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Home » Kokara LLC Delivering weapons to leaders of reform who tackle social issues. We provide leadership training for NPOs and social entrepreneurs at limited prices.

Kokara LLC Delivering weapons to leaders of reform who tackle social issues. We provide leadership training for NPOs and social entrepreneurs at limited prices.

[Kokara LLC] Delivering weapons to leaders of reform who tackle social issues. We provide leadership training for NPOs and social entrepreneurs at limited prices.

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Press release: March 22, 2024
Delivering weapons to reform leaders tackling social issues. We provide leadership training for NPOs and social entrepreneurs at limited prices.
*Kokara LLC offers a leadership training program developed by Minerva in the United States to Japanese NPOs and social entrepreneurs at a limited price. We provide a variety of tools to solve problems and realize your organization’s vision. *
A leadership program developed by Minerva in the United States for working adults. Equipped with a leadership style that aims for co-creation rather than competition.
Challenges faced by social entrepreneurs and NPO organizations and the value we provide
Social entrepreneurs and NPO organizations who work diligently every day to solve the various challenges faced by society need both a strong passion for problem-solving and solid business skills to tackle complex issues. He is truly a reformer of society.

Since last year, Kokkara LLC has been offering a leadership program in collaboration with Recruit Co., Ltd., in order to help such leaders improve their abilities while maintaining a firm mindset and a strong core. Many past participants have commented that their problem-solving skills have improved significantly, and they are now closer to realizing the world they aspire to.

This time, it has been decided that the program will be offered at a limited price to social entrepreneurs and NPO organizations from July to September 2024.

Program overview
Leadership training “Managing” provided by Kokkara LLC
“Complexity” was developed for working adults based on the
achievements of Minerva University and graduate school in the United States. Over 11 weeks, we provide new perspectives and skills for business leaders facing complex societal challenges.

[Program features]
・Hone your ability to respond to unclear and complex challenges ・Through practical learning, you can directly apply it to your daily work. ・Create concentration and retention of knowledge with a uniquely developed conference system
* -Voices from previous participants-*
・I learned how to *systematically analyze* complex discussion processes, and was able to acquire the ability to *approach the root cause*.

・*A program that gives you the opportunity to take the first step* to seriously change society and the world. In order to create a system that is accepted by society as a whole,*
I was able to learn how to think from a different perspective* from my existing thinking.

・I knew that I was not the type of person who was passionate about solving social issues, but after going through this program, I realized that *
I’ve come to think that he may have just been avoiding saying it publicly because it’s too difficult to understand. There is a way to solve any problem, and that *
Training to increase the number of drawers and use them flexibly*. Recruitment overview
[Schedule and cost]
Period: July-September 2024
Every Thursday 18:00-20:00
Course fee: 50,000 yen (excluding tax)

[Application requirements]
1.Representatives (up to 10 people) involved in the management of NPOs, other non-profit organizations, or social enterprises that have been in existence for three years or more
2. Those who can basically participate in all classes
3. Those who can secure time for pre-study (2-3 hours are required for pre-reading and output assignments each week)

Details such as how to apply and dates can be found on the website.

If you would like to take the course, please apply using the link below. Go to application form

Comment from Representative Kurokawa
Managing the next generation leadership program developed by Minerva in the United States
“Complexity” is an online training program where you can learn practical skills necessary for the complex times of the future in 10 weeks. Since the course began in 2021, more than 400 business leaders from approximately 30 companies have participated, and it has received high praise (details can be found from the link below).
On the other hand, there are many NPOs and social entrepreneurs who are working on a daily basis to tackle difficult problems in society that do not receive much attention in business. They are truly the reformers of society who seek to directly solve complex problems, and we can actively utilize this program to support the vision and capacity development of these leaders. I think there is. ”
Kokkara LLC Representative: Kimiharu Kurokawa
* ■Kokara LLC*

Kokkara is a Fukuoka-based startup that supports changes in
organizations and people based on “Playful.” “Playful” is a state of being connected to the feelings and excitement that arise from the heart, and taking the first step towards a challenge. We believe that powerful changes in organizations and people cannot be forced from outside, but can only be realized when the driving force is driven by passion that flows from within.

With these principles in mind, Kokkara has been involved in a wide range of organizational and human resource development support in the eight years since its founding, including creating organizational visions, business development, culture creation, and leadership development.

This course, offered in collaboration with Minerva of the United States, is a place to provide Japanese organizational leaders with the tools to overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis while pursuing their passions.
I sincerely hope that what you learn here will be used to help make society a better world through your hands.

Head office location: Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Representative Director: Kimiharu Kurokawa
Business content: Organizational development/Human resource development HP:
* ■Recruit Co., Ltd. HITOLAB*

HITOLAB is an organization launched by Recruit Co., Ltd. in April 2019 with the mission of creating practical new ways to connect people and people and organizations, and disseminating and providing these methods both inside and outside the company. is.

“People” refers to all aspects of individuals, such as not only company employees but also students and citizens, and
“organizations” refer to all places that are made up of multiple people, such as companies, schools, local communities, and government.

For this reason, HITOLAB not only uses the knowledge and experience that Recruit has gained to date, but also collaborates with people from various sectors outside the company. We would like to solve the structural issues faced by the company over the long term through a human resources approach.

Head office location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Yoshihiro Kitamura
Business content: HR technology business, matching & solution business, staffing business
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