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Home » Non-profit organization Kirin Children’s Support Group Online free school Two third-year junior high school students who were members of the school’s early days have graduated. An online graduation ceremony was held in a virtual space that is a “pl

Non-profit organization Kirin Children’s Support Group Online free school Two third-year junior high school students who were members of the school’s early days have graduated. An online graduation ceremony was held in a virtual space that is a “pl

Kirin Children’s Support Group, a specified non-profit organization Online Free School Two third-year junior high school students who were members of the initial school opening have graduated. An online graduation ceremony was held in a virtual space that is a “place to be.”
Kirin Children’s Support Group (NPO, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative: Hirotaka Mizutori) has been operating the online free school “Clulu” (Principal: Sou Shinoda) since October 2022, since its opening. An online graduation ceremony was held on Friday, March 22, 2024, to celebrate the departure of two third-year junior high school students.
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– Participants creating a flower path and applauding the graduates using the reaction function –
The Kirin Children’s Support Group, a specified non-profit
organization, supports children by providing them with a safe place to live, so that they can have their own hopes and step into the future. We operate places such as the online free school “clulu”. Clulu, an online free school that opened in October 2022, aims to alleviate the fear of going outside and going to new places that children who do not attend school have, and to help them connect with others. We are working in an online space to gradually increase the number of children attending school, and it is a “place” that plays an intermediate role between truancy and a general free school. Two third-year junior high school students who have been enrolled since the school’s opening recently graduated, and “clulu”‘s first online graduation ceremony in a virtual space was held on Friday, March 22, 2024. On that day, “Clulu” diplomas were awarded in the same way as a regular graduation ceremony, while parents of graduates and current students watched in a virtual space. Then, one graduating student spoke on behalf of the school and spoke about the time when he was filled with anticipation after discovering clulu, and his thoughts on supporting the future of current students. In addition, letters from parents to graduates were read on behalf of the staff, and they talked about the hardships the children had before discovering “clulu,” how their children had changed positively after discovering “clulu,” and words of congratulations on their departure. It was done. At the end, the participants created a flower path in the center of the screen, and the graduates departed into their new environment while receiving thunderous applause using the reaction function in the virtual space. Additionally, one of our graduates will be working as a volunteer staff member for “Clulu” starting in the spring to support our current students.
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– Graduation ceremony – After awarding diplomas in a virtual space, the actual diplomas were mailed to the graduates’ homes – Comments from graduates – When I first discovered “clulu”, I was able to do new things! I remember being so happy and nervous. At first, we started with a small number of people, but as the number of people increased, the number of comments made during the activity also increased. I really liked how crowded “clulu” was. -Parent’s comments-・Until I met “clulu”, I don’t think my child had the time to face his own body and mind, and I didn’t see a single glimmer of light. However, since “clulu” became my child’s “place”, my smile has returned to normal day by day, and I was really happy. There were many things I regained and many new things I gained. We want our children to walk forward with confidence and without forgetting to be
themselves.・Looking back on the days when I discovered clulu, it was a fulfilling time. I feel like I’ve grown so much by watching my children try out different things and do more things on their own. From spring, we will move on to a new world, but I hope you will do your best to take care of yourself and the people around you. -Comment from Principal So Shinoda-I would be most happy if the two graduates felt glad to have met “clulu.” I want you to take time to stop and think by yourself once in a while, and at the same time, enjoy time to think with others while moving forward step by step. I believe that both of you have the power to do so. Meeting the two of you made a huge difference in my life. I hope that both of you will continue to enjoy life as flowers that continue to bloom beautifully. -Comment from Representative Mizutori-Congratulations to the two graduates. I believe that if you have worked hard so far, you will be fine in life from now on, but no matter how hard you try, there will be times when things just don’t work out. In such cases, remember that you have the option of “escape.” In life, you can restart from scratch again. If you feel sad or tearful, please come back to Kirin any time. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to both of you on your departure.
The Kirin Children’s Support Group will start the Kirin High School next month, and next year we will continue to work closely with many children while creating a place for children and developing various hands-on activities. – Online Graduation Ceremony Implementation Overview – Date and time: March 22, 2024 (Friday) Opening ceremony at 13:00 / Closing at 15:00 Venue: Online virtual space oVice Online free school “clulu” Main programs:
1. Words from the opening ceremony 2. Graduation certificate presentation 3. Words from the representative 4. Words from the principal 5. Words from the lecturer/video message from the lecturer 6. Words from parents of graduates 7. Presentation of gifts from current students 8. Current students Farewell words (1 student representative) 9. Farewell words from graduates 10. Closing ceremony words 11. Graduation farewell/closing ceremony – About the online free school “clulu” – Difficult to leave the house, meet people In order to support children who are unable to attend school or who are withdrawn from school, we operate a curriculum and place where children can have fun while learning using an online virtual space. The target audience is 4th grade elementary school students to 3rd grade junior high school students. Since it is possible to participate using an avatar, it is a place where children who cannot show their faces or find it difficult to meet others can easily participate. First of all, by connecting with someone, we help them step out into the real world little by little. Clulu allows parents of children who do not attend school to use the attendance system if they wish and the principal of the elementary or junior high school where they are enrolled gives permission. In 2023, 5 out of 14 enrolled students are using the attendance system. Principal of clulu, So Shinoda, has the experience of not going to school for 6 years from 1st grade to 6th grade, and provides truant support based on that experience and the cases of parents and children who have been involved in truant schools. I am.
[Image 3:×474.jpg] ■About Kirin Children’s Support Group, a specified non-profit organization The Kirin Children’s Support Group operates the Kirin House, a community model, which is a third place for children in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture. Kirin’s House is a place for children in the lower grades of elementary school to high school, where we provide individualized support to each child who is facing challenges. We operate a children’s cafeteria, free school, food bank business (Food Bank Izumisano), and are a place where children can be themselves. Kirin Children’s Cheer Group is operated with support from the Nippon Foundation.
■Corporate overview Corporate name: Non-profit organization Kirin Children’s Support Group Table: Representative Director Hirotaka Mizutori Established: October 26, 2021 Business: Children’s cafeteria business (Sanodai Children’s Restaurant Kirin House) , free school projects (Free School Kirin no Tobira, Online Free School Clulu), food bank projects (Food Bank Izumisano), pantry (food distribution) projects, etc. Operated with support Address: 9-3 Wakamiya-cho, Izumisano-shi, Osaka 598-0055 URL:
[Image 4:×278.jpg] ■What is “Children’s Third Place”? “Children’s Third Place” is a program that was launched nationwide in 2016, led by the Nippon Foundation, with the aim of nurturing the ability for all children to survive in order to become independent in the future. It is opened in “Children’s Third Place” focuses on the situations each child is in, such as isolation and eating alone due to single-parent households or both parents working, difficulties in learning and living due to developmental characteristics, and loss of opportunities due to economic reasons. We provide a place to stay after school for children who are facing difficulties, and provide them with meals, the establishment of study and lifestyle habits, and opportunities for hands-on experiences. At the same time, we will work together with schools, local communities, and specialized organizations to serve as a hub for a “local child-rearing community where no one is left behind.” There are currently 200 locations nationwide. (As of February 1, 2024) More details about this release: