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Home » Latest predictions! Subsidy Future Strategy 2025 revised/2020 6th edition – Is profitable environmental management possible?

Latest predictions! Subsidy Future Strategy 2025 revised/2020 6th edition – Is profitable environmental management possible?

Denkosha Co., Ltd.
Latest predictions! Subsidy Future Strategy 2025 revised/2020 6th edition – Is profitable environmental management possible?
Denkousha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO) is an electrical technology trading company that has been in business for 96 years, and has been providing support for subsidy applications for many years as a concierge for all aspects of energy saving, energy creation, and energy storage. Tokyo Century Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo We welcomed Mr. Takaichi Baba (Chiyoda Ward, Miyako, President and Representative Director) as a guest lecturer, with the theme of “Is profitable environmental management possible?” He will discuss the latest forecasts and usage examples of energy conservation-related subsidies and renewable energy-related subsidies. We will hold a seminar to explain in detail.
Overview of this seminar
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・Providing the latest information regarding the FY2020 supplementary budget ・Providing the latest forecast regarding the FY2020 budget
・I want to know about the latest subsidies that can be used when introducing energy-saving equipment and renewable energy equipment. ・I am considering using subsidies, but the application method is complicated and I am unable to apply.
・I want to organize the selection points for subsidies.
・I know that there are facilities and equipment that contribute to decarbonization, but they are too expensive to introduce.
・If possible, I would like to start the project easily and with less burden.           ▼
・We promise to answer any questions during the seminar within 24 hours. Part 1: “Energy-saving and renewable energy equipment introduction subsidies that are worth attention now”
Denkosha Co., Ltd. Energy Management Solution Department
Subsidy Analyst Group
Kotaro Goto
1) FY2020 supplementary/FY2020 main budget subsidy forecast
2) Adoption analysis! Measures you should know before applying 3) Case studies using subsidies
4) Denkosha support details
■Equipment renewal example: Machine tools
[Image 1:×939.jpg] ・Introduction amount: 94,000,000 yen
・Subsidy amount: 36,000,000 yen
■Equipment introduction example: Solar power generation equipment
[Image 2:×401.jpg]

・Introduction amount: 180,000,000 yen
・Subsidy amount: 25,000,000 yen
■Example of equipment renewal: Air conditioning equipment
[Image 3:×971.jpg] ・Introduction amount: 60,000,000 yen
・Subsidy amount: 7,860,000 yen
Part 2: “About Tokyo Century’s support for subsidized projects” Tokyo Century Co., Ltd. Business Advisory Department
Kazuki Ohashi / Kenta Wakatsuki
1) Introduction of our company
2) Benefits of using leases in subsidized projects, etc.
3) Introduction of support cases
Part 3: “4 energy-saving devices recommended by electrical
professionals (currently being adjusted)”
Denkosha Co., Ltd. Energy Management Solution Department
Energy Saving Diagnosis Group Chief Professional
Yuichiro Okawa
Examples of devices currently under negotiation
1) Air conditioning energy saving filter that does not require any construction work
2) Air conditioning control system suitable for small starts 3) Air pressure optimization system that can utilize subsidies 4) Power transmission loss improvement device with guaranteed effectiveness *As soon as the energy-saving equipment is confirmed, we will report in a separate release.
Event date and time: February 21, 2024 (Wednesday) 11:00-12:00 Format: Online format
Tuition fee: Free
Application: Application deadline: February 20, 2024 (Tuesday) 13:00
[Company Profile]
Company name: Denkousha Co., Ltd. Location: 2-10-4 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014 Representative: President and CEO Notakeya Nakajima Established: February 11, 1928 Business: Solar power Power generation, wind power generation business, sales and maintenance of electrical equipment for buildings,
Activities related to energy creation, energy saving, and renewable energy, product planning, development, sales, maintenance,
maintenance, subsidy application agency, etc. Capital: 90 million yen Website:
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