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Japan Goalball Association (JGBA) Signed official gold partner agreement with Alfresa Co., Ltd.

[Japan Goalball Association (JGBA)] Signed official gold partner agreement with Alfresa Co., Ltd.

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Signed official gold partner agreement with Alfresa Co., Ltd. The Japan Goalball Association (Chairman: Michiko Kajimoto, Adachi-ku, Tokyo), which will celebrate its 30th anniversary since the start of its activities in 2024, is a member of Alfresa Co., Ltd.
(Representative Director and President: Fukugami).
We would like to inform you that we have concluded an official gold partner agreement with Yusuke (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).

*About Alfresa Co., Ltd.*
Alfresa Co., Ltd., as a social infrastructure that distributes life-related products such as pharmaceuticals, delivers “safe, secure, and high quality” pharmaceuticals needed by medical institutions and patients, and utilizes digital tools. We are working on multifaceted initiatives to solve social issues, such as supporting efficiency improvements in medical settings.

【Company name】
Alfresa Co., Ltd.
August 1949
7, Kanda Mitoyocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (101-8512)
Representative Director and President Yusuke Fukugami
[Business details]
Wholesale sales of medical drugs, medical equipment, medical testing reagents, nursing care products, health foods, over-the-counter drugs, etc.

* -Message from Yusuke Fukugami, President and CEO of Alfresa Co., Ltd.-* From April 1, 2024, Alfresa Co., Ltd. will become an official gold partner with the Japan Goalball Association, and will continue to support the popularization of goalball and the Japanese national team “Orion JAPAN.”
Goalball, which can be enjoyed by people with or without visual impairments, is a universal sport that can connect people of all kinds living in diverse environments. As a company that plays a role in “connecting” logistics, information, and local communities related to health, we would like to support them, so we decided to become an official gold partner. In 2024, the Paris Paralympic Games will be held, and we will support Orion JAPAN, where both men and women are scheduled to participate. In the future, with the cooperation of the Japan Goalball Association, we will also focus on employee development by creating opportunities for in-house networking and training through competitions. We will do our best to contribute to the spread of the sport and the development of the Japan Goalball Association in the future.

* -Message from Michiko Kajimoto, President of the Japan Goalball Association-* We are very happy to have concluded an official gold partner agreement with Alfresa Co., Ltd. Alfresa continues to contribute to people’s healthy lives by leveraging connections. Our association believes that connecting people through goalball, regardless of disability, cultural or religious differences, will lead to a cohesive society. We are very encouraged by the support we receive from Alfresa, who share the same thoughts.

* -Message from Koichi Ichikawa, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Japan Goalball Association-*
We are very happy to be able to conclude an Official Gold Partner Agreement with Alfresa on the 30th anniversary of our association’s activities. 2024 is the 30th anniversary of our association, and is also the year in which the Paralympic Games will be held. With the encouragement and support of Alfresa, we will strive to further improve our competitiveness.

*About the Japan Goalball Association*
The basic philosophy of the Japan Goalball Association is to contribute to the realization of a cohesive society (normalized society) by creating opportunities for people to interact with each other regardless of their disabilities and participate in sports and cultural activities through goalball competitions. Japan’s Central Sports Federation (National Sports Federation) for goalball
Federation/NF). In addition to strengthening Japan’s goalball national team “Orion JAPAN” and sending them to international competitions, we are active throughout Japan, including promoting goalball through trial sessions and lectures, hosting and cooperating with
competitions, and training coaches and referees. doing.

【Formal name】
Japan Goalball Association
May 5, 1994
[Corporate approval]
March 22, 2015
4-22-10-103 Ayase, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Michiko Kajimoto
[Business details]
・Holding and cooperating with goalball tournaments
・Holding training camps for the Japanese national goalball team ・Dispatch of the Japanese goalball team to international tournaments ・Training and dispatching goalball referees
・Goalball technique training course, instructor training course ・Information collection, provision, and research publicity
・Work incidental to the above (public relations, marketing, etc.)

* [Contact information] *
Japan Goalball Association Public Relations and Marketing Department 4-22-10-103 Ayase, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0005
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