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Dooox Co., Ltd. Event Report “ZADAN” presentation report that approaches the reality and charm of Oyama Town

[Dooox Co., Ltd.] [Event Report] “ZADAN” presentation report that approaches the reality and charm of Oyama Town

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Press release: March 22, 2024
[Event Report] “ZADAN” presentation report that approaches the reality and charm of Oyama Town
*A night where people involved and active in Oyama gather to talk about the future*
ZADAN, a roundtable-type exchange event that digs deeper into the charms of Oyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, and leads to regional revitalization, was held at Toyomon Cafe (Oyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture) on February 29, 2024. At this event, Kubodera,
representative of Dooox Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), which develops “Machimori Project”, will be on stage as a guest speaker, and will discuss past revitalization examples in various regions around the country. It became a place to exchange opinions about the future of Oyama Town. This report introduces the highlights of the event and future activities of Oyama Town. *

Event overview
“ZADAN” is a limited liability company, PCS (Head office: Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture/Representative)
This is a roundtable exchange event hosted by Yosuke Tokushima. The event is held regularly with the aim of rediscovering the charm of the region by inviting attractive people associated with Oyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture as guests, and gaining new knowledge from their experiences and activities.
ZADAN Click here for details

event highlights
* ■Introduction about the guest (Representative Director of Dooox Co., Ltd.: Ryosuke Kubodera)*
In addition to introducing Kubodera, the representative of Dooox, who is working on regional revitalization as an “administrative advisor” in Oyama Town and a person who changes the world through “action”, a talk session was held in which he talked about his dreams for the future.
The profile of representative Kubodera will be introduced by Mr. Tokushima, representative of PCS LLC.

* ■Introduction of Dooox Co., Ltd. and Machimori Project*
About the history of the establishment of Dooox Co., Ltd., which is working on the regional revitalization project “Machimori Project” throughout Japan, the “Sekai” it aims for, and the concept of a new platform business that is currently being worked on to solve issues in the primary industry nationwide. We talked.
Dooox Street Project activity scheme

* ■About Kurura Fuji Oyama*
The event introduces the history of the establishment of the group “Cruler Fuji Oyama”, which works on regional revitalization in Oyama Town, its members, its past activities that take advantage of the local characteristics, and the holding of the “Mr. Kintaro Contest” for the summer. It was done.
Dooox representative Kubodera introducing Kurura Fuji Oyama
*《Past press releases related to Oyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture》* ●Establishment of “Cruler Fuji Oyama General Incorporated Association”
●Business model creation study session held at Oyama Town Hall
●Developed a new specialty product representing Oyama Town, “Oyama Kintaro Nabe”

Organizer’s comment
Thank you for taking the stage at ZADAN.
It is not often that you can hear about venture companies in Tokyo in Oyama Town, so this event has been well received by the participants. ZADAN is also broadcast on local cable TV, so I would be happy if the spirit of Dooox could be widely conveyed to people who want to start something in Oyama Town.
We look forward to seeing Kurura Fuji Oyamade’s future activities as well.

the next deployment
In addition to holding the “Mr. Kintaro Contest” scheduled for this summer, we will continue to support the efforts of the local organization “Cruler Fuji Oyama” to spread the charm of the region to the whole country.

Dooox Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Representative director Ryosuke Kubodera Head Office: 9th floor, Saiwai Building, 1-3-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: June 2021
Business details: We support the world’s new challenges in a variety of ways, with the goal of “making behavior common sense. Challenges familiar. ~Creating a world where everyone can be enthusiastic about their potential~” as the world we aim for. The “Tokumei President’s Office (R)” supports companies’ new challenges and non-urgent but important areas, and the “Towns” creates self-sustaining regional revitalization projects from scratch, with local people from all over Japan playing the leading role. Centered on “Mori Project”, we are developing multiple services that accelerate new Do.
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