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Home » Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. Special project “Sleep Improvement Ceremony” to face your own sleep star ts on Friday, March 15th on World Sleep Day *1

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. Special project “Sleep Improvement Ceremony” to face your own sleep star ts on Friday, March 15th on World Sleep Day *1

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
A special project to help you deal with your sleep: “Sleep Improvement Ceremony” starts on Friday, March 15th on World Sleep Day*1
Three companies from different industries collaborate at the “Geothermal Tourism Lab Enma” located in Oita, Japan’s most hot prefecture.
Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. (President: Yoichi Onuki)
collaborates with Geothermal Tourism Lab Enma (Tsujita Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.; Representative: Kaneomi Tsujita) and Konkando Co., Ltd. (President: Mitsuru Yamazaki) to celebrate World Sleep Day*1. For a limited time from March 15th (Friday), we will be holding a special project called “Sleep Improvement Ceremony” where you can face your own sleep at the Geothermal Tourism Lab Enma. According to our survey*2, 47.6% of people have some sort of sleep-related problem. Among these, there are many chronic and regular concerns regarding the quality of sleep, and the top problems include “not feeling satisfied with a deep sleep or having shallow sleep” and “feeling tired when I wake up.” Therefore, in conjunction with World Sleep Day*1 on Friday, March 15th, set by the World Sleep Society, we would like to share the same desire to improve sleep with the aim of “supporting the creation of opportunities to improve the quality of sleep through everyday initiatives.” The three companies have collaborated to offer a “sleep improvement formula.” *1 World Sleep Day is a global anniversary established by the World Sleep Society to spread the importance of healthy sleep and correct knowledge *2 According to our research, September 2021 n= 8,900 people (survey target: men and women aged 20 to 79)
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Implementation overview
Period: March 15th (Friday) – March 29th (Friday) Business hours 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Location: Geothermal Tourism Lab Enma 228-1 Furomoto, Kannawa, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture
◆Contents of “Sleep Improvement Formula”
1. “Sleep-improving scented bath (footbath)” with bath salts containing ingredients recommended for a good night’s sleep
2. One free bottle of Morinaga Milk’s functional food drink “Sleep Improvement” 3. Refresh your ears! Konkando’s “Cooling Cotton Swab” 1 bag (30 swabs) present
4. Sale of “good sleep menu” for a limited time
*2.3. The number of presents for visitors is limited. Please note that the offer will end as soon as it runs out.
Click here for details URL: ◆Reference information
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– Morinaga Milk “Sleep Improvement” – Improves sleep quality with 1.6 days of intake
A study conducted on adult men to examine the effects on sleep when L-theanine was taken for 4 to 6 days, and it was confirmed that L-theanine improved the quality of sleep, such as reducing the feeling of fatigue when waking up. 2. Lychee flavor that is refreshing and easy to drink with no added sugar
We have received high praise on social media from customers who have purchased the product, with comments such as “It’s not too sweet and it’s helpful because it has 0 calories.” 3. It has zero calories and caffeine, so you can use it safely at night before going to bed. This product is recommended to be consumed 1 hour to just before bedtime. We have received comments such as “It’s safe to drink before bed.” 4. Shelf life is 180 days at room temperature. Can be stored for a long time and is easy to stock up on
The product design makes it easy to keep at home and stock up on for people who have chronic or regular sleep problems. Suggested retail price: 130 yen (excluding tax)
Morinaga Milk “Sleep Improvement” website
– Geothermal Tourism Lab Enma – A geothermal experience facility born in Kannawaizumi, Beppu City, a hot spring area representative of Oita’s hot spring prefecture, where you can experience hot springs and steam, gifts from the earth.
You can enjoy it. At the footbath plaza, you can enjoy local vegetables and fresh seafood cooked in a hell pot while soaking in the footbath.
You can enjoy steamed dishes.
Closed: Irregular holidays *The store may close earlier depending on the situation in the store after 7:00 p.m.
~Scented bath to improve sleep (footbath)~
[Image 3:×525.jpg] Geothermal Tourism Lab Enma’s footbath at Enma, a hot spring bath that is controlled to an appropriate temperature by passing through the source cooling bamboo device, Yumetake, which is one of the symbols of Enma. The mineral-rich footbath is filled with Morinaga Milk’s unique blue enma-no-yu bath salts, which are inspired by “sleep
improvement,” and original aroma oil multiple times a day. Enjoy a footbath with even more hot spring effects thanks to the combination of hyaluronic acid and aroma oil.
[Image 4:×1800.jpg ]
~Limited time menu: Good sleep Genovese pizza~
A sleepy pizza made using Jigokumushi, a cooking method that uses hot spring steam to steam ingredients. To match Jigokumushi, we selected homemade pizza dough that is firm to the ears, and ingredients rich in GABA, glycine, DHA, and EPA, which are said to be good for sleep, and steamed them. In addition to pizza, we offer 8 types of good sleep menus.
[Image 5:×1016.png ]
-Konkando “Cooling cotton swab”-
This is a cool “wet type” cotton swab that is soaked with menthol, ethanol, etc. It is a clean, individually wrapped type with a textured surface that makes it easy to remove dirt. Please use it to refresh yourself after taking a bath, before going to bed, after waking up, during a break at work, after using earphones, etc. If you chill it in the refrigerator, the cooling sensation will be further improved. ■Click here for PDF More details about this release: