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Home » neuet Cycle-sharing service “Charichari” concludes comprehensive partnership agreement with Kumamoto Prefe cture regarding cycle-sharing business

neuet Cycle-sharing service “Charichari” concludes comprehensive partnership agreement with Kumamoto Prefe cture regarding cycle-sharing business

Cycle-sharing service “Charichari” concludes comprehensive partnership agreement with Kumamoto Prefecture regarding cycle-sharing business Aiming for revitalization and sustainable development of local communities through collaboration with Kumamoto Prefecture
Neuet Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Representative Director: Kentaro Iemoto, hereinafter referred to as “neuet”), which operates the bicycle sharing service “Charichari”, is pleased to announce that it has concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Kumamoto Prefecture. .
[Image 1:×2400.jpg] As a public means of transportation, Charichari aims to grow while being close to the local community. The service started in Fukuoka in February 2018 and has grown to a point where it has been used more than 22 million times.
Currently, we are expanding the service to Nagoya City, Tokyo, and Kumamoto City, and in the spring of 2024, we plan to start share cycle business in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, and Saga City, Saga Prefecture.
Among these, in Kumamoto City, in the “Kumamoto City Share Cycle Demonstration Project” that has been implemented since 2022, the total number of uses has exceeded 896,000, and the number of users (unique users) is 58,000. In recognition of the stable usage and certain business effects, we have decided to start full-scale operation of the bicycle share business for three years starting April 1, 2024. ■About the conclusion of a comprehensive agreement with Kumamoto Prefecture Neuet and Kumamoto Prefecture have recently announced a comprehensive project with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of Kumamoto Prefecture by leveraging the strengths of both parties and working together through the development of a safe and secure bicycle sharing business. We have concluded a cooperation agreement. Specifically, we plan to work together on the following topics: (1) Activation of secondary transportation starting from central city areas, etc.
In the short term, by focusing on responding to the increasing demand for transportation in the center of Kumamoto City, it will function as an option for administrative measures, along with public
transportation, to encourage a shift away from automobiles.
In the medium to long term, while ensuring continuity of movement with Kumamoto City, we will respond to secondary transportation issues for workers and residents related to the expansion of TSMC, and provide transportation options for traffic congestion in related areas. We aim to become
(2) Maintaining and promoting the use of public transportation In addition to the central urban area of ​​Kumamoto City, we are also developing a “second station” in areas that have a certain population density and mobility needs but have a transportation gap, while coordinating with public transportation such as trains and buses.・By developing the port as a bus stop, we will increase the convenience of transit.
(3) Improving regional safety and security
In order for bicycles and cars to coexist safely, in collaboration with JAF and others, we are working to thoroughly disseminate the five rules for safe bicycle use, including promoting the wearing of helmets, and to raise awareness of other traffic rules and proper traffic etiquette. We will carry out the following.
(4) Tourism/regional promotion
By expanding our efforts in Kumamoto City to other local governments regarding the installation of temporary ports and the use of bicycles during events, we hope to enable people to experience the convenience of bicycle sharing while also creating points of contact with local residents and businesses. Create a new one.
In the future, by working closely with Kumamoto Prefecture, we will provide services that are even more rooted in the local community, and work toward realizing neuet’s mission of “creating the next habit of moving around town.” I’m coming.
■ About Charichari
[Image 2:×341.png ]
“Charichari” is a bicycle sharing service that can be easily used by unlocking a dedicated red bicycle using a smartphone app. Basic bicycles can be used for 6 yen per minute, and electrically assisted bicycles can be used for 15 yen per minute, and we aim to provide an experience that you can use anytime and anywhere you want. *Please note that from April 1st, the fee will be revised to 7 yen per minute for basic bicycles and 17 yen per minute for electrically assisted bicycles.
We started the service in February 2018 in Fukuoka, and to date we have approximately 4,200 bicycles and over 700 bicycle parking ports, and have grown to have been used over 220 million times. Ta. Currently, the service is being rolled out in four areas: Fukuoka City, Nagoya City, Tokyo, and Kumamoto City, and the service is scheduled to start in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, and Saga City, Saga Prefecture in the spring of 2024. Due to minute-by-minute pricing and easy-to-use app specifications, our service is mainly used for short daily trips in various areas. ■Notice of company name change
From April 1, 2024 to “Charichari Co., Ltd.”
■Charichari web/SNS information
【Official site】
[Official account]
X (old Twitter):
■ Charichari is recruiting port owners.
[Image 3:×800.png ]
Why not use any unused space you have, such as the eaves of a store or office or part of a parking lot, as a port for Charichari?
Charichari’s port can be installed from a small space of 5 or more bicycles. Utilize spaces that are not normally used for new value. [Port owner recruitment details]
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