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Former NBA executive Greg Stolt joins Realeague as senior vice president

Realeague Limited
Former NBA executive Greg Stolt joins Realeague as senior vice president Lead basketball operations
Realeague today announced that Greg Stolt will join the executive team as Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations. He has spent more than 15 years in the NBA, primarily contributing to the development of basketball in East and South Asia.
[Image:×2600.jpg] Realeague is planning a new basketball tournament in the East Asia region, and held the Global Sports Business Summit in Macau last month. Stolt’s addition is an important step towards Realeague’s commitment to hosting new competitions in the near future.
Mr. Stolt, an American citizen, has expertise in the international basketball world, having started his career as a professional basketball player and later served as Vice President of Basketball Operations in the NBA.
In the NBA, he played a central role in formulating strategies to popularize basketball in China and other Asian countries, and supported the development of basketball from the grassroots to the elite level while collaborating with key stakeholders such as the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). I’m here.
He has planned and executed over 300 basketball programs and events for the NBA. Particularly in China, he launched the “NBA Academy” and led the “NBA Basketball School” project in Haikou City, Hainan Province. This is the only basketball facility in the world that is directly operated by the NBA.
As a professional basketball player, he played in various leagues in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Australia from 1999 to 2006. In Japan, he played for Niigata Albirex BB and Matsushita Electric Panasonic Super Kangaroos (at that time) for a total of two seasons. I also speak Japanese.
At Realeague, we will draw on our extensive experience to manage preparations for the new tournament, as well as build relationships with national basketball governing bodies, federations, leagues, and teams.
“We are thrilled to welcome Greg Stolt to the team,” said Jay Lee, Founder and CEO of Realeague.
“I have known Mr. Stolt for over 10 years, and his knowledge and passion for basketball aligns with Realeague’s vision. With him at the helm of basketball operations, we will continue to grow this professional basketball tournament in East Asia. I am confident that we will take it to new heights.”
Greg Stolt said: “I’m honored to join Jay Lee and his Realeague team and embark on this journey to create a new competition in Asia, a region I feel very attached to. “I think so,” he continued, “I think so.”
“Realeague is a great opportunity to support the development of basketball in Asia. It takes a huge team effort to create a product that spans regions, and Realeague has great, experienced people who can pull it off. They are gathering.”
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■Greg Stolt Biography
1999 Graduated from University of Florida (Florida, USA)
1999-2006: Played as a professional basketball player in Asia, Central and South America, Europe, and Australia.
(2002-2003 Niigata Albirex BB)
(2004-2005 Matsushita Electric Panasonic Super Kangaroos)
2009-2012 NBA Director of Basketball Operations
2012-2023 NBA China Vice President of Basketball Operations
■About Realeague
Founded in Hong Kong in 2023, Realeague is planning a new professional basketball tournament in the East Asia region that will include teams from Greater China, Japan, South Korea and Mongolia.
In February 2024, the Greater Bay Area International Sports Business Summit will be held for the first time in Macau. More than 500 speakers and guests from around the world gathered, including Joe Tsai, chairman of Alibaba and owner of the NBA Brooklyn Nets, Ann-Sophie Boomer, managing director of IOC Television & Marketing Services, and the Chinese Basketball Association. Chairman Yao Ming, NBA legend and Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade, and others took to the stage.
Realeague receives investment from the Greater Bay Area Fund of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, managed by Gobi GBA.
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