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Home » Yebisu brand’s creative new line “CREATIVE BREW” 3rd product “Yebisu Citrus Blanc” released for a limited time

Yebisu brand’s creative new line “CREATIVE BREW” 3rd product “Yebisu Citrus Blanc” released for a limited time

Sapporo Holdings
Yebisu brand’s creative new line “CREATIVE BREW” 3rd product “Yebisu Citrus Blanc” released for a limited time
A refreshing and fruity Yebisu created by the marriage of hops and lemongrass. ……
Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd., a group company of Sapporo Holdings Co., Ltd., will be selling canned products of “Yebisu Citrus Bran”, the third product of the new Yebisu brand “CREATIVE BREW”, for a limited time on February 20th. A limited number of barrel products will be released on the same day (Note 1).
[Image 1:×940.png ]
“CREATIVE BREW” is a new line under the Yebisu brand that leverages the technology and knowledge cultivated over 100 years at Yebisu to challenge the deliciousness and enjoyment of new beers that are not bound by traditional beer concepts. The person responsible for the product development of “CREATIVE BREW” is Ryota Aritomo, Chief Experience Brewer, who will be in charge of brewing at “YEBISU BREWERY TOKYO”, which will open on April 3, 2024. By incorporating the unique sensibilities of young brewers and modern manufacturing methods and techniques, we aim to surprise our customers and create new appeal for beer.We aim to deliver high-quality deliciousness and original products unique to Yebisu. We will make suggestions.
This product, the third in the “CREATIVE BREW” series, focuses on a new herb, “lemongrass,” which has a refreshing scent, in order to create a refreshing and rich taste suitable for the spring and summer seasons. We use lemongrass that has been carefully selected from the source to ensure a high-quality taste worthy of Yebisu. By marrying it with Citra, a hop with a citrus-like aroma, we have created a high-quality, fruity Yebisu with an unprecedented refreshing feel. The package symbolically depicts an illustration of lemongrass, which is a flavor feature of this time, and the can body has been specially processed to give it a unique look and feel that gives it a
high-quality feel.
With a history of over 130 years, we will continue to deliver to our customers the diverse tastes and ways to enjoy beer that only Yebisu can offer.
(Note 1) Barrel products will be available at YEBISU BAR, TAPS BY YEBISU, Sapporo Beer Kyushu Hita Factory Welcome Hall, and other locations.
[Comment from Chief Experience Brewer: Ryota Aritomo]
[Image 2:×252.jpg] We developed this “Yebisu Citrus Blanc” based on the concept of a high-quality Yebisu with a refreshing feeling that can be enjoyed under the refreshing weather of spring and summer. We tried using lemongrass to create a refreshing and fruity scent, but after careful consideration, including test brewing in each region, we chose lemongrass from Egypt, which has a well-balanced aroma. In order to create a more lemon-like aroma, we also researched how to pair it with the aroma of hops, and by using some of the hop variety Citra that we discovered, we aimed to create a Yebisu that is surprising and fun. We hope you enjoy the new and refreshing encounter with Yebisu, which is created by the marriage of the two, which cannot be achieved with lemongrass or hop alone.
Joined Sapporo Breweries in 2012. After being in charge of beer brewing at Sapporo Beer Hokkaido Factory, he worked on yeast research at the Alcoholic Beverage Technology Research Institute. After that, he studied abroad in Germany and obtained the Brewmaster
qualification. After returning to Japan, he will develop new products and conduct research. It has been decided that he will be in charge of brewing at “YEBISU BREWERY TOKYO” which is scheduled to open in April 2024.
1.Product name Yebisu Citrus Blanc
2.Package 350ml can, 20L barrel
3.Item Beer
4. Alcohol content 5%
5. Pure alcohol amount 350ml can: 14g
6. Release date/region 350ml can: February 20, 2024 20L barrel nationwide: February 20, 2024 “YEBISU BAR”, “TAPS BY YEBISU”, “Sapporo Beer Kyushu Hita Factory Welcome Hall”, etc.
7. Reference retail price 350ml can: 258 yen (excluding tax) 8. Contents Features ・Made with carefully selected lemongrass. ・Uses Pilsner malt. Contains some wheat malt.
・Contains some Citra hops with a lemon-like scent.
・Uses top-fermenting yeast that brings out the high-quality richness. 9. Sales plan 200,000 cases (633ml large bottle x 20 bottles) *Planned number of can products only
-Reference-Yebisu brand site [Inquiries from consumers]
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TEL 0120-207-800
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