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Home » Shogakukan Co., Ltd. LE SSERAFIM appears on “CanCam” for the first time and is on the cover! Feeling like a dream London bus cruise with 5 people (Heart)

Shogakukan Co., Ltd. LE SSERAFIM appears on “CanCam” for the first time and is on the cover! Feeling like a dream London bus cruise with 5 people (Heart)

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
LE SSERAFIM’s first appearance on “CanCam” and first cover! Feeling like a dream London bus cruise with 5 people (Heart)
Shogakukan “CanCam” April issue special edition (released on February 22nd) ……
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] Last year, the five people who excited the world with their first solo tour were in the mood for a moment of sightseeing…!?
The special edition of the April issue of “CanCam” features LE SSERAFIM’s first appearance and first cover!
LE SSERAFIM debuted in May 2022 as the first girl group released by HYBE and SOURCE MUSIC, which own labels that have produced many global artists such as BTS. The five-piece group is active globally with their flawless dance moves and strong-willed lyrics, and is extremely popular all over the world. Last year, they held their long-awaited solo tour, their first since their debut, and it became a hot topic. This April issue features denim coordination that is ahead of spring! With a unique style that stands out, this photo was taken on a London bus that will make you feel good. I had a momentary feeling of sightseeing (Heart)
There is also a 4-cut selfie sticker that is perfect for pushing!
[Image 2:×2245.jpg] The highlight this time is, of course, the original stickers! When asked, “Please show us your charming poses!”, the five of them happily took selfies with unique poses such as heart-shaped cheeks, winks, and pieces. In addition to the 4 playful cuts, the large sticker includes an explosive “texture” expression. This is a piece that condenses the charms of the five people, both cute and cool.
It’s sized to fit into your smartphone or card holder, so you can cut it out as well as stick it on. Enjoy pushing with special stickers exclusive to “CanCam” (Heart)
The interview will be released later on CanCam’s official SNS In order to bring you the “chem talk” of these five close friends, we also feature cross talks divided into two groups: KIM CHAEWON x KAZUHA and SAKURA x HUH YUNJIN x HONG EUNCHAE. There are many episodes where each member conveys their love for the group.
For example, the group chat seems to be always active, saying, “There’s never a time when it’s not working! Even if there’s not a lot of content, sometimes it’s just “ㅋㅋㅋ (laughing).” (KAZUHA) “When I see something interesting, , everyone immediately sends it to the group chat. I think the one who sends it the most is YUNJIN. Lately, I’ve been finding TikTokers who do interesting dances! (lol)” (KIM CHAEWON). During the interview, the staff seemed to get along well and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of them.
By the way, a video of the interview will be released on the official “CanCam” SNS at a later date. Please check it out along with this magazine!
Lots of fun projects, including “LE SERAFIM quiz” devised by members (Heart) In addition, a solo Q&A is also included to dig deeper into the charms of each member. “In the group, I thought, “I’m No. 1 in this! In addition to providing unique answers to interesting questions such as “What do you think?” and “What have you been happy to hear from the members lately?”, they also answered questions such as “LE SSERAFIM Quiz” created by the members, and the members’ characters. A comparison table is also included for easy understanding at a glance. We will get to know their true faces by having them draw a picture for us and showing us their best shots in their photo folders.
Although the photo shoot took place in spring clothes on a cold day, the five of them were always smiling and showing off their various expressions on set. Check out the April issue of “CanCam” to be released on February 22nd (Thursday) for many eye-pleasing shots! ●“CanCam” April issue special edition
Price: 850 yen
Release date: Thursday, February 22nd
Publisher: Shogakukan
*Prior to release, reservations can be made at each online bookstore. More details about this release: