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Home » SEGA Co., Ltd. “Puyo Puyo” completely new Apple Arcade “Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop” game introduction PV and recording mode details released

SEGA Co., Ltd. “Puyo Puyo” completely new Apple Arcade “Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop” game introduction PV and recording mode details released

Sega Co
“Puyo Puyo” completely new Apple Arcade “Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop” game introduction PV and recording mode details released
SEGA Co., Ltd. has released a PV introducing the game and details of the recording mode for Apple Arcade “Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop” scheduled to be released on Thursday, April 4, 2024.
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“Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop” game introduction PV
“Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop” official website
■Contains a wide variety of rules!
In addition to the standard rules “Puyo Puyo Street” and “Puyo Puyo Fever,” you can play with seven different rules, including “Nazo Puyo,” “Block,” “Big Bang,” “Big Puyo,” and “Chibi Puyo Hacks.”
[Image 2:×443.jpg] “Puyo Puyo Street”
Erase Puyo and send Jama Puyo to your opponent. If the Puyo arrives at “×”, you lose.
[Image 3:×443.jpg] “Puyo Puyo Fever”
Offset the Ojama Puyo and build up your fever gauge. Fever starts with Mantan. Aim for a big chain with chain seeds!
[Image 4:×443.jpg] “Mystery Puyo”
Try to answer the questions that are asked one after another faster than your opponent. The one who clears the quota first wins!
[Image 5:×443.jpg] “block”
Battle on a field filled with blocks that don’t disappear.
[Image 6:×443.jpg] “big bang”
An exhilarating rule that allows you to erase Puyo Puyo as much as you want. Collect Ojama Puyo and battle against each other all at once!
[Image 7:×443.jpg] “Big puyo”
Puyos that are bigger than usual are falling.
Big puyo will disappear if there are 3 or more of the same color!
[Image 8:×443.jpg] “Chibi Puyo Hats”
Compete with Chibi Puyo. Disappear Puyos on or next to the stars and send a large amount of Ojama Puyos to your opponent!
■Adventure mode
New characters and new and old “Puyo Puyo” characters will appear in 3D graphics, and you can enjoy a completely new story with full voices using “Manzai Demo”. You can also enjoy the stories of each character. (*Excluding some characters. In the first release version, you can proceed halfway through the story. It is planned to be added and completed in future updates.)
[Image 9:×886.jpg]
[Image 10:×886.jpg]
[Image 11:×148.png ]
[Image 12:×443.jpg] (Synopsis)
Amity wakes up in a dream when someone speaks to her. Although I was wondering about this, I went for a walk as usual and enjoyed playing Puyo games with Arles and Carbuncle that I met on the roadside. Then, he encounters his friend Ringo, who is supposed to be in another world. Furthermore, a child named “Meena” who calls herself “a guide to the world of dreams” suddenly appears and is told that “the world we are in now is the world of dreams.”
According to the story of Lemres, a comet magician who is a senior at the school next door, Meena borrowed great magical power from someone and was happy, but she was unable to control that power and trapped everyone in a dream world. Isn’t there? …That’s what he said. If we play a puyo match, wouldn’t we be able to find out which of Meena’s collaborators are acting different than usual? The adventure to escape from the trapped dream world begins now!
Puyo Puyo is a one-player game where you just erase Puyo! Aim for the high score!
[Image 13:×295.png ]
[Image 14:×295.png ]
■”Puyo Puyo alone”
You can enjoy the usual “Puyo Puyo” anytime, anywhere. You can also play by connecting a controller. You can play in your favorite style, such as “One Play,” where you can play against the computer, or “Kachinuki,” where you compete against opponents that appear one after another.
[Image 15:×295.png ]
[Image 16:×295.png ]
■“Everyone Puyo Puyo”
Up to four players can play online using Game Center, and you can enjoy ranked matches against family, friends, and players from all over the world.
[Image 17:×443.jpg] ■Includes a “lesson” mode that is safe for beginners
In the “Lesson” mode, you can learn everything from the basic rules of Puyo Puyo to advanced techniques, so even beginners can enjoy it with confidence.
[Image 18:×443.jpg] ■Photo mode
You can create your own “manzai demo” by placing your favorite characters.
[Image 19:×528.jpg] ■My Puyo Card
You can create your own card by setting the character and Puyo name.
[Image 20:×295.png ]
-What is “Puyo Puyo”-
The “Puyo Puyo” series is a nationally popular falling object action puzzle game that has been loved for over 30 years since its release. In 1991, the first version of “Puyo Puyo” was released for MSX2 and Famicom Disk System versions, and in 1992, Sega released arcade and Mega Drive versions. It became an explosive hit due to its simple and easy-to-understand game system, cute characters, and gameplay that introduced a competitive format for the first time in a falling object action puzzle game. Since then, it has been released as a standard action puzzle game on various game consoles, mobile phones, and smartphones, and continues to be played by a wide range of people regardless of age. In March 2018, it became an official title of JeSU (Japan E-Sports Union), and professional players have also been born. The e-sports scene is also booming, and many competitions are currently being held.
-About Apple Arcade-
Apple Arcade starts with a one-month free trial, and after that you can enjoy it for 900 yen per month.
Play over 200 games without limits, no ads or additional charges. Play online or offline on your favorite Apple devices.
In addition, with Apple One, you can use four subscriptions including Apple Arcade, iCloud+, Apple TV+, and Apple Music at once for a monthly fee (1,200 yen/month for individuals, 1,980 yen/month for families). You can also use up to 200GB of iCloud+ storage for your convenience. With the Family Plan, you can invite up to five family members and keep everyone private on all their devices.
【Product Summary】
Product name: Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop
Platform: Apple Arcade (*Subscription service required)
Compatible models: iPhone(R), iPad(R), Mac(R), Apple TV(R) compatible with Apple Arcade
Distribution date: Scheduled to be distributed on Thursday, April 4, 2024 Distribution area: More than 150 countries around the world
language :
Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Audio: Japanese, English
price :
Apple Arcade usage fee (900 yen per month)
*Apple Arcade has a 1-month free trial.
*If you subscribe to Apple One, you can enjoy Apple Arcade at no additional charge.
*There are no paid elements in the game.
Genre: Action puzzle
Copyright notice: (C)SEGA
App Store:
Official website:
Official X (old Twitter):
others :
Content such as the story and playable characters in this work’s “Adventure” will be added in future updates.
■Company names and product names listed are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.
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