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Home » The Grand Prix of the NOVUS FUTURE DESIGN AWARD, a practical award that works with Shibuya City and partner companies, has been decided.

The Grand Prix of the NOVUS FUTURE DESIGN AWARD, a practical award that works with Shibuya City and partner companies, has been decided.

Axis Consulting Co., Ltd.
The Grand Prix of the NOVUS FUTURE DESIGN AWARD, a practical award that works with Shibuya City and partner companies, has been decided. Two teams won the “Compass Share Award”
“NOVUS FUTURE DESIGN” will be held at “SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA2023” (hereinafter referred to as “SIW”) sponsored by Shibuya Mirai Design, a general incorporated association in which Axis Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / President and CEO: Yukihiro Yamao) is a partner. A final judging session was held for the ideas solicited through “AWARD” (hereinafter referred to as NFDA). Our company’s “Compass Share Award” was awarded to “Ronbun, Advertising Mimicry Project” and “Retro Shibuya Map.” In the future, we will aim to commercialize the winning ideas through the support of consultants through the spot consulting service “Compass Share.”
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] At the final judging, nine judges with a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience from a variety of industries reviewed the documents, and the remaining 10 teams judged the presentations.The winners of each award were recognized. did. Continuing from last year, this year too, high school and university students participated in the final judging and won the award. The grand prize went to the “Longbun, Advertising and Mimicry” project of “Academimic,” a creative label that promotes the fusion of research and pop culture. Fumitaka Ito, Managing Director of the Company, attended the review meeting and stated the following. “Many young people, including high school and university students, participated, and I was impressed by the unique ideas, enthusiasm, and insight of everyone who took the stage.The Compass Share Award for the “Ronbun, Mimicry in
Advertising” project and the Retro Shibuya Map We will provide Compass Share. Professional consultants will act as advisors and will support you in realizing and implementing your ideas.”
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Our Managing Director Ito (second from left) who served as a judge with the Compass Share Award winning team
We will continue to support the creation of new value and the realization of ideas for the plans and creative actions born out of the NFDA, and will continue to aim for a society in which all people can live happily and work actively. We will take various initiatives to achieve this goal.
Grand Prize, Compass Share Award: “Ronbun, Mimicry in Advertising” Project Junya Asai
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] Academicimic is a creative label that promotes the fusion of research and pop culture. I express the emotional imagination born from my research in various media such as novels, music, and video works, creating new experiences between fiction and nonfiction. For this award, we proposed the project “Ronbun, Mimicry in Advertising,” which involves displaying works with the motif of academic papers in advertising spaces in the pop culture symbol “Shibuya.” We will work with researchers, creators, companies, and Shibuya City to create a new experience that will lead you to a paper by following cute and cool artwork around town. Through new research outputs, we hope to make the city of Shibuya itself a major academia media in the future, on a par with nature and science.
Award comment
I was very particular about Shibuya, and I am very happy to receive the grand prize of this award, which allows me to implement it on a large scale in Shibuya. Scientific research has a somewhat rigid image, but with the support of Shibuya’s brand and power, I would like to aim for science that starts with “This sounds great!”. Thank you very much!
“Super Experience”: AI ATTENDANT ~Supporting local and attractive cities from building an ICT platform~ Miyu Uchino, Takuya Shimano
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] From the formation of ICT platforms, we propose an individual-centered economic zone that makes it easier to realize the aspirations of local facilities, companies, hotels, restaurants, and individuals as “challenges”, community formation, and a DAO-like city.
One such tool, AI ATENNDANT, is a signage service that uses AI characters to provide local information tailored to each visitor to Japan in multiple languages. For example, if local players own them, each store can act like a tourist information center, conveying its attractions, increasing visitor length of stay, and creating touch points between locals and visitors. I am assuming that you will. Award comment
Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity. The word “super experience” is perfect because the proposal crossed multiple fields: ICT (technology), the future of sustainable cities (urban design), and city management with a global perspective (tourism). I feel that it is. The culture, technology, uniqueness, and charm that a region has built up is postponed due to lack of personnel, being closed (difficult for young people to enter), and aging, resulting in the status quo being maintained and declining as action cannot be taken. I want to continue taking action because I love this city, and because there is still so much I can do. I will continue to do my best!
“Super welfare”: Bridge Heart ~ A platform that connects parents of hearing-impaired children and role models ~ Yuri Ikeda
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] There are various gradations of “hearing impairment”.
Bridge Heart makes it easy to connect with people in similar environments from a variety of gradations.
In particular, parents who have just been diagnosed with hearing loss in their child and who are worried about the future or feel lonely and unable to talk to anyone can be connected with parents in similar circumstances and given a variety of options. I will show you that there is.
Award comment
I am very honored to receive the Super Welfare Award! This idea was created with the idea of ​​conveying the idea that the possibilities are limitless because you have a hearing impairment. With the help of Shibuya City and our partner companies, we would like to expand our circle of connections and step by step create a society where people can live their lives in their own way, even though they have hearing impairments!
“Super Tourism”, Compass Share Award: Retro Shibuya Map, Yuuji Kamei, Ryo Amma
[Image 6:×2600.jpg] Since Shibuya is currently undergoing major changes, there were essential improvements to buildings and plots in the past. Even amidst all the changes, there are some places that remain the same. We will focus on such “retro” places in Shibuya and create a course where you can feel the history of Shibuya. Furthermore, QR codes will be installed in places where you can feel the history of Shibuya, allowing you to experience the changes in Shibuya with old photos and maps. We propose new tourism from a historical perspective.
Award comment
Thank you very much for receiving this award. It was a very valuable experience for us, who are still high school students, to have adults listen intently to our inexperienced presentations. It’s a bit strange to see an idea that was only in our heads become a reality, but at the same time it’s very gratifying. Also, it was a great benefit for me to meet people who are actually working in the fields that I am interested in. Thank you very much for your time.
“Super Urban Design”: Oasis Shibuya Miyu Uchino, Juri Kusakari, Daiki Suzuki, Takaharu Kanaya
[Image 7:×2600.jpg] “Oasis Shibuya” ~Creating Win-Win-Win for the community from trash~ This is a community-based project set in Shibuya. Our goal is to create a public space that serves as a base for connecting the city and its people, and not only solve the garbage problem, but also utilize the city’s garbage, which is one of Shibuya’s major issues. The goal is to create a space that enhances the appeal of the area. We will propose a new model of sustainable urban development from Shibuya to the world.
Award comment
Thank you very much for the Super Urban Design Award. On a holiday morning, when we picked up trash in the quiet streets of Shibuya, we saw firsthand how the streets of Shibuya that we were casually walking were being supported by volunteers. It has been engraved in our hearts as something more than “picking up trash,” and we have proposed this idea based on this idea. We hope that through this plan we can contribute to making Shibuya an even more attractive place.
“Super Future”: 2084 Kohei Michie, Shoya Ishiguro, Koki Komatsu
[Image 8:×2600.jpg] We propose “Digital Agile” as a new urban design method in the era of big data. In the future, information about people will be collected by little brothers, wearable devices, and through them we will be under constant mutual surveillance. As a result, deviant behavior
disappeared from the city, and people’s behavior was thoroughly standardized. Digital Agile is a space where “information cannot be collected” with the aim of liberating such cities.
Award comment
It is a great honor to receive this prestigious award. Recently, a smart city project in a certain country was criticized by human rights groups for increasing government surveillance of public spaces and forcing people to make “smart” choices. Even if it is not as obvious as that example, those of us who continue to live in cities must consider the possibility that appropriate behavior and appearance in urban spaces may be tacitly defined by technology. I don’t think so. ■Comments from screening partners
Fellows Co., Ltd. Assistant Manager Sho Ogawa
I listened to all the ideas with great interest. Of course, I was impressed by the quality of the individual ideas, but what was even more impressive was the fact that there were already conversations happening here and there that seemed to be creating collaboration and synergy between the respective teams at the venue, and it was even more amazing to see how the creators’ I was even more motivated as I was responsible for connecting people with each other. Thank you everyone!
■NOVUS FUTURE DESIGN AWARD 2023 implementation overview
Recruitment period: November 9, 2023 (Thursday) – February 5, 2024 (Monday) First screening: February 19th (Monday) to March 1st (Friday), 2024 *Document screening
Final Judging: Saturday, March 23, 2024
Judging method: Voting by judges
Awards: Grand Prize 1 million yen / Category Award 100,000 yen / Axis Consulting Compass Share Award
Special category: Super Shibuya Story
Sponsor: Shibuya Mirai Design General Incorporated Association Partners: Axis Consulting Co., Ltd., Shibuya City Tourism Association, Simeji (Baidu Corporation), Fellows Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: SHIBUYA QWS
Official website: ■About Shibuya Mirai Design General Incorporated Association (
Based on diversity and inclusion, Shibuya Mirai Design collects the ideas and talents of the diverse people who live, work, study, and visit Shibuya, across disciplines, and contributes to society through open innovation. It is an industry-government-academia-private collaboration organization that designs solutions and possibilities for global issues. By presenting Shibuya to the world as a new possibility for urban life, we aim to lead to the sustainable development of not only Shibuya Ward but society as a whole. ■About “Compass Share” ( “Compass Share” is a service that supports corporations nationwide who are facing management issues and operational concerns to utilize the knowledge and operation of excellent human resources. The experience and knowledge of third parties can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including wall-to-wall management consultation, document creation, and training. Registered are people who are employed at consulting companies or have experience in consulting work, including people with experience as strategic consultants, business planning, and IT consultants.
■About Axis Consulting Co., Ltd.
Based on our corporate philosophy of “Let people thrive, make the most of their potential.” As a “partner in solving problems and creating value” for all companies and organizations, we offer a comprehensive range of services including full-time recruitment, free consulting, and spot consulting. . At the same time, we are promoting the creation of a society in which the value of high-end human resources such as consultants is shared and circulated in all organizations, while providing each worker with flexible work styles, autonomous career development, and expanded opportunities for success. I’ll go.
Established: April 2002
Capital: 758 million yen
Business content: Human capital business that provides complex services of human resource introduction and skill sharing in the high-end human resources field.
Number of employees: Non-consolidated 107* Consolidated 122 (as of the end of December 2023) *Includes employees seconded to group companies Bases: Tokyo head office, Osaka office
Group company: Cambridge Research Institute Co., Ltd.
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