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Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Launch of “Kotokurie Social Co-development Project” (Newsletter)

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
“Kotokuri Social Co-Education Project” launched (Newsletter) ■Aiming to develop our own co-educational curriculum for children and students ……
On April 1, 2024, Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, President: Keiichi Yoshii) will open a training facility for elementary school students to graduate students, based at the training facility “Daiwa House Group Future Value Co-Creation Center” (nickname: Kotokurie). We are launching the “Kotokuri Social Co-Education Project,” which aims to develop our own co-education curriculum targeting the following.
At our company, we provide experiential learning programs for elementary school students so that the children who will be
responsible for the future become human resources who can co-create with diverse people regardless of their age or position, in order to realize their “future dreams” (purpose). Kotocrier is conducting inquiry learning classes with high school students.
Now, together with Associate Professor Hidemasa Ishii of Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Education, who has deep knowledge of curriculum, classes, evaluation, teacher education, etc., we aim to develop our own co-educational curriculum for students ranging from elementary school students to graduate students. We will launch the “Kotokuri Social Co-Education Project”.
From July 2024, the “Kotokuri Social Co-Education Project” will be aimed at children and students in Nara Prefecture, using our know-how to offer courses on “housing” and “lifestyle,” to our group companies, companies in other industries, and research. We will offer courses to learn together with institutions. These courses will be held for three years, and by verifying their results and effectiveness, we will develop a new curriculum.
Going forward, our company will continue to operate “Kotokurie” as a place where all generations can learn, think, and grow together, and together with society, cultivate human resources who can co-create value for the future (future value co-creation human resources). ●Comment from joint developer Eima Ishii, associate professor, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University
As school education is being questioned, with the number of children not attending school reaching approximately 300,000, we are providing learning opportunities that go beyond the traditional framework of schools through enrichment of learning opportunities outside of school and industry-academia collaboration. has become an issue. The “Kotokuri Social Co-Education Project” is a program that responds to the “want-to”s of participants who want to pursue and experience more of what they like and want to do. Children and adults who are learning, as well as the people who support them, gather in a place called Kotokurie to learn from each other. Beyond co-education and co-creation, there is a third connection that is not at home, school, or work. I hope that third place) will continue to expand.
●Activities planned for 2024
1. Daiwa House Group “Construction College”
This curriculum is aimed at university students, technical college students, and vocational school students who are thinking about their future career paths. Our group’s technical employees will talk to students about the fun and rewarding nature of their work. Through interactions with employees, we will help students learn about the appeal of the construction industry and provide learning
2. “Junior Kotokurie College (Summer Vacation Course)”
“Junior Kotokurie College” is a public course that has been held mainly for elementary school students in Nara Prefecture since 2023. We arouse children’s desire to learn and their curiosity, develop their ability to think for themselves, and cultivate their ability to survive in the future.
In fiscal 2023, we invited experts from outside the company as lecturers and held the seminars under five themes: “Economy,” “Science,” “Biology/Nature,” “History,” and “Art.”
Now, we are newly establishing “Junior Kotokurie College (Summer Vacation Course)” as a course that uses our unique curriculum. With the theme of “houses, residences, and lifestyles,” students learn about manufacturing and the concept of SDGs by talking with employees involved in home construction, touring facilities, and planning the “ideal home they want to live in.” Masu.
●Kotokurie’s main co-education activities to date
[Image 1:×190.jpg] 1. Nara work festival
Based on the concept of “Let’s explore the appeal of work and expand our world,” children act as reporters, covering companies and organizations to find out what kind of work supports society, and discovering things they didn’t know before. This is an event to cultivate your perspective and expand your world.

2. High school student inquiry learning support activities
[Image 2:×226.jpg] This is a learning support program that has been implemented with Nara Women’s University Secondary Education School since 2021. This is an activity that promotes learning in which students can set and explore issues while our employees interact with students and learn from each other based on their professional experience and perspective on the theme of “house building and town development.”

●About “Daiwa House Group Future Value Co-Creation Center”
[Image 3:×225.jpg] Address: 4-1-1 Nishikujocho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Total floor area: 17,048.07 square meters
Site area: 18,251.37 square meters
Number of floors: 4 floors above ground
Nickname: Kotokurie
Opening: October 1, 2021
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