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List Finder, price revision notice

List Finder, price revision notice
Innovation We would like to inform you that we have decided to revise the price of the automation tool (hereinafter referred to as MA tool) “List Finder”.
[Image 1:×628.png ]
Price revision date
May 1, 2024
*Revised prices will be applied from May 2024 usage.
Revision details
Basic monthly fees for Lite Plan, Standard Plan, and Premium Plan *Please refer to the chart below for the revised offer price.
[Image 2:×1703.png ]
*Customers using plans other than the three eligible plans are not subject to the revision.
*This revision applies only to the basic monthly fee. There are no changes to the prices below.
·Initial cost
・Pay-as-you-go billing (number of PV/number of registered customer data) billing ・Optional fee
(Business card data conversion service, addition of corporate attributes, addition of number of uses of AI support function, extension of web conference support, etc.)
Regarding the start date of application of revised prices
・Customers currently using the service
The new price will be applied from the contract renewal month after June 1, 2024.
*About contract renewal month
Customers with contracts from before August 2021: August and January every year Customers who signed a contract after September 2021: Monthly fee incurs month and every 6 months thereafter
For more information, we will contact you via email, so please check it. *When changing prices, there is no need to exchange purchase orders. (If you wish to receive a revised price quotation or exchange order forms, please feel free to let us know.)
・Customers considering using the service
If the monthly fee is incurred after May 2024, the new price will be applied. Background of price revision
List Finder has been providing services as a purely domestic marketing automation tool to help customers continuously develop new customers and increase sales. I am affected. Therefore, in order to continue adding new features such as AI support functions and providing stable services, we have decided to revise the monthly fee price, although it is with great regret.
In the future, we will continue to provide value to our customers by strengthening our service development system and enhancing our support system in order to ensure even greater satisfaction than ever before. Thank you for your understanding.
■What is List Finder (
[Image 3:×73.png ]
List Finder is a marketing automation tool that can be used even by companies trying marketing for the first time and busy salespeople. We aim to create a tool that maximizes man-hours and effectiveness so that anyone can use and operate it effortlessly and easily by providing the functions necessary for the sales activities of BtoB companies and using a simple and easy-to-understand screen design. I am.
■About Innovation X Solutions Co., Ltd.
Innovation By leveraging the strengths in sales and marketing and technology that we have cultivated since the founding of our parent company, Innovation Co., Ltd., we will bring about innovation in the way people work in Japan.
Address: TOKYU REIT Shibuya R Building 3F, 3-10-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: April 1, 2021
Representative Director and President: Shunichi Endo
Business details: Provision of digital/internet services
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