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Home » Press Release: Asteria Meguro Ward adopts “ASTERIA Warp” and breaks away from vendor lock-in. Linking the inte rnal information system “intra-mart” with many administrative systems without code

Press Release: Asteria Meguro Ward adopts “ASTERIA Warp” and breaks away from vendor lock-in. Linking the inte rnal information system “intra-mart” with many administrative systems without code

[Press release: ASTERIA] Meguro Ward has announced “ASTERIA” Escape from vendor lock-in by adopting “Warp”. Linking the internal information system “intra-mart” with many administrative systems without code

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Meguro Ward adopts “ASTERIA Warp” and breaks away from vendor lock-in. Linking the internal information system “intra-mart” with many administrative systems without code
*Enables flexible selection of business systems and quick response to legal revisions and trends*
Asteria Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yoichiro Hirano, Stock code: 3853, hereafter
ASTERIA) has maintained the No. 1 share*1 in the domestic software market for enterprise data integration (EAI/ESB) products for 17 years.
Warp” (Asteria Warp, hereinafter Warp) is a city located in Meguro Ward, Tokyo (Ward Mayor: Eiji Aoki, hereinafter referred to as Warp). We are pleased to announce that it has been introduced as a
collaboration platform for the internal information systems of Meguro Ward).
* ■ “ASTERIA Warp” introduction background and future initiatives * Meguro Ward will be implementing the “Meguro Ward DX” in 2024. We are promoting initiatives such as improving the efficiency of staff in charge of administrative procedures through the use of digital technology. In addition, when reviewing the system configuration within the ward office to promote DX, we found that the current internal information system that integratedly manages financial and personnel and labor information was developed through contract development by a single vendor, so we found that the system structure was so-called vendor-locked. Due to various restrictions, we were unable to select the optimal system or tool for each task.

Therefore, Meguro City has started considering the introduction of a new system to break away from vendor lock-in. We adopted the enterprise low-code platform “intra-mart(R)” provided by NTT Data Intramart as an internal information system platform that can integrate and manage various business systems. Furthermore, we decided to use Warp as a platform for linking with individual business systems because it allows easy and flexible linkage with over 100 types of connection destinations and templates. Focus Systems Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mori) is Warp’s sales partner and Intramart’s BPM partner.
We started operation with development and implementation support from Keiichi). System configuration image
As a result, we have created a system operating environment that is not dependent on specific products or vendors, and have made it possible to introduce optimal business systems that respond to legal revisions and rapidly changing system trends. Additionally, Warp’s feature of no-code linkage with various systems allows for speedy introduction of new systems and low-cost system renovations. After introducing a new internal information system, Meguro Ward was able to digitize its workflow by introducing a new paperless financial management system, which had been difficult to adopt individually, and a document management system. We plan to continue working to improve the convenience of administrative services by continuing to promote DX.
* ■Future Warp business development*
The Warp series has steadily expanded its business, with the number of companies currently using it exceeding 10,000. We have maintained the No. 1 share in the enterprise data collaboration market (EAI/ESB) for 17 consecutive years. We are also receiving a growing number of new inquiries, including the promotion of DX to improve operational efficiency in a wide range of industries, and the need for
collaboration in response to laws and regulations such as the invoice system and the revised Electronic Bookkeeping Act.
Asteria will continue to expand sales of collaboration functions with diverse data sources to various industries, leverage the features of no-code, support data utilization to solve social issues such as resolving the shortage of IT human resources, and improve operational efficiency. We will contribute to the promotion of automation, etc.

*1: Source/Techno System Research Co., Ltd. “2023 Software Marketing Overview EAI/ESB Market Edition”
EAI/ESB stands for Enterprise Application Integration and Enterprise Service respectively.
Abbreviation for Bus, which refers to a product category that controls data linkage inside and outside a company.
*2: A state in which the development and maintenance of a company or organization’s systems is dependent on a specific vendor.

* ■About “Asteria Co., Ltd.”* (Website

As an expert in connecting society and businesses, Asteria is a software development company that provides products and services that connect people, things, and objects with the concept of connecting the world with software. Core product ASTERIA
Warp has been introduced by over 10,000 companies (as of August 1, 2023) as a product that allows data from various systems and clouds to be linked without code. Other business negotiation support app Handbook
X is a cloud service that allows you to manage all kinds of
information such as documents, videos, websites, etc. in an app. The mobile app creation tool Platio is a cloud service that allows anyone to easily create and utilize mobile apps that suit their business with no code. Gravio, a node integration platform, is a node computing platform that enables unified management of information by aggregating and utilizing various data from various locations with no code. By providing these products, we are promoting DX and operational efficiency.
In addition, we are involved in activities to promote various innovations and spread awareness of new technologies and values, such as participating in the establishment of the Blockchain Promotion Association and the No-Code Promotion Association.
* ■About “NTT Data Intra-Mart, Inc.”* (Website NTT Data Corporation
Intra-Mart provides a wide range of services, including the platform “intra-mart” that supports enterprise application development using advanced digital technology, SaaS, consulting, educational support, and system construction. Since 1998, our unique system development framework, business components, and application series that we have planned and developed have been introduced by over 9,500 companies as of the end of March 2023, and together with over 200 partners, We support companies to transform their business models while improving employee satisfaction.
* ■About “Focus Systems Co., Ltd.”* (Website Focus Systems Co., Ltd. was established in 1977, and is not only involved in system development and operation in public,
telecommunications, and other highly social fields.
We are also actively promoting business development with an eye on the trends of the times, such as IoT, cloud, and AI. Our corporate slogan is “Technology with heart.”
At Focus Systems, which connects people through technology, each and every employee approaches our work with passion and sincerity. * ■About “ASTERIA Warp”* (Website ASTERIA
“Warp” is middleware that allows data from different computer systems to be linked without any code. It has been praised for its ability to create logic for connecting and converting data between various systems, from mainframes and cloud servers to spreadsheet software, without complex programming. Warp
Core allows you to easily use Warp’s carefully selected features in a subscription format with an initial cost of 0 yen and a monthly fee of 30,000 yen. By quickly linking with various systems and services, we realize business automation and data utilization.

ASTERIA, Handbook, Platio, and Gravio are registered trademarks of Asteria Corporation.
Product names in this text are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

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