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Home » Brother Sales Co., Ltd. Brother releases new latex wide format printer “WF1-L640”

Brother Sales Co., Ltd. Brother releases new latex wide format printer “WF1-L640”

Brother Industries Co., Ltd.
Brother releases new latex wide format printer “WF1-L640”
Challenging new industrial printing fields with large-format printers for sign and display applications
Brother Sales Co., Ltd. (President: Koichi Yasui) is a domestic sales subsidiary of Brother Industries, Ltd. (President: Ichiro Sasaki). The latex wide format printer “WF1-L640”, a large format printer for sign and display applications such as outdoor advertising, various posters, and interior decoration, will be released in late April.
[Image 1:×2340.jpg] Brother is developing a custom goods business that enables small-lot, high-mix production, including garment printers that print on cloth, commercial embroidery machines, and foil printers that can transfer foil to printed letters and designs without the need for molds. We offer a wide range of suitable compact size production goods. We will be releasing the latex wide-format printer “WF1-L640″ in late April, which was developed using the technology cultivated in garment printers and other products, and is designed for sign and display applications such as outdoor advertising, various posters, and interior decorations. . The in-house developed latex ink has a wide color gamut and is capable of producing richly expressive colors, while also being highly weather resistant and suitable for use in outdoor advertising materials.As it is a water-based ink, it is environmentally friendly and is suitable for food and drink. It can be used safely in stores, educational institutions, medical institutions, etc. By evolving printing technology centered on inkjet printing and expanding its range of applications, Brother says it will strongly support businesses in the industrial field, including the custom goods business.
-Use scene-
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Product features
■High-performance head cultivated through garment printers
By evolving the print head technology cultivated over many years in the garment printer industry, we have developed a new highly durable piezo head for latex printers. The high resolution of 1200 dpi and variable dot printing that properly separates three types of droplets of different sizes enable a wide color gamut, high definition color expression, and advanced color reproduction.
■Water-based pigment latex ink
Printing uses latex ink that emits low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and is gentle on the human body. The ink developed in-house has received the environmental labels “UL ECOLOGO (R)” and “ULGREENGUARD Gold (R)”, which certify that they are considerate to the human body and the environment. Latex printers use a heater to soften latex (a dispersible polymer) and then harden it to form a durable coating. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including indoor wallpaper that requires environmental friendliness and car wrapping that requires outdoor weather resistance.
■High usability due to friendly design
Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen LCD screen that is intuitive and easy to operate. User guidance is also displayed, so even beginners can use it with confidence. By using a 700ml large-capacity ink pouch with a winding mechanism, the ink is designed to reduce the number of containers that need to be discarded after use, and to use the ink to the last possible extent.
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Product details
Latex wide format printer “WF1-L640”
[Image 8:×2258.jpg] Open price (estimated market price: 2,618,000 yen including tax)
Product site: [*] UL ECOLOGO(R) certification certifies that a product complies with strict environmental standards set by a third-party organization. UL GREENGUARD Gold(R) is a stricter standard than normal GREENGUARD certification, which requires lower total VOC emissions in indoor environments.
-Customer inquiries-
Product information site Dial for latex wide format printers TEL: 0570-074-116
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