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Konoike Transport Co., Ltd. Started actual operation of automated truck loading

Konoike Transportation Co., Ltd.
Started actual operation of automated truck loading
Joint demonstration experiment completed with Mitsubishi Logisnext to reduce labor burden on warehouse workers and truck dwell time ……
Konoike Transport Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka,
Representative Director, Chairman and President and Executive Officer: Tadahiko Konoike, hereinafter Konoike Transport) is a member of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, Mitsubishi Logisnext Corporation (Headquarters: Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Yuichi Mano) From March 2022, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Logisnext), we will begin operating an unmanned forklift (a A demonstration experiment of loading trucks using Automated Guided Forklift (AGF) has been completed, and actual operation began on March 15, 2024.
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Currently, while logistics in factories and warehouses is becoming increasingly automated, loading onto trucks requires adjustment of the loading position depending on the truck model and stopping position, and there are constraints on transportation time, so manned forklifts are required. The work is mainly done by. In addition to chronic labor shortages, the logistics industry is facing an even more serious labor shortage due to the 2024 problem. In addition, during busy periods, trucks are held for a long time during work, which is one of the factors that prevents on-time delivery and delivery, which is an issue.
The demonstration experiment will utilize Mitsubishi Logisnext’s autonomous, intelligent, and automated technologies such as AGF, and Konoike Transport’s extensive knowledge and know-how that it has cultivated over many years at a wide variety of sites. The aim was to reduce the labor burden on workers and reduce the dwell time of trucks by automating work using . In the demonstration experiment, we conducted a truck cargo handling position detection test, a truck guidance function test, and verified the capabilities and safety functions for automated actual operation. It is now operational and can now load trucks with precision and time comparable to manned forklift operations. Furthermore, it takes less than 15 minutes to load a large truck (16 pallets).
In the future, Konoike Transport plans to expand the automation of loading onto trucks by additionally introducing AGF at the Kanagawa Ayase Office, and to expand its use at other Konoike Transport warehouses. At Konoike Transport, our 2030 Vision states the message, “Using technology, people can aim for heights.” By combining the latest technology with the skills of craftsmen cultivated in the field, we aim to evolve “the state of the workplace.” I’ll go. ■AGF carries out palletized cargo in the warehouse
[Image 1:×330.png ]
■AGF transports cargo from the warehouse to trucks
[Image 2:×337.png ]
■Loading onto a truck using AGF
[Image 3:×2358.jpg] ■After loading is completed
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