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Home » Ai Komuten Co., Ltd. House manufacturer Ai Komuten will open a new pavilion “Model House” at Kidzania Kosh ien from March 27th and hold an opening ceremony.

Ai Komuten Co., Ltd. House manufacturer Ai Komuten will open a new pavilion “Model House” at Kidzania Kosh ien from March 27th and hold an opening ceremony.

Ai Construction Co., Ltd.
House builder Ai Komuten will open a new pavilion “Model House” at Kidzania Koshien on March 27th and hold an opening ceremony. ……
KCJ GROUP Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Michinari Marutani) is a company that handles freely designed wooden houses. A new pavilion, “Model House,” will open today, March 27th, at Kidzania Koshien (Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture), a children’s vocational and social experience facility planned and operated by KCJ GROUP (KCJ GROUP), with AI Construction as an official partner. I will let you know what I have done. Additionally, on the same day, an opening ceremony was held at Kidzania Koshien prior to the opening of the new pavilion.
[Image 1:×744.jpg] Opening ceremony scene
In this pavilion, children learn about the structure of a house and insulation, which is essential for building a house, as
“carpenters”, and then build walls, kitchen floors, and living rooms according to requests (construction drawings) received from home builders. Install furniture and other items to complete the model house.
Our company and KCJ GROUP hope that through the experience at this pavilion, children will learn that carpentry is a job that makes people’s lives happy, and that they can use ingenuity such as insulation to build homes that are safe and comfortable. I hope that people will be interested in what is being done and how things are made.
[Image 2:×433.jpg]
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[Image 4:×419.jpg] ■Greetings from Hitoshi Tsujitani, Director and Managing Executive Officer of Ai Construction Co., Ltd.
“As Kidzania believes, the future of Japan depends on the growth of children.As a company that plays a role in the local community, we believe that housing companies must contribute to the local community. We would like Ai Komuten to exist as a company that supports the growth of children.
We hope that the children who experience carpentry in the new pavilion “Model House” will become interested in the housing industry. ” ■Opening Ceremony Event Overview
Date and time: March 27, 2024 (Wednesday) 16:00-16:45
Location: Kidzania Koshien (LaLaport Koshien, 1-100 Koshien
Hachibancho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture)
Speaker: Hitoshi Tsujitani, Director and Managing Executive Officer, Ai Construction Co., Ltd.
OWNDAYS Co., Ltd. Representative Director Shuji Tanaka
Mr. Masaaki Oshima, General Manager, Image Entertainment Entertainment Division, Sony Corporation
KCJ Group Co., Ltd. President and CEO Michinari Entani
Contents: Greetings from speakers, uniform presentation, ribbon cutting, photo session, representative questions
★Pavilion overview
[Image 5:×322.jpg] Pavilion name: Model house
Occupation name: carpenter
Capacity: 4 people/time
Time required: Approximately 30 minutes
Salary: 8 kidzos
Deliverable: Major
Experience content: With the theme of learning through experience, participants will learn about house structure and insulation as a carpenter, and create houses where residents can live safely and comfortably. I also hope that the experience of building a house will be an opportunity to reconsider the way families should be.
Sponsor: Ai Construction Co., Ltd.
■About KCJ GROUP/Kidzania Japan
KCJ GROUP is a vocational and social experience facility for children between the ages of 3 and 15, including Kidzania Tokyo (opened in October 2006), Kidzania Koshien (opened in March 2009), and Kidzania Fukuoka (opened in July 2022). )” is planned and operated. “Kidzania” is a cityscape about 2/3 the size of the real world, lined with pavilions where real companies exhibit, and you can experience a variety of jobs and services. Kidzania’s concept is “edutainment,” which combines “education” and “entertainment.” It is a
“child-centered city” where children can try their hand at jobs they like and learn about the workings of society while having fun.
[Image 6:×53.png ]
■Company overview
Ai Construction Co., Ltd.
Etoile Shinsaibashi 9F, 1-9-17 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka HP: