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Home » Japan 3D Printer Co., Ltd. Starts handling next-generation industrial composite 3D printer Markforged “FX10 ” designed for production sites

Japan 3D Printer Co., Ltd. Starts handling next-generation industrial composite 3D printer Markforged “FX10 ” designed for production sites

Japan 3D Printer Co., Ltd.
Next-generation industrial composite 3D printer Markforged “FX10” designed for production sites now available
Japan 3D Printer Co., Ltd. handles the latest models with excellent functionality and expandability that embody the Markforged philosophy and are capable of producing high-precision, high-strength parts. ……
Japan 3D Printer Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Shiro Kitagawa), which provides 3D digital solutions for companies and educational institutions, is an American company that received a great response when it was announced at Formnext in Germany last year. We have started handling Markforged’s latest 3D printer “FX10”.
[Image 1:×262.jpg] Building on the success of the Markforged X7 and building on a new architecture, the FX10 features a newly designed chassis and high-quality components to deliver performance and scalability to meet the demanding demands of manufacturing industries. It is a powerful 3D printing solution for industry that achieves high productivity, the standard for a new era, and was developed to more consistently provide parts with high strength and precision.
[Image 2:×840.png ]
[Image 3:×861.png ]
Features of FX10
Deliver high-strength parts quickly
FX10 quickly provides high-strength parts required in all industries using long-fiber carbon fiber reinforcement technology.
Improve productivity with a build volume of 375 x 300 x 300 mm and top-class printing speed among the industrial series.
Print appropriate parts according to required specifications With a superior motion system, high-precision components, and carefully designed combinations, the FX10 ensures accurate,
high-strength components.
Provides cost-effective production scale-up
FX10 features an intuitive device and platform with desktop software, training programs, and cost management systems.
Achieve cost-effective production right from the start and leverage it across your organization.
Chamber structure build area and vacuum heat bed
In order to print high-quality parts at high speed, it is equipped with a large chamber measuring 375mm x 300mm x 300mm that can be heated up to 60°C.
The aluminum build bed is also heated and calibrated by laser scanning the precisely machined grooves.
FX10 features
[Image 4:×641.png ]
Optical sensor mounted on the print head
The FX10 is equipped with an optical sensor in the print head to determine the quality of parts and the health of the printer. Material storage bay designed for usability
Automatic material exchange and quick loading prevent printing interruptions and reduce user effort.
7 inch large touch screen
You can start printing, check machine status and manual control, and perform automatic calibration from one place.
■Markforged 3D printer “FX10” product overview
Product name: FX10
Body size: 760 x 640 x 1200mm
Body weight: 109 kg
Maximum build size: 375 x 300 x 300 mm
Lamination pitch: 125-250 micrometers
Maximum temperature inside the chamber: 60 degrees
Compatible filament: Onyx
Product introduction page (website operated by Japan 3D Printer Co., Ltd.):
[About Japan 3D Printer Co., Ltd.]
Head Office: CROSS DOCK HARUMI 1F, 4-7-4 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0053 Representative: Representative Director Shihiro Kitagawa
Established: October 2013
Phone number: 03-3520-8928 (main)
Business content: Provision and support of 3D modeling related products and services, etc.
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