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Notice regarding the establishment of MIP Co., Ltd.

Shion Co., Ltd.
Notice regarding the establishment of MIP Co., Ltd.
Shion Co., Ltd. establishes “MIP Co., Ltd.” to provide IT solutions with the aim of strengthening comprehensive corporate support capabilities
Shion Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tsutomu Inoue) is a subsidiary of MIP Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MIP Co., Ltd.), which develops systems and provides various IT solutions to create value and strengthen the
competitiveness of client companies. ) was established in February 2024.
With the establishment of this new company, our group will be able to provide a variety of IT solutions from business strategy planning through rational marketing (strategic PR x digital marketing) to system development and database marketing through MIP. Masu.
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Background to the establishment of the new company
Our company focuses on solutions such as strategic consulting, HR consulting, and corporate branding, and as a company’s “growth infrastructure”, we have provided multifaceted support for various issues related to corporate growth.
Particularly in recent years, the need for strategic consulting through rational marketing has been rapidly increasing, and we provide support from the planning of business strategies and communication strategies to the implementation of measures, mainly for national clients and major companies.
*Click here for details on the strategic consulting business
One of the most common requests is to maximize business value using IT. Now that a variety of services are being developed, one of the most important factors for business success is how to maximize business value and provide services with a competitive advantage in the market.
About MIP Co., Ltd.
In order to meet these needs, MIP has appointed Haruji Tominaga, who has a track record of numerous corporate management and turnarounds and has served as a director of prime listed companies, as its representative, and will focus on system development and database marketing. We will provide “business development support”.
The company name, MIP, is made up of the initials of “Marketing,” “IT,” and “Planning,” and we form a highly specialized team in the IT/marketing field to suit the purpose and carry out projects at a high level.
Specifically, we will provide the following support.
1.Business development support
Business development support to gain new competitive advantage ex) Business reform (platform development/data utilization)/IT strategy formulation/implementation support/shared services/base development/management reinforcement
2. System development/operation reform support
 Developing systems that contribute to competitiveness and value creation, and supporting responses to changes in the external environment using digital technology
ex) Requirement
definition/design/construction/optimization/sophistication of system operation in database/front system development
3.Organizational reform/composition support
Support for the transformation of organizational and human resource management systems that support behavioral changes toward strategic changes, and recruitment and training support for strengthening composition.
  ex) Optimization in project operation/Hybrid utilization of external specialist human resources and internal personnel
Future outlook
With the establishment of MIP, we will be able to provide one-stop support for businesses that create competitive advantage, from strategic planning to marketing implementation and system development, making it possible to provide more advanced and innovative solutions. Based on our management philosophy of “bringing innovation to society through the power of people and technology,” we will continue to expand our business with the aim of becoming a growth base
(infrastructure) for Japan’s future.
MIP Co., Ltd. Overview
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Representative: Representative Director Haruji Tominaga
After gaining experience in sales, business planning, and management planning at multiple companies, mainly IT companies, and gaining experience in corporate, business, and organizational turnarounds, he has been engaged in management since 2010.
In 2012, he joined Cross Marketing Co., Ltd., and since June of the following year, he has served as a director and representative director and president of Cross Communication Co., Ltd.
Afterwards, he became a director of Cross Marketing Group Co., Ltd., and was involved in the management of the group, contributing to sales expansion.
After that, he served as an advisor to major IT companies, etc., and then established MIP Co., Ltd.
Location: VORT Shiba Park II 2nd floor, 2-3-9 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Established: February 2024
Business details:
-Business development support
– System development/operation reform support
  -Organizational reform/organizational support
Shion Co., Ltd. Overview
[Image 3:×520.jpg] Representative: Representative Director Tsutomu Inoue
Location: VORT Shiba Park II 2nd floor, 2-3-9 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Capital: 35,000,000 yen (as of December 31, 2023)
Established: August 2009
Business details:
-Strategic consulting business
-HR consulting business
-Platform business
 -Healthcare related business
-Media business
Inquiries regarding this matter
Shion Co., Ltd./MIP Co., Ltd. Public Relations
Phone: 03-6416-0546
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