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Needs Well Co., Ltd. Expanding AI solutions! Added “Paper digitization and generation AI utilization support service Dgent”

Needs Well Co., Ltd.
Expanding AI solutions! Added “Paper digitization and generation AI utilization support service Dgent”
~ Digitizing large amounts of documents and supporting operational efficiency through the use of generated AI ~
Needswell Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director Kozo Funatsu) will begin providing “Dgent,” a paper digitization and generation AI utilization support service. This solution will support the promotion of digitalization in government offices and financial companies that cannot avoid using paper, and will also improve operational efficiency and strengthen support for DX by utilizing the digitized data with generation AI. , we aim to further accelerate the growth of our business.
1. Overview of Dgent
We will perform the task of scanning large amounts of paper and converting it into image data. This can reduce administrative work burdened by companies and organizations and improve productivity. We also use AI-OCR DX suite to convert scanned image data into text data. This process reduces errors and delays caused by manual text entry, resulting in accurate and fast data processing.
Additionally, it leverages generative AI to learn and structure text data. This gives AI the ability to understand patterns and trends in data and perform more sophisticated tasks. For example, it enables the detection and automatic classification of specific document patterns, as well as the summarization and extraction of information through natural language processing. Companies can drive data-driven decision-making and streamline business processes.
The operational efficiency achieved by generative AI makes it possible to process and analyze large-scale data that was difficult with conventional methods. For example, you can quickly process large volumes of documents, contracts, reports, and other information, saving valuable resources and time. In this way, our service leverages advanced AI technology to help organizations streamline their business processes and improve their competitiveness.
[Image:×331.jpg] 2. Service overview
1. Paper digitization (scanning) work agency
Convert all paper documents into digital data with high precision. Our specialized staff digitizes various paper media and provides high-quality data. We value confidentiality and guarantee safe handling. For customers who are unable to take paper documents out for security reasons, we can also digitize (scan) them on-site.
2. Support for construction and utilization of generative AI Utilize innovative generative AI to powerfully support your business. Increase efficiency and productivity by providing insights from your data and automating tasks. Furthermore, we provide customizable solutions for each business, propose solutions that best meet customer needs, and support operational efficiency.
Dgent details:
3. Initiatives related to generative AI
We are currently conducting research and development of generative AI solutions through industry-academia collaboration with Nagasaki University.
Press release: 【Company Profile】
Company name: Needswell Co., Ltd.
Address: 13th floor, New Otani Garden Court, 4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kozo Funatsu, Representative Director and President Established: October 1986
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