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Tinder Japan Are you ready for the spring of encounters? Introducing Tinder’s profile features that you should use to attract better matches!

Tinder Japan
Are you ready for the spring of encounters? Introducing Tinder’s profile features that you should use to attract better matches! Questions, communication styles, expressions of love… Update your profile with Tinder features!
April is a season full of encounters, such as the new semester and the start of new members of society. There are many people who are excited about new connections and encounters. In recent years, matching apps have been said to be a tool that allows you to easily meet new people. In fact, in a survey conducted by Tinder, over 70% of Gen Z matching app users believe that using matching apps has made it easier to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and identities than before ( *1) In fact, it has been revealed that more than 60% of people have experienced difficulty starting a conversation with a matched partner (*1).
Tinder offers a variety of features in your profile to help you find commonalities between yourself and the other person, express your true self, understand the other person, and communicate better. This time, we will introduce three of these functions: “Question,” “Communication Style,” and “Expression of Love.”
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Recommended function 1. “About me”
Writing a profile is not as easy as you think. Also, it can be difficult to find topics from the other person’s profile…! The “Question” function is a feature that allows users to express their individuality more easily and find topics that can start a
conversation. If you are using a matching app for the first time or feel like your profile is stuck in a rut, take this opportunity to add a “question”!
Actually, what I keep secret from those around me is…
If you only have 20 minutes left to live…
Which of the following three pieces of information about me is a lie? A slightly different hobby…
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Recommended feature 2. “Communication style”
Not everyone prefers the same communication methods because their upbringings, backgrounds, and personalities are different. By registering your communication style, you can proceed with the conversation by understanding the communication method that both parties feel comfortable with. Of course, in order to continue chatting, it is important to check the other person’s profile in detail.
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1. I like messages: 24% of Japanese Tinder users (*2) choose “I like messages.” Message frequency preferences vary greatly from person to person. It is recommended to reply with questions so that the conversation doesn’t end, but overdoing it can have the opposite effect…! First, check your opponent’s style.
2. Phone people: 28% of Tinder users in Japan are “phone people”. If the person you matched with is also a phone person, you don’t have to worry anymore! Unlike text messages, a phone call may be the quickest way to check the compatibility between the two of you, as it allows you to get a feel for each other.
3. Video call lover: If you are still thinking, “I’m not ready for a date, but I want to know more about the other person’s appearance and expressions when I’m talking in real time,” then you must have the courage to do it yourself. You could describe me as a “video call person.”
4. You’re not good at sending messages: First, ask the person with this message, “What’s the best way to communicate?” That is the first step in communication. Even if you say you’re not good at it, there are various types, such as “I’m not good at exchanging many messages in a day” and “I’m not good at replying quickly.” If you can tell them what you’re not good at and offer a safe line, you’ll be able to build a better relationship with them.
5. I like to meet and talk: 60% of Japanese Tinder users (*2) want to meet in person after matching. Meeting in person allows you to get to know the other person’s personality and vibe better, but always remember to ensure your own safety when meeting offline. Also, be conscious of confirming your consent during the conversation. Let’s Talk Consent Website:
Recommended feature 3. “Expression of love”
“Expression of Love” allows users to display “what they value in love” and helps them meet people who share similar feelings. It is especially recommended to set this when you are looking for a lover.
[Image 6:×985.jpg ]

1. Considerate behavior: This means being considerate of other people’s feelings and considering what they want when dealing with them. Everyone probably wants others to be considerate, but
considering that nearly 40% of Japanese Tinder users choose to behave in a considerate manner (*2), this is especially important in Japan. You can see that it is an “expression of love”. Matching apps allow you to experience meeting many people at once. This is why it is so important to always recognize, respect, and cherish the other person as a unique person in each encounter.
2. Present: If your opponent has this display, let’s compete with the contents of the present! For those who choose “gifts” as an expression of love, we recommend choosing something that has an impact. Read the other person’s profile carefully, communicate with them, and think of a gift that the other person has never received before.
3. Skinship: In Japan, skinship ranks third among the five
“expressions of love” (*2). Expressions of affection such as holding hands or hugging can sometimes be more important than words. 4. Compliments: If the other person shows this behavior, find the good things about them and actively talk to them. They should be waiting for you to notice even the smallest things!
5. Time spent together: 56% of Gen Z Tinder users in Japan (*2) chose time spent together as the most important option! This display tends to value your time together the most. Instead of meeting up with a group of people, suggest activities like going to the movies together or going out together to create memorable shared experiences and build deeper connections!
Comment from Tinder APAC Vice President of Communications Papri Dev Younger generations in Japan are enjoying online dating more than ever before. We also believe that it is important to be matched with someone who has the same values. Your profile is the first contact that lets the other person get to know you, so the more complete and interesting your profile is, the better the match will be. Tinder will continue to update its profile features to help younger generations expand and enjoy online dating possibilities, and to allow users to express themselves more freely and clearly. .
*1: Survey conducted by Tinder in August 2022 targeting 1,000 Japanese people between the ages of 18 and 25.
*2: From the profiles of Tinder users aged 18 to 25 in Japan from January 1 to October 1, 2023.
Tinder was born in the United States in 2012 and is the “world’s largest matching app” that creates new encounters. Available in 190 countries and territories and over 45 languages, it has been downloaded more than 530 million times worldwide, and currently more than half of its members are between the ages of 18 and 25. In 2022, the company was selected as one of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” by the American business magazine Fast Company.
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