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Towa Food Service Co., Ltd. Pastankan/Kotegaeshi “Hokkaido Fair” will be held!

Towa Food Service Co., Ltd.
[Pasutakan/Kotegaeshi] “Hokkaido Fair” will be held!
A selection of Hokkaido’s famous gourmet foods to whet your appetite! ……
Towa Food Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku,
Tokyo/Representative Director, President and CEO: Makoto Kishino), which operates Tsubakiya Coffee and other brands, will hold an event at Pastakan and Kotegaeshi on March 22nd ( From Friday), we will start selling a limited-time menu where you can enjoy the local gourmet food of Hokkaido, a “treasure trove of gastronomy.”
[Image 1:×550.png ]
I love everyone! We will be holding the “Hokkaido Fair” with plenty of gourmet food to whet your appetite.
Please enjoy the deliciousness of nature nurtured by the majestic northern sea and land as if you were traveling to Hokkaido.
[Table 2: ]
Delicious gourmet food one after another! “Hokkaido Fair” held! ◆Hokkaido Mix Monja 1,730 yen (tax included)~
A luxurious dish that allows you to enjoy the whole of Hokkaido, with Hokkaido whey pork, potatoes, corn, Parmesan cheese, and Tonden Farm’s special sausage.
The creamy monja is so delicious that you can’t help but reach for it.
[Image 2:×998.jpg] ◆Salmon Chanchan Grilled Monja 1,580 yen (tax included) ~
A monja arrangement of Hokkaido’s local cuisine!
Hokkaido salmon, which is characterized by its soft flesh with just the right amount of fat, goes perfectly with sweet and spicy miso.
[Image 3:×998.jpg] ◆ Whole Hokkaido camembert cheese grilled mille-feuille from 1,630 yen (tax included)
Our proud okonomiyaki is made by wrapping a whole piece of Hokkaido camembert cheese and grilling it.
The melting cheese is irresistible!
[Image 4:×963.jpg] ◆Freshly fried! Hokkaido specialty Zangi – 2 pieces 380 yen (tax included) / 4 pieces 580 yen (tax included)
The crunchy texture is followed by a juicy flavor.
Please fill your mouth with piping hot food!
[Image 5:×840.jpg] “Kotegaeshi Urawa Parco store” reopens
On Friday, March 15th, we reopened the Kotegaeshi Urawa Parco store (1 minute walk from the east exit of JR Urawa Station).
The interior design has a “natural Japanese modern” theme, and by using sophisticated colors and natural materials, it has been transformed into a space that is even more relaxing than before. We look forward to your visit.
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