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Getinge Group Japan Co., Ltd. Getinge’s 100 years in medical technology and beyond

Getinge Group Japan Co., Ltd.
100 years of Getinge in medical technology and beyond
As we celebrate our 120th anniversary as a pioneer in healthcare, Getinge looks back on its history. As a global medical technology company with a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, we work with our customers and partners to address evolving healthcare needs.
[Image:×628.jpg] On March 21, 1904, Getinge embarked on a mission to advance health care and life sciences. It all started when a Swedish entrepreneur started manufacturing agricultural equipment in the village of Göttinge and decided to name his company after a small town in southern Sweden. Soon Getinge became successful and began exporting its products.
Getinge’s cornerstone is innovation in medical technology, exemplified by our first sterilizer and disinfection solutions for medical devices. Since then, Getinge has expanded its portfolio. Our expansion reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and improving treatment outcomes.
“At Getinge, we have always pushed the limits of what is possible and have made great strides in medicine. We designed and manufactured one of the first operating tables, the first modern ventilator, and pioneered system pioneer,” said Mattias Perjos, President and CEO. Our ambition is to continue to drive development together with our customers and partners.
“Today, our products help save 10 million lives a year, and our goal is to double that number. We also want to contribute to reducing the time it takes for new drugs to come to market,” continues Mattias Perjos.
Challenges posed by demographic change are straining the entire healthcare industry, while rapid developments in digitalization and AI are creating new ways to address them.
“New opportunities are opening up to further improve our products and services, and we are increasing our focus on sustainability. This is an important initiative for both parties,” said Mattias Perjos. “From our research and development to our sustainability efforts, we are highly adaptable to changing times. We have a bright outlook for the future.”
As Getinge celebrates its 120th anniversary, our employees around the world are committed to a common purpose: bringing life-saving technology to more people.
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Getinge provides hospitals and life science facilities with products and solutions that help improve clinical outcomes and optimize workflows, ensuring that all people and communities receive the best possible care. Its areas include intensive care, cardiovascular surgery, operating rooms, sterile reprocessing, and life sciences. Getinge has more than 10,000 employees worldwide and its products and solutions are used in more than 135 countries.
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