Ain’t no It girl!” -GIRL B- About BEAMS, girls, and culture. EYESCREAM
No.168” was featured on the cover. Yuna Yabe participated in the festival “BE” sponsored by BEAMS held in 2023.
FES!!” He also served as the DJ at the after party for the Fukuoka performance. All three members made use of their individual personalities and excited the venue with their “happy” song selections.
Yuna Yabe

– Lots of other content!
In addition to the above-mentioned content, on the day of the event, there will also be a ballpoint pen custom order event for -LOTUS PINK, catering, and fresh donut specialty shop “I’m”.
Donut? (I’m Donuts?)”, Korean puri machine “GENICBOOTH
Photoautomat”, Omotesando flower shop “logi”
PLANTS & FLOWERS offers a variety of content including floral decorations. The event was so successful that the numbered tickets were distributed within minutes of the event starting.
I’m donut?
I’m donut?
GENIC BOOTH Photoautomat
GENIC BOOTH Photoautomat
A bespoke collection commemorating the 40th anniversary of -PUMA x Ray BEAMS- and -Ray
As part of BEAMS-‘s original line, the new “Concept Line”, which symbolizes seasonal style, is also on sale.
-Ray BEAMS-“Concept Line”

A stamp rally will also be held at the venue. On the day of the event, those who visited the designated 3 booths among the numerous contents will be selected by lottery to win -Ray
BEAMS-Original goods were presented as novelty items.
Stamp Rally

Book “Ray BEAMS 40th Anniv. Party”
Starting with vol.1, we have prepared monthly topical items and events at milestones. Please look forward to the future -Ray BEAMS-.

– Event attendee snap still
The dress code for the day was “sparkle.”
Also posted on -Ray BEAMS-‘s styling Instagram account @ray_beams_styling. (

– Event overview
“Ray BEAMS 40th Anniv. Party vol.1”
Date: February 10, 2024 (Sat) 18:00-21:00
Holding store: BEAMS WOMEN Harajuku
Jingumae Terrace B1F, 3-25-15 Jingumae, Tokyo 150-0001
*-Ray BEAMS-40th anniversary exhibition, marche sales by buyers, and FLOWER DECORATION will be held until February 18th (Sunday). *About details about this release*

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