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Home » Apostle Attack, Eva: Fantasy, Start! “Phantom Tower” x “Evangelion” collaboration is underway! Collabora tion SSR character “Rei Ayanami” will appear on March 28th (Thursday)!

Apostle Attack, Eva: Fantasy, Start! “Phantom Tower” x “Evangelion” collaboration is underway! Collabora tion SSR character “Rei Ayanami” will appear on March 28th (Thursday)!

Level Infinite
Apostle Attack, Eva: Fantasy, Start! “Phantom Tower” x “Evangelion” collaboration is underway! Collaboration SSR character “Rei Ayanami” will appear on March 28th (Thursday)!
[Image:×713.png ]
Level Infinite, a global game brand that delivers high-quality and engaging interactive entertainment, is collaborating with Evangelion on the open world RPG “Tower of Fantasy” (hereinafter referred to as “Gento”) for PC and mobile. A collaboration is currently underway. A special gacha featuring the long-awaited collaboration SSR character “Rei Ayanami” and her collaboration limited costume “Future Echo” will be released soon from March 28th (Thursday).
We would also like to inform you that a new collaboration event will be held to commemorate this collaboration from March 28th (Thursday). Just by logging in, you can not only get the gacha item “Red Core” for free, but also get various items useful for gameplay by spinning the “Rei” gacha a specified number of times.
In addition, attractive collaboration-only content is available for free, such as a new vehicle (collaboration vehicle) inspired by Evangelion’s cockpit, a collaboration AI servant based on Misato’s pet “Penpen”, and a collaboration-limited costume based on Unit 01. Events where you can get them are introduced on official X, so please take this opportunity to follow the account.
▼“Gento” game download link
▽PC version
Official website: Steam: Epic Games: ▽Mobile version
Google Play: ■ Collaboration SSR character “Rei Ayanami” will be available from March 28th (Thursday)!
A collaboration gacha “Song of Serenity” featuring “Rei” and SSR weapons “Relief/Prototype Proto Bow/Arrow of Ruin” will be held from March 28th (Thursday). The SSR weapon “Relief/Prototype Proto Bow/Arrow of Ruin” used by “Rei” is a weapon that has two attributes: lightning and ice at the same time.
The SSR weapon “Relief/Prototype Proto Bow/Arrow of Ruin” is a bow-shaped weapon. When you deal damage to an enemy, you can pierce the first enemy you hit with one “tracking arrow,” and you can leave up to three arrows pierced. Furthermore, by consuming and exploding the three arrows left on the enemy, you can deal large area damage to surrounding enemies.
In addition, the greatest feature of the collaboration character “Rei” is that she has the skill “Unit-00 Sortie”. When you unleash this skill, you can summon a gigantic Unit 0 to the battlefield, and Unit 0 slams the surrounding enemies with its fists, inflicting great damage. Furthermore, by equipping two or more weapons of lightning and ice attributes, it is possible to improve attack power and resistance depending on the attribute. If you want to strengthen your party with lightning and ice attributes, please check it out in-game.
In addition, the character PV for “Rei” is currently being released. Please check out how “Rei” fights in the world of “Phantom Tower”. ▽Character PV of “Rei Ayanami”
[Video 2:] -Profile-
A girl from a different space-time who wears a white plug suit. Limited avatar character “Rei Ayanami” and limited weapon “Relief” will be available soon. Using a bow specially made for Rei Ayanami by the Mirapolis Science and Technology Department, her key role is to destroy enemies with energy-filled arrows.
In addition, to commemorate this collaboration, a special gacha will be held for a limited time from March 28th (Thursday) in which you will receive a collaboration limited costume “Future Echo” of “Rei”. In addition, a collaboration gacha featuring another collaboration character “Asuka” and the SSR weapon “Spear of Longinus” is being held in-game. This offer is only available for a limited time until Saturday, April 13th, so don’t miss out.
■ A new collaboration event between “Phantom Tower” and “Evangelion” will be held from March 28th (Thursday)!
Starting March 28th (Thursday), a new limited collaboration event will be held for a limited time to commemorate this collaboration. ●Ray gacha bonus
-Event Overview-
During the event period, if you turn the collaboration gacha “Song of Serenity” that discharges “Rei”, SSR weapon “Relief/Prototype Proto Bow/Arrow of Ruin”, and Volition the specified number of times with “Red Core”, you will receive “Space-Time Crystal Fragment”. ”, “Weapon Breakthrough Material Box”, “Elemental Mineral Fragment Box”, “Energy Particles”, and other additional rewards can be obtained.
-Event period-
After the update on Thursday, March 28, 2024 – Monday, April 29, 2024 21:00 ●Supply execution II
-Event Overview-
If you log in for 7 consecutive days during the event period, you can obtain up to 10 “Red Cores” and 3 “Fortress Combat Equipment Selection Boxes”.
-Event period-
After the update on Thursday, March 28, 2024 – Monday, April 29, 2024 21:00 ●Breaking through the siege
-Event Overview-
This event is a multiplayer event. By teaming up with other explorers and conquering 4 monsters and 1 boss on the field, you will have a chance to get luxurious rewards. The leader boss has three weak points, and if you attack with a weapon that matches the weak point of the leader boss, the damage dealt will greatly increase, so the key is to attack them efficiently.
-Event period-
After the update on Thursday, March 28, 2024 – Monday, April 29, 2024 21:00 ● Charge Gift II
-Event Overview-
You can receive separate rewards depending on the cumulative amount of Rutile Charge during the event period.
You can get a new vehicle (collaboration vehicle) fragment box inspired by Evangelion’s cockpit, a special hair ornament “rabbit ear headband”, “smoking crystal”, and “charge gift selection treasure box I”.
*You can select and obtain one of the following items from “Charge Gift Selection Treasure Box I”.
・Scene action swing
・Scene action stage
・”Smoke crystal” x500
-Event period-
After the update on Thursday, March 28, 2024 – Monday, April 29, 2024 21:00 For details, please check the official X (formerly Twitter) “@ToF_JP” of “Phantom Tower” or the official website.
-What is Evangelion-
“Neon Genesis Evangelion” caused a social phenomenon when it was broadcast as a TV series in 1995. In 2007, it was restarted as the “Evangelion New Theatrical Version” series, planned, written and directed by Hideaki Anno, and three films were released: “:Jo”, “:Ha”, and “:Q”, each of which was a great success. , and developed a new fan base.
The final part of the series, “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version”, is the fourth part of the New Theatrical Version series. Although the release was postponed twice due to the new coronavirus, it was released on March 8, 2021. The final box office revenue was 10.28 billion yen, the number of viewers reached 6.73 million, and it continues to receive overwhelming support.
Evangelion official website:
Official information site:
(C) Color
◆ What is “Tower of Fantasy”?
This work is an open world RPG that lets you travel through a vast world colored with beautiful anime-style graphics. You can move freely around a vast field and experience battles that are full of immersion. In a story full of mysteries and excitement, majestic BGM, and a story woven by a large number of unique characters, you will go on an adventure while solving mysteries. Officially released on August 11, 2022.
◆ Click here for the latest information on “Tower of Fantasy”! The official website, official Twitter account, official YouTube channel, and official Discord of “Tower of Fantasy” are constantly disseminating the latest information and information that conveys the various charms of the game. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe! “Phantom Tower” accounts
Official website: Official Twitter:
Official YouTube:
Official Discord:
◆ Game overview
Title: “Tower of Fantasy”
Genre: Open world RPG
Supported platforms: iOS/Android/PC
Price: Basic free (some in-game purchases available)
Distribution date: August 11, 2022 (iOS/Android/PC)
Supported languages: In addition to Japanese, 8 languages ​​are supported (English, German, French, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian)
Rights notation: (C)2024 Proxima Beta Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. (C)Hotta Studio. All Rights Reserved.
*Company names and product/service names listed are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.
◆ About Level Infinite
Level Infinite is Tencent’s global gaming brand. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive, connected, and accessible community, with the goal of delivering engaging, original gaming experiences to customers around the world, so they can experience them whenever, wherever, and however they want. doing. We also provide a wide range of services and support to development companies and partner studios in our domestic and international network, helping them unlock the true potential of their work.
Level Infinite is the publisher of PUBG MOBILE, NIKKE, and SYNCED, as well as Fatshark’s Warhammer 40K: Dark Tide, Funcom’s Dune: Awakening, and Inflexion Studios’ He is a collaborative partner on numerous productions including “Nightingale.” For more information on Level Infinite, please visit the official website and official X
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