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Home » PSJ Corporation Nemophila will be in full bloom from the opening day this year! “Nemophila Festival 2024” & “Kitchen Car Festival in Maishima” will finally be held at Osaka Maishima Seaside Park from April 6th (Saturday)!

PSJ Corporation Nemophila will be in full bloom from the opening day this year! “Nemophila Festival 2024” & “Kitchen Car Festival in Maishima” will finally be held at Osaka Maishima Seaside Park from April 6th (Saturday)!

PSJ Corporation Co., Ltd.
Nemophila will be in full bloom this year from the opening day! “Nemophila Festival 2024” & “Kitchen Car Festival in Maishima” will finally be held at Osaka Maishima Seaside Park from April 6th (Saturday)!
~ “Nemo Nyan Shop” has been renewed and new products are appearing one after another ~
PSJ Corporation Co., Ltd. (Representative: Toru Okumura, Headquarters: Kawachinagano City, Osaka Prefecture) will be operating Osaka Maishima Seaside Park from April 6th (Saturday) to May 6th (Monday/holiday), 2024. “Nemophila Festival 2024” and “Kitchen Car Festival in Maishima” will be held simultaneously. Prior to the opening of the park, we would like to inform you that it has been decided that the shop in the park, “Nemonyan Shop”, will be renovated and new products will be on sale.
[Image 1:×2601.jpg] Osaka Maishima Seaside Park (Photographed in 2022)
The “Nemophila Festival” is held in Maishima, which is located next to Yumeshima, the site of the Osaka Expo, where you can see the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in the distance, feel the pleasant sea breeze, and admire the Nemophila blooming on a vast site of approximately 44,000 square meters. It’s a big spring event. Held from April to May, when nemophila are at their peak, the harmony of the nemophila, which dyes the entire hill blue, the vast ocean of Osaka Bay, and the clear blue sky, is a spectacular view that you’ll definitely want to capture in photos. Last year, it was held for about a month and attracted 230,000 visitors.
Due to changes in planting methods and the effects of a warm winter, this year’s nemophila are growing larger than usual, and it is expected that they will be in full bloom by April 6th (Saturday), the opening day. This is an event where you can enjoy Nemophila in full bloom from the opening day, so please come early.
Additionally, this year we will be holding long hours until sunset, limited to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Illuminated by the Maishima sunset, which has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Best Sunsets*, you can enjoy the magical glow of nemophila that is different from the daytime. Additionally, for the first time, the “Kitchen Car Festival in Maishima” will be held simultaneously within the park. Approximately 15 food trucks from all over the country will gather to enjoy a variety of gourmet food.
*Japan’s famous sunset spots selected by the NPO Japan Sunset and Sunrise Village Development Association
Furthermore, this year we will be renovating the “Nemonyan Shop” in the park, and will be expanding our selection of original goods and souvenirs featuring the character “Nemonyan”. Many new products will be introduced, including acrylic key chains, stationery series, confetti and rakugan.
[Many new products have arrived at “Nemonyan Shop”! ]
[Image 2:×717.jpg]
[Image 3:×2700.jpg]
[Image 4:×2709.jpg]

“Nemo Nyan Shop” has been renewed! We have many original goods and souvenirs available.
This year, the “Nemonyan Shop” in the park will be renovated to include an expanded selection of original goods and souvenirs featuring the character “Nemonyan.” In addition to popular products such as the blue soft-serve ice cream “Blue Eye,” “Nemophila Honey” collected by bees from nemophila in the park, “Nemon Nyan’s Baby Castella,” and Nemo Nyan stuffed animals, we also have new acrylic key chains, stationery series, Goods such as konpeito and rakugan will be available.
[Image 5:×717.jpg] -New products at “Nemonyan Shop”-
■“Nemonyan acrylic key chain” (tax included price: 550 yen)
A new Nemonyan acrylic keychain has been released. This is a cute die-cut keychain with Nemo-nyan printed on transparent acrylic. We have three designs of Nemo Nyan in different poses, so you can attach it to your bag or pouch and go out with Nemo Nyan anytime.
[Image 6:×2616.jpg] ■“Nemo Nyan Kitchen Sponge” (Price including tax: 250 yen)
Introducing Nemonyan Kitchen Sponge. There are two types: one with Nemo-nyan’s face shape and one with blue eyes. The kitchen sponge, which can be used for everyday dishwashing, is palm-sized and easy to hold, and is cut into the shape of a cat. The cute design makes it perfect as a souvenir to give away.
[Image 7:×900.jpg] ■“Nemo Nyan Purse” (Price including tax: Large 400 yen/Small 300 yen) A purse with an illustration of Nemo Nyan. Available in two designs and two sizes, large and small, the larger size is recommended for children’s school lunch bags and for commuting to kindergarten or school. The small size is perfect for storing small items and organizing the contents of your bag. This small drawstring bag with cute nemophila flowers printed on it is the perfect size to hold cosmetics such as lipstick or sweets.
[Image 8:×2709.jpg] ■“Konpeito/Rakugan” (Price including tax: 1,200 yen)
No. 1 recommended souvenir that you should definitely buy. This sweet is a collaboration between UCHU wagashi (, which manufactures and sells Japanese sweets in Kyoto, and Nemonyan. UCHU wagashi’s rakugan is carefully created from the wooden mold of the rakugan, and each one is carefully handmade by craftsmen. This time, for the Nemophila Festival only, we had wooden molds of Nemo-nyan, Nemophila flowers, and a butterfly made to complete the rakugan. Underneath the rakugan made with wasanbon sugar, which has a gentle sweetness that melts in your mouth, the blue confetti of Nemophila is brightly colored.
[Image 9:×800.jpg] ■“Blue Macaron” (Price including tax: 1,200 yen)
Macarons are a popular souvenir that has a luxurious feel and is a pleasure to receive. Introducing an eye-catching blue macaron. These macarons have a gentle sweetness and are made with salted
vanilla-flavored cream sandwiched between fragrant and crispy dough made from domestic barley. The blue macaroons have a beautiful color and are inspired by nemophila, making them perfect as souvenirs. The package also uses a photo of a nemophila field, which makes you imagine the blue nemophila blooming in Seaside Park.
[Image 10:×900.jpg] ■“Maishima Honey Baumkuchen” (Price including tax: 950 yen for 12 pieces / 500 yen for 6 pieces)
No. 1 in attention. New sweets have been released that use the rare honey “Maishima Honey” extracted from nemophila flowers. A new product that uses Maishima Honey, which is collected from the Nemophila flowers blooming at Osaka Maishima Seaside Park at the peak of their blooming. “Maishima honey” is a rare honey that can only be harvested from April to May, and is characterized by its gorgeous aroma and refreshing sweetness. It goes perfectly with mini-sized Baumkuchen, which is carefully baked layer by layer.
-Introducing Nemophila Festival 2024-
What is nemophila?
[Image 11:×200.png ]
Nemophila is an annual plant native to North America, whose Japanese name is Rurikarakusa, and it blooms with beautiful flowers that look like the blue sky. The plant is about 20 cm tall, finely branched, and spreads horizontally, producing beautiful flowers that resemble the blue sky. The blue landscape of Nemophila blooming as if connected to the sky and the sea has become a hot topic on social media, especially among young people, as it looks photogenic and Instagrammable. Collaboration zone of seasonal flowers and nemophila
At the beginning of the event, we will set up a collaboration zone with nemophila and cherry blossoms and tulips, which are at their best in spring. You can enjoy a completely different scenery from the blue nemophila fields.
[Image 12:×2700.jpg] Sakura collaboration zone (image)
[Image 13:×1280.jpg] Tulip collaboration zone

Don’t miss the Nemophila shining in the setting sun!
On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the event period, we will have long hours (9:00-18:30 *Last entry 18:00). Please enjoy the spectacular collaboration between the setting sun setting on the horizon and the orange-lit nemophila shining purple.
[Image 14:×1800.jpg]
[Image 15:×2700.jpg]

Popular kitchen cars gather!
[Image 16:×2925.jpg] This year, we will be holding the “Kitchen Car Festival in Maishima” at the same time, where popular kitchen car stores will gather in Maishima. In addition to the standard fried chicken and yakisoba, a variety of food trucks will be on hand to serve the most popular kebabs, wagyu beef skewers, waffle fries, and sweets.
[Image 17:×396.png ]

Many fun events will be held and a new pet street will be established. A cosplay event will be held on the pre-opening day on Friday, April 5th. Please enjoy cosplay photography against the fantastic blue background of nemophila. Also, during the event, the first 10,000 elementary and junior high school children who attend will receive a paper Nemo Nyan sun visor. Additionally, there will be a “Birthday Service” where those who celebrate their birthday during the event will receive free admission. On Children’s Day, May 5th, we will offer free admission for children (elementary and junior high school students).
[Image 18:×427.jpg] Additionally, we have created a new “Pet Street” where you can walk with your pet in a limited area within the park. Please enjoy the Nemophila Festival with your pets.
*Pets can only be admitted in cages or carts (no rentals available) Photo print & Instagram photo contest held!
[Image 19:×938.jpg] Nemophila Festival 2023 Instagram Photo Contest Grand Prize Entry With the theme of “Photos that convey the charm of Nemophila Festival 2024,” we will take photos of flowers, scenery, snapshots, etc. in the park, and winners will receive cash prizes and luxury products. [Photo contest overview]
Theme: Photos that convey the charm of Nemophila Festival 2024 at Osaka Maishima Seaside Park
Shooting period: April 6, 2024 (Sat) to May 6, 2024 (Monday, holiday) 1. Photo print section
1 grand prize winner, 100,000 yen prize money / 3 special winners, 30,000 yen prize money / 5 Nemophila Festival Prize winners, 10,000 yen prize money
Application period: Must arrive by Friday, May 31, 2024
2. Instagram section
Grand Prize for 1 person, 50,000 yen gift certificate / Nemonyan Prize for 3 people, 10,000 yen gift certificate /
Wonderful prize for 5 people and 5,000 yen gift certificate
Application period: Until Sunday, May 12, 2024.
Check the flowering status on the official Instagram!
[Image 20:×846.png ]
Official homepage
The latest information and nemophila flowering status will be updated regularly on Osaka Maishima Seaside Park’s official Instagram and homepage, so please be sure to check it out.
●Official Instagram:
●Official homepage:
-Overview of “Nemophila Festival 2024”-
Business period: April 6, 2024 (Sat) – May 6, 2024 (Monday, holiday) *Pre-opening on Friday, April 5th (media preview/cosplay event) Business hours: [Weekdays] 10:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30)
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 9:00 to 18:30 (last entry 18:00) *Closed at 17:00 on the last day, May 6th
Admission fee (tax included): Adults/1,500 yen (Groups/1,000 yen on weekdays, 1,300 yen on weekends and holidays)
       Elementary and junior high school students/500 yen
      Preschool children/Free

         *If you are a person with a disability, please present your disability certificate or Mirairo ID to the counter.
500 yen for up to 1 accompanying person.
Location: Osaka Maishima Seaside Park, Hokko Ryokuchi 2-chome, Konohana-ku, Osaka 554-0042
Scale area: 44,000 square meters
Contact: TEL 06-4804-5828
●About 5 minutes from the Wangan Maishima exit of Hanshin Expressway No. 5 Wangan Line
●National Route 43: Proceed west from Baika intersection for about 15 minutes ●Approximately 5 minutes from the Nanko (Sakishima) direction after passing through the Yumesaki Tunnel
Parking lot: 1,800 spaces (Weekdays 9:00-17:30/Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 8:00-19:00 *Until 17:30 on 5/6)
Regular car 1,000 yen/unit, medium/large car 2,000 yen/unit
Motorcycles/bicycles Free *Please use the dedicated parking space. 【train】
●JR Yumesaki Line, get off at Sakurajima Station, Hokko Kanko Bus, Maishima Active Bus, get off at “Hotel Lodge Maishima-mae”
●Osaka Metro Chuo Line Cosmo Square Station, Hokko Sightseeing Bus Cosmo Dream Line
Get off at “Hotel Lodge Maishimae”
[Image 21:×510.png ]

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