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Home » Korabo launches a dealer system for “Ikinari Minutes” – Partnering with Mayai, also based in Tunnel Tokyo

Korabo launches a dealer system for “Ikinari Minutes” – Partnering with Mayai, also based in Tunnel Tokyo

Korabo launches a dealer system for “Ikinari Minutes” – Partnering with Mayai, also based in Tunnel Tokyo

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Korabo launches a dealer system for “Ikinari Minutes” – Partnering with Mayai, also based in Tunnel Tokyo
Korabo collaborates with mayai
Korabo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Korabo), which provides Ikinari Minutes, a service that uses advanced AI technology to automatically generate experiential minutes from online meetings, has launched a dealer system. It has started. Through this system, partner companies can become Ikinari Minutes dealers through simple procedures, making it possible to provide added value to customers.
Korabo is headquartered in Tunnel Tokyo, a co-working space that supports startups. Tunnel Tokyo is a space run by SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS that fosters innovation and creativity. “Ikinari Minutes” started from this place.

Mayai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Mayai), which also has an office in Tunnel Tokyo, has announced itself as a dealer. Mayai provides an AI phone number mayai, which is a service that uses AI to answer outside calls from offices and stores, listen to the name and business, convert it into text, and notify you via email or chat. Since its release, it has been used in a variety of industries including IT companies, clinics, professionals, real estate, consulting, and education. By partnering with Mayai, Ikinari Minutes aims to further expand its customer base.

With the introduction of the “Ikinari Minutes” dealer system, Korabo will be able to more easily provide services to all companies seeking to improve the efficiency of online meetings. By becoming a dealer, partner companies can incorporate Ikinari Minutes into their services and provide high added value to their customers.

* Comment from Isao Ohashi, CEO of Korabo Co., Ltd.:*
Through this dealer system, we hope to be able to cooperate with more companies and contribute to improving the productivity of online meetings. Our partnership with Mayai is the first step in that direction. Like our company, Mayai is also a startup, and we would be happy if we could become a model case for collaboration between startups. We look forward to continuing to shape the future of work with our innovative partners.

* Mayai Co., Ltd. Representative Director Miki Yokoyama Comment: * We have suddenly become a distributor of minutes.
Our company and group companies have been using Ikinari minutes for some time. Sudoku Minutes not only reduces the hassle of creating minutes. We also use it for subsequent knowledge sharing and feedback. They are like personal assistants in online meetings. We are also very happy to be able to engage in this kind of initiative with member companies at Tunnel Tokyo, which advocates open innovation.
We would like to create an even more fun and convenient world in the AI ​​and communication field, which is a common denominator between Korabo and our company.

* Tunnel Tokyo Planning and Operation Division Manager Ikeda Comment: * Congratulations on becoming a partner for “Ikinari Minutes”! As Tunnel Tokyo, which promotes open innovation, it is a great honor to witness a place where connections between people create new value. We hope that Korabo and Mayai will continue to develop in the AI ​​and communication field.

* About “Ikinari Minutes”:*
Ikinari Minutes is a service that automatically generates high-quality minutes by simply calling a bot to a commonly used online meeting.

Automate the tedious and time-consuming task of creating meeting records and sharing them within your team, promoting business efficiency. Through this service, Korabo will establish a new standard for online meetings.

* About Korabo: *
Korabo is an AI startup that develops and provides “Ikinari Minutes,” which improves team productivity by automatically generating and sharing minutes of online meetings. We pursue innovation and efficiency, and aim to realize new ways of working.

* About Tunnel Tokyo: *
Tunnel Tokyo is a coworking space operated by Sega Sammy Holdings. We provide an environment where innovative startups and creators gather and aim for growth while being inspired by each other. As a crossroads of creativity and innovation, this place is the epicenter of many new ideas and projects.

* About Mayai: *
We provide AI phone number mayai, a service where AI answers outside calls, listens to your name and business, converts it into text, and notifies you via email or chat. By taking care of phone calls for companies and stores, Mayai supports people so they can focus on communication and work that they should be responding to and focusing on. “Building a new foundation in conversational UX (Reinvent)” Based on our mission of “conversation UX”, we will create a society where communication is more convenient and enjoyable than today.

* Details of “Ikinari Minutes” dealer system: *
Dealers are only responsible for introductions and toss-ups. After that, if you sign a contract, we will pay you a stock-based fee.

The Ikinari Minutes dealer system is an important step toward realizing Korabo’s vision and providing services to more companies and organizations. Through this system, Korabo expands its partnership and provides greater accessibility and convenience to all companies that need to record online meeting minutes. Additionally, partner companies will be able to strengthen their service offerings and increase added value for their customers.

By expanding this system, Korabo aims to contribute to improving the efficiency and productivity of online meetings, as well as shaping the future of work styles. We will continue to create new value in the business world with innovative ideas and technology.

For more information, please visit the Korabo website or contact us directly.
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