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NakaTaku Co., Ltd. Spurring the manufacturing industry. Pre-registration has started for the beta version of the technology inheritance platform “NakaTaku”.

[NakaTaku Co., Ltd.] Spurring the manufacturing industry.
Pre-registration has started for the beta version of the technology inheritance platform “NakaTaku”.

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Spur the manufacturing industry. Pre-registration has started for the beta version of the technology inheritance platform “NakaTaku”. *Can be installed in ~5 minutes. Accumulating on-site knowledge~* * ■ Business background *
The manufacturing industry accounts for approximately 20% of Japan’s overall GDP (gross domestic product). It still plays a role as a central industry supporting Japan’s domestic economy.

However, in recent years, “labor shortage” and “technology succession” have become major issues in the manufacturing industry, which plays a central role in Japan. Up until now, the common method for passing on skills was to actually show them the work and leave it to them. However, when highly skilled engineers change jobs or when their skills are not passed on due to the absence of successors, their skills are lost.

In fact, in a survey that asked people how important they thought skill transfer was, 66.4% said it was “important” and 28.4% said it was “somewhat important.” ” 5.2% answered “It’s going somewhat well” and 39.8% answered “It’s going somewhat well.” Although the majority of companies recognize the importance of technology inheritance, only less than half of companies are successful at it. (*Note 1)
In a situation where technology is not passed on sufficiently, there are major problems such as not only veteran employees leaving the company, but also difficulties in continuing the business, increased turnover rate, and decreased external competitiveness.

* ■ Assignment*
While companies feel that there are problems with technology inheritance, the reality is that no progress has been made in countermeasures.
As a result of our interviews, we found that many companies are unable to pass on technology due to the following issues.
– * Burden on veteran employees *
For veteran employees, it is a heavy burden to be responsible for passing on skills in parallel with their original work. Therefore, if your business is dependent on veteran employees, you cannot expect to transfer your skills.
– * Lack of employee communication *
Due to differences in generation and age, veteran employees and younger employees tend to lack communication during work. While there is a traditional tendency to think that “know-how is something you acquire after gaining experience/something you absorb by observing others,” young employees think that “know-how is something you can learn from the company or from veteran employees.” I tend to think. – *Focus on short-term/direct benefits*
Some companies place more emphasis on measures to directly improve business performance in the short term than on long-term human resource development, including technology inheritance. When considering external credibility and financial aspects, short-term performance is certainly important. However, as veteran employees continue to age, delaying the transfer of skills will only increase long-term risks.

* ■ Service overview *
“NakaTaku” is a technology inheritance platform in the manufacturing industry. Traditionally, education was conducted in a face-to-face, one-on-one format, but “NakaTaku” accumulates knowledge on the platform, reducing the time spent on education. In addition, by filming the work process as a video and automatically turning it into AR, we can display the work process more easily by pointing the camera at the actual machine (work manuals that only include videos and images can also be created).
* ■ Value provided*
– * Can be installed in 5 minutes *
It can be installed just by installing the app.
– *Reduced teaching time*
Highly accurate manuals can be viewed anytime and anywhere, reducing face-to-face training time.
– *Create work manual in AR*
By displaying manuals in the real world using AR, manuals are created that are easier to understand than paper manuals.
– *Knowledge is accumulated within the company*
Once a manual is created, it is stored on the platform, so internal knowledge is accumulated.

* ■ Supported industries*
“NakaTaku” solves problems not only in the manufacturing industry but also in various industries such as the energy industry.

* ■ Features *
・Create AR work manual
・Attach PDFs, videos, and images to AR work manuals
・Automatic translation (currently English only)
・Maintenance notification and management
・Task management

* ■ Future developments*
・Equipped with AI chatbot
We plan to add additional functions to meet customer needs.

* ■ Basic information *
*About “NakaTaku” pre-registration*
You can pre-register from the URL below. We will inform registered companies one by one, aiming for early June 2024.

If you are a company that is facing challenges in passing on technology, please register. In addition to this service, we also accept casual inquiries from companies that are vaguely concerned about lack of human resources or technology succession using the pre-registration form.

*About NakaTaku Co., Ltd.*
・Company name: NakaTaku Co., Ltd.
・Location: 2nd floor, Takakaido Building, 4-2-45 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo ・Representative name: Representative director Takumi Nakagawara ・Business content: Planning, development, and operation of technology inheritance platform “NakaTaku”
・Established: January 15, 2024
・Company URL:

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NakaTaku Co., Ltd. Addressed to Nakagawara

Note 1: Quoted from the Japan Institute for Labor Policy and Training, an independent administrative agency.
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