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Home » North Elements Co., Ltd. “Rockin Vegetable(R)︎” project. Crowdfunding target amount achieved within 24 h ours!

North Elements Co., Ltd. “Rockin Vegetable(R)︎” project. Crowdfunding target amount achieved within 24 h ours!

North Elements Co., Ltd.
“Rockin Vegetable(R)︎” project. Crowdfunding target amount achieved within 24 hours!
~Miracle tomato juice made by letting vegetables listen to rock music! ~ ……
North Elements Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Representative: Tatsuro Tonoki), which produces agricultural 6th generation business, is a crowdfunding company that started at 6:09 PM (lock time) on February 9, 2024. We are pleased to announce that we have achieved our goal in just 24 hours after setting it up. This achievement is a testament to our passion and strong support from society. This project will aim even higher and will aim to achieve its next goal during the crowdfunding period until February 29th. This crowdfunding is part of the “Rockin’ Vegetable(R)︎” project, which aims to fuse agriculture and entertainment, and has developed “Rockin’ Vegetable Tomato Juice”, which uses “vegetables with a rock-like tomato” as an ingredient. More than just juice, we offer a new sensation of taste born from the fusion of music and agriculture.
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[Image 2:×768.jpg] The “Rockin Vegetable(R)︎” project started in 2021 with the aim of bringing new value to agriculture and promoting sustainable production and consumption. This is a project that fuses entertainment and solves social issues in order to solve the problem of food loss due to substandard vegetables in agriculture, as well as the problem of a shortage of agricultural successors due to an accelerating aging society with a declining birthrate. In this crowdfunding, music selectors called Play Listers have created a Play List of 69 songs. Developed “ROCKIN’ VEGETABLE(R)︎,” a tomato juice made from tomatoes that were made by listening to “rock” music for more than 6 hours a day. The fusion of agriculture and music provides consumers with a new experience. Achieving the goal within the first 24 hours is a testament to our enthusiasm and expectations for this project. We look forward to continuing this momentum and seeking further support to help us reach our next goals. By Thursday, February 29th, our goal is to work with as many supporters as possible to raise funds to build a sustainable agricultural future. Through this project, we will explore the influence of rock music on vegetable growth, and aim to create new value with a new approach to sustainable agriculture through the innovation and entertainment that music brings to agriculture. [Crowdfunding details]
Support for the “Rockin Vegetable(R)︎” project is possible through the CAMPFIRE platform (project page). Your generous support will open up new possibilities for sustainable agriculture and entertainment. URL: [About Rockin Vegetable (R)︎ Business] “Rockin Vegetable (R)” grows vegetables by listening to music and has their own energy. This is a project that produces special agricultural products. This special vegetable is produced under the brand “Rock Vegetables” and pursues fun and charm through fusion with music. The package comes with a QR code that allows you to access a playlist of songs that grow vegetables, creating a new experience of enjoying your meal while enjoying music. In addition, “Rockin’ Vegetables (R)” does not adhere to conventional standard selection, but positions non-standard vegetables as “rock
vegetables!” with a new appeal, and provides them as unique agricultural products. Through this, we aim to contribute to solving social issues and achieving the SDGs. *Rockin Vegetable (R) is a registered trademark or trademark. ●Rockin Vegetable (R) official site [About North Elements Co., Ltd.] A group led by value creation producer Tatsuro Tonoki that develops cross-platform projects that combine commerce and entertainment, and produces various business designs and content.
We are a business and creative company that is made up of experts in various fields and has an international network, and that develops business on an international level. We are solving social issues through the power of artists, creators, content, and ideas, and are working on regional revitalization, sixth-generation agriculture, and inbound tourism projects.
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