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Home » TikTok for Business announces “Creator White Paper 2024” to help you create successful creatives!

TikTok for Business announces “Creator White Paper 2024” to help you create successful creatives!

TikTok for Business announces “Creator White Paper 2024” to help you create successful creatives!

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Press release: February 27, 2024
TikTok for Business announces “Creator White Paper 2024” to help you create successful creatives!
*The “TikTok Creative Framework” developed based on the experiences of 14 popular creators and corporate accounts is also unveiled for the first time*
* TikTok for
Business interviewed 14 popular TikTok creators from various industries about industry trends and creative production points, and developed the “TikTok Creative Framework” based on that information. “Creator White Paper 2024”, which summarizes the content of interviews with creators and how to use “TikTok Creative Framework”, is now available.
~How to create successful TikTok creative~” has been released. *

White paper download:

TikTok has videos of various genres, and the characteristics of the videos posted and the points of creative creation tend to differ depending on the genre. Therefore, we interviewed a total of 14 groups, including popular creators in various fields and industries, groups of creators who create popular accounts one after another, and even people in charge of managing corporate accounts.

Creators talked about trends in each industry, characteristics of viewer groups, and tips for creating content, and a group of creators talked about the secret to increasing “reproducibility” that leads to success with multiple accounts, and creating account concepts. .

In addition, while there are many companies that are interested in TikTok official accounts but are hesitant to open one, we asked representatives of companies that have started operating TikTok business accounts quickly and have achieved success, from the operational system to how to utilize them. We asked him about his business results in detail.

* ■14 popular creators/companies interviewed this time*
Travel creator: Maru [a citizen of Aichi Prefecture who travels all over the country] @marurincho.official
Food and beverage creator: The world’s best Yukke @yukke_yukke_
Lifestyle Creator: Ayami Room������ @ayami__room

Beauty creator: Makoto Maiishi @maishimakoto

Fashion creator: Kyo Inukai @kei_adrer Movie creator: Fumiya@Movie introduction @urabanashikun

Game creator: Nakanocchi @nakanocchi2 Music creator: Tomoka Okanoya | tokanoya @ru_tomo

Tech creator: Shishigami������SHISHIGAMI @yoshi_web

Financial knowledge creator: 3710|Money School @3710_money_school_ch
Creator group 1.: M2DK/Mazda family’s daily life @matsudake

Creator group 2.: UNiFY @unify_official

Corporate account 1.: SEGA Co., Ltd. SEGA Official @segaofficial
Corporate Account 2.: Mizkan Co., Ltd. [Official] @mizkan_official

Utilization of “TikTok Creative Framework”
Through this interview, we found some commonalities in the comments of multiple creators, and it became clear that these are important keywords in creating TikTok creatives. Once you organize your keywords, you can summarize them into the following three steps. 1. * Research / Research: * Understand what kind of content is currently attracting attention in the related industry
2. * Ideation / Idea development: *
Rather than just copying popular content or blindly using new formats, add your own ideas to existing popular formats.
3. * Evaluation / Verification: *
Continuous testing and improvement is the best path to success, so look to your audience’s comments (and likes) for inspiration. TikTok for
At Business, we have developed the “TikTok Creative Framework” that supports successful creative creation through the above three steps.

* 『1. Research / Research』*
is further divided into three steps, and in STEP.1, we export as many popular video content formats in the industry as possible. Step 2 is to look for commonalities in the exported formats and find a “winning pattern.” Step 3 is to analyze the viewer’s motivation to find out why videos with “winning patterns” are preferred.
“* 2. Ideation / Idea Development” * “1. Research /
By combining the “winning pattern” found in STEP.2 of “Research” with the brand essence, we will create new ideas unique to the brand. “* 3. Evaluation / Verification” * “2. Ideation /
We will verify the ideas in “Idea Development”. If there are any reactions from users, use the comments section as a reference to extract the factors of success or failure and identify areas for improvement.

For detailed interviews with TikTok creators and the “TikTok Creative Framework,” please refer to “Creator White Paper 2024.”
~How to create successful TikTok creative~”
Download materials:

* ■2/28 (Wednesday) Webinar held: “TikTok Creative Framework” explained for the first time! *
TikTok for Business will host the official webinar “TikTok for Business Marketing
Community” is held regularly. In the webinar scheduled to be held on February 28th (Wednesday), we will be the first to explain the overview and usage of the “TikTok Creative Framework” introduced in Creator White Paper 2024. If you are interested, please join us.

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・Those who are interested in how to create creativity on TikTok ・Those who are having trouble knowing how to create creatives on TikTok ・For advertisers, advertising agencies, production companies, and creators

・Date and time: February 28, 2024 (Wednesday) 14:00-15:30
・Application form:

-* Notes on using this white paper -*
・“Collaboration with creators” is one of the most effective means of marketing on TikTok, but it is not the only way.
・The statements made by the creators in this white paper are their own opinions and do not represent the position of TikTok for Business.

* -About quoting and reprinting survey data-*
When quoting or reprinting survey data, please be sure to read “Source: TikTok for Business, Creator White Paper 2024
~How to create successful TikTok creative~” Please contact our public relations department. If you wish to quote or reprint this article on a web page (media/blog, etc.), please also include the URL of this article.

* -About TikTok for Business- *
TikTok for Business, which provides ad distribution services such as TikTok and Pangle, offers a variety of services from increasing awareness to acquiring customers.
We contribute to solving business issues in various funnels. TikTok is an entertainment-filled platform that creates impact for businesses through customer engagement that is created through a natural encounter between an open-minded audience and a company/brand. *About details about this release*

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