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Home » transcosmos transcosmos announces the results of “Online Shopping Usage Trend Survey 2024 in 8 Cities Aroun d the World”

transcosmos transcosmos announces the results of “Online Shopping Usage Trend Survey 2024 in 8 Cities Aroun d the World”

transcosmos announces the results of “Online Shopping Usage Trend Survey 2024 in 8 Cities Worldwide”
Gen Z is not the only one who is active! Penetration among all generations in Jakarta and Mumbai
transcosmos, Inc. (Representative Directors and Co-Presidents: Masaaki Muta and Kenji Kamiya) conducted a voluntary survey called “Online Shopping Usage Survey 2024 in 8 Cities Around the World”. We focused on the differences in behavior and awareness in Japan, and also covered “Cross Border E-Commerce.”
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“Survey on online shopping usage trends in 8 cities around the world 2024”: This study found that generational differences influence some online shopping consumption behaviors, such as purchasing favorite goods. On the other hand, we also found that differences in cities have a significant impact on consumption behavior by generation, such as the prevalence of “Okakatsu” among all generations in Jakarta and Mumbai. In addition, in cross-border e-commerce, Japanese e-commerce sites are widely used through the media, mainly in Bangkok and Jakarta. ■Summary of the survey
Research method: Online survey using global panel, questionnaire in local language
Survey areas: Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China), Seoul (South Korea), Mumbai (India), Bangkok (Thailand),
Jakarta (Indonesia), New York (USA), London (UK)
Survey target: Men and women between the ages of 11 and 58, who have used online shopping (purchasing) within the past year
Collected samples: 300 samples x 8 cities, total 2,400 samples Survey implementation period: February 15, 2024 to February 25, 2024 Research commissioning agency: Cross Marketing
■ Key points of the survey results
1. There is a noticeable difference between Generation Z and Generation X in the intention to purchase Oshi goods, and Oshikatsu has spread to all generations in Jakarta and Mumbai.
●A comparison of online shopping behavior and awareness among Generation X (born 1965-1980), Generation Y (born 1996-1981), and Generation Z (born 1997-2012) revealed that “Checking reviews”, “emphasizing genuine product guarantees”, “referring to review sites”, “virtual features for trying on and temporary storage”, and “desiring shopping from the same site” were ranked high among all generations.
●On the other hand, there was a big difference between Gen Z and Gen X when it came to “I want to buy goods for my favorite (idol or character),” which ranked 6th among Gen Z and 18th among Gen X. Looking at each city, there is a tendency for Gen Z to have a high percentage overall, but in Jakarta and Mumbai, Gen Y has the highest percentage, and the percentage of Gen It can be seen that it is being carried out.
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2. Jakarta and Bangkok, where Japanese cross-border e-commerce sites are highly used, also received coverage in the media
●When we asked respondents in each city about their experience using cross-border e-commerce, it was over 70% in three cities: Bangkok, Mumbai, and Jakarta. The usage rate of e-commerce sites in Japan was particularly high in Bangkok (34%), followed by Jakarta (31%). ●The most common reason given for using Japanese online shopping sites in all seven cities was “Because it’s a product/brand that’s not available domestically.” In addition, many users in Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Mumbai cited the product being introduced on social media and being featured in the media as a popular product overseas.
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Masayuki Hagiwara, Global Business Head Analyst at transcosmos, said, “Although the age categories of Generations X, Y, and Z differ somewhat depending on the country and region, differences in the digital environment at each life stage are reflected in purchasing behavior and consumer awareness.” It is based on a globally common way of thinking.There are many items where the differences between cities are greater than the differences between generations, so when utilizing cross-border EC and live commerce, it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of cities and respond to generations. ” he commented.
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