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JPIX Co., Ltd. Regarding the launch of “JPIX Security” service

JPIX Co., Ltd.
Regarding the launch of “JPIX Security” service
JPIX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Akihiro Tsuru) will launch “JPIX Security”, a service that allows businesses to use Internet connections safely, from April 1, 2024. In recent years, a shortage of security personnel and ensuring internet security during telework have become an issue, mainly among small and medium-sized companies.We provide cloud security that reduces time-consuming security work and allows safe and comfortable internet connections. .
This service provides two functions: “Secure Internet Access (hereinafter referred to as SIA)” by Akamai Technologies LLC (hereinafter referred to as Akamai) and “Emergency Response Support Service” provided by KDDI Digital Security Corporation (hereinafter referred to as KDSec). Available.
This service is provided to corporate customers through partners such as ISPs. In addition, you can use it regardless of whether you use our Internet connection “v6 plus” service.
[Cloud security available with this service]
[Image:×838.jpg] ■Features of “Secure Internet Access (SIA)”
Safe and comfortable internet connection
Akamai’s “SIA” protects customers’ PCs and information systems from threats such as malware distribution sites and phishing sites. Additionally, due to the high-quality connection between our Internet connection service “v6 Plus” and Akamai’s network, customers using “v6 Plus” can use “SIA” more comfortably.
Start easily and without hassle
There is no need to install any special equipment when introducing “SIA”. Additionally, filter settings etc. on the cloud are
automatically updated, allowing organizations without security personnel to maintain a safe internet environment. In addition, you can use it with as few as 3 accounts so that even small organizations can easily use it.
■Features of “Emergency Response Support Service”
Support in case of emergency
If a customer experiences an information security incident such as leakage of confidential information or unauthorized access, they can consult with KDSec, which handles a wide range of security services. At KDSec, we will propose countermeasures for your security incidents. As a VNE operator, we have been providing the v6 plus service, which is characterized by high quality and low cost, since April 2013, and by leveraging the know-how we have accumulated as an enabler, we are able to meet customer requests in security services as well. We will respond flexibly.
About JPIX
JPIX started its IX service in November 1997 as Japan’s first commercial IX, and is an IX provider that operates neutrally and has one of the largest number of customers, including ISP operators, CATV operators, and content providers both domestically and overseas. It has played an important role as the heart of the Internet in Japan. We have also been adopted by many customers as a VNE (Virtual Network Enabler) operator, providing stable network services to handle the ever-increasing traffic.
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