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Home » Creative Place Co., Ltd. Offering two types of carefully selected fresh sea urchin at cost price! Limited to 10 meals a day | Sushi Muku/Shirogane, an authentic Edomae sushi restaurant that offers an exquisite 20-course sushi course for 8,800 ye

Creative Place Co., Ltd. Offering two types of carefully selected fresh sea urchin at cost price! Limited to 10 meals a day | Sushi Muku/Shirogane, an authentic Edomae sushi restaurant that offers an exquisite 20-course sushi course for 8,800 ye

Creative Place Co., Ltd.
[Two types of carefully selected fresh sea urchins provided at cost price! ] Limited to 10 meals a day | Sushi Muku/Shirogane, an authentic Edomae sushi restaurant that offers an exquisite 20-course sushi course for 8,800 yen in a convenient location 30 seconds walk from Roppongi Crossing, is running a limited campaign!
Prices have been slashed at a sushi restaurant in Minato Ward! Limited plan for 10 meals per day! Enjoy ultra-rare sake and authentic Edomae sushi at a high cost performance!
Roppongi Sushi Muku/Shirogane,
Period from February 16th (Friday) to March 15th (Friday), 2024. We will be holding a special campaign.
[Image 1:×1401.jpg] Limited campaign overview
Our store is
Our policy is to offer quality products for less than 10,000 yen that would cost 20,000 to 30,000 yen in a prime location in Tokyo. While setting up a store near the Roppongi intersection,
We offer the “Omakase Course” of 20 dishes at an exceptional price of 8,800 yen (tax included).
This time, we will have a course of 20 dishes.
Furthermore, we will prepare dishes using two types of raw sea urchin at an unbeatable cost!
Recently, the price of everything has increased,
High-quality ingredients that are difficult to include in regular courses. You can enjoy it by just adding an additional fee of 1,100 yen. A total of 20 items for a total of 9,900 yen (tax included), In addition, the content is consistent with the policy, and the rich flavor of raw sea urchin,
A variety of omakase course dishes and a variety of sushi will provide you with a blissful dining experience.
Carrying out such efforts is also
We don’t just want people to know about our store;
We want as many people as possible to know about Japan’s delicious food. In fact, in the past, we have handled local specialties and
high-quality fish depending on the season.
All of them were well received and enjoyed!
Due to purchasing constraints, there is a limited number of these available. Limited to 10 meals per business day.
Please do not miss this opportunity. .
February 16th (Friday) – March 15th (Friday), 2024
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◼︎Store reservation URL
On the reservation site you clicked on
[Limited Quantity] 20-dish Omakase Course with tasting comparison of raw sea urchin
Please select and make a reservation.
*Please note that if you are unable to make a selection, we are already full of 10 people.
[Image 2:×1401.jpg] Contents of the 20-course omakase course
◼︎Course contents (This is an example of one day, so the contents may change depending on the purchasing situation)
1-3. Assortment of 3 seasonal appetizers 4. Comparison of raw sea urchin samples 5. Seasonal sashimi 6. Mozuku vinegar 7. Water octopus sushi 8. Seasonal dish 9. Isaki sushi 10. Haruko sea bream sushi 11. Steamed abalone with liver sauce 12. Nigiri of raw bluefin tuna 13. Nigiri of grilled scallops 14. Seasonal small bowl and soup set 15. Nigiri of Edomae small skin 16. Nigiri of pickled tuna 17. Saikyo-yaki silver cod 18. Nigiri steamed sushi with Kue 19. Hand-rolled conger eel 20. Shijimi soup
[Image 3:×1401.jpg] Features of Sushi Muku/Sushi Shirogane
30 seconds walk from Roppongi Station intersection exit
While being located in one of the best locations in Tokyo,
“A sushi restaurant where anyone can easily enjoy good Japanese food anytime” So that you can feel that
For less than 10,000 yen, you can get quality products that would cost 20,000 to 30,000 yen at a store in a similar location.
This is an authentic Edomae sushi restaurant that continues to offer 20 courses for 8,800 yen.
In addition to providing cost-effective courses,
The layout of the store is also unique.
It is a 40 tsubo property, which is quite large for a sushi restaurant. Taking advantage of its spaciousness, we operate three stores, each with a different concept, in one property.
We are making our first attempt. (One of the three is open to the public as it is a membership system.) Each has a different interior and features, making it an easy-to-use store where you can choose the location that best suits the situation and the people you are accompanying.
in the past,
crowdfunding site,
Publicly recruiting members on Makuake,
We received a total of 20 million yen worth of applications from just under 1,000 people, over 2,000 people.
It was crowded with many customers.
[Image 4:×1088.png ]
◼︎Sushi Muku
The store is a calm space filled with the warmth of wood, and can be enjoyed by a variety of people, from entertaining guests to dates and families.
We place importance on conveying the charm of Japan through food, and offer dishes based on three pillars: “fresh seasonal fish,” “special rice,” and “one-of-a-kind red vinegar.” Not only are we very particular about the ingredients, but we are also very particular about the rice. The slightly hard-cooked sushi is made with Ehime prefecture’s “Ichibai vinegar,” which is made from sake lees that have been aged for 10 years. The acidity unique to aged red vinegar brings out the flavor of the toppings and rice.
[Image 5:×1400.jpg] ◼︎Sushi Shirogane
Sushi – When you walk through the solid wood interior and open the door, you will be greeted by a space that feels like another world. This restaurant is based on the above-mentioned omakase course, and also offers the “SAKE Pairing” where you can enjoy the finest pairing of sake and sushi carefully selected from all over the country by a staff member who is a Sake Sommelier and SAKE DIPLOMA qualification. Courses are also available.
*Pairing is possible even with sushi.We provide the best sake for each dish, along with the story behind the sake. By pairing our highly cost-effective sushi course with sake recommended by our staff, you can double or triple the deliciousness. The sake selection changes regularly to match the seasons, so you’ll discover something new every time you visit, and you’ll definitely fall in love with Japanese food culture. Of course, even those who don’t drink sake or alcohol can use this store. The pairing is limited to Japanese sake, but we also have a variety of other alcoholic beverages, including champagne and wine. This store is a LUXURY space where a glittering world that is not too flashy awaits, and can be used for adult dates or using the bar.
[Image 6:×1400.jpg] Store details
◼︎Store name
Sushi Muku/Sushi Shirogane
◼︎Store address Trinity Building B1F, 7-14-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo About 1 minute walk from Roppongi intersection◼︎Telephone number 03-6804-1763 ◼︎Business hours
Sushi Muku
No regular holidays
Sushi Shirogane
No regular holidays
*Last reception for online reservations will be made at 21:00. If you would like to arrive later than 21:00, please contact us by phone. ◼︎Official website More details about this release: