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Home » “Inventive Cheesecake” Cheese Wonder A packaging collaboration between the picture book “Kingyo Ganigeta” and “Cheese Wonder”, which continues to be loved across generations and borders, has been realized!

“Inventive Cheesecake” Cheese Wonder A packaging collaboration between the picture book “Kingyo Ganigeta” and “Cheese Wonder”, which continues to be loved across generations and borders, has been realized!

Utopia Agriculture Co., Ltd.
[“Inventive Cheesecake” Cheese Wonder] A packaging collaboration between the picture book “Kingyo Ganigeta” and “Cheese Wonder”, which continues to be loved across generations and borders, has been realized!
A limited edition package will be available at the official online shop from April 5th (Friday), and on April 6th (Saturday) there will be a story-telling event and Cheese Wonder POP UP sales at “BOOK HOUSE CAFE” (Tokyo).
CHEESE WONDER, an inventive cheesecake created by Utopia Agriculture (Hidaka-cho, Saryu-gun, Hokkaido), an agricultural production corporation that conducts pasture-grazing experiments for making sweets that will continue into the 22nd century, is one of Japan’s leading products. We will be selling a limited edition package in collaboration with picture book author Taro Gomi’s picture book “Kingyo Ganigeta” from April 5th (Friday) at our online shop. To commemorate this collaboration, Cheese Wonder will be available for dine-in for a limited time from April 5th (Friday) at the picture book cafe “BOOK HOUSE CAFE” in Jimbocho, Tokyo, and a picture book lecturer will be held on April 6th (Saturday). You can also enjoy “Kingyo Ganigeta” at the reading event. Look for the goldfish that has escaped to the world of Cheese Wonder.
[Image 1:×1334.jpg] Taro Gomi is one of Japan’s leading picture book authors who has written over 400 picture books, of which over 100 have been translated and published in over 20 countries around the world. The picture book “Kingyo Ganigeta”, which continues to be loved by generations, is a long-selling picture book that has been passed down from parents to children and grandchildren. You may have read it at least once. Made with free-range milk and free-range eggs from our own grazing dairy farm in Hidaka Town, Hokkaido, this cheese is made with two layers: crunchy pressed almond cookies, moist raw cheese soufflé, and extremely soft raw cheese mousse. Cake “Cheese Wonder”. We continue to make delicious sweets while working to solve problems so as not to burden the environment.
Just like “Kingyo ga Nigeta,” which is surprising and moving not only for children but also for adults, where the cute pictures soothe, stimulate the imagination, and make you realize something, Cheese Wonder is also a hit with both adults and children. The packaging collaboration was born from our desire to continue creating sweets that are loved by many people. This collaboration package incorporates the design and story of a picture book that makes you look for goldfish while pointing your finger at them, delivering not only the delicious impression of eating them, but also the excitement of looking at them. Please enjoy it as a snack for parents and children, or as an adult sweets time while reminiscing about the past. CHEESE WONDER x “Kingyoganigeta” collaboration package
A goldfish jumped out of the goldfish bowl.
Where did it go?
Hidden in the red polka dots of the curtains.
Hey, I ran away again.
This time it’s a potted plant with red flowers.
Oh my gosh, I ran away again.
Between the milk and the eggs, in the grass on the farm, inside the Cheese Wonder box…
[Table 3:]
[Image 2:×1755.jpg] collaboration package
[Image 3:×2000.jpg] Original lunch bag image
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《Fun story session》
[Image 4:×1000.jpg] BOOK HOUSE CAFE
・Date and time: April 6, 2024 (Sat) 11:15-12:00
・Summary: A picture book reading session by a picture book instructor. We will also read “Kingyo ga Nigeta” aloud.
・Target: Children aged 0 to 12 years old
Book House Cafe is a picture book specialty store located in the book town of Jimbocho, Tokyo. A picture book wonderland with over 10,000 picture books and delicious cafes. Inside the store, there are several galleries where you can see original pictures from picture books, and fun events are held every day.
Picture book “Kingyō Ganigeta”
The goldfish ran away. Where did you go? Also, I lost it. Where are you this time?
The goldfish that escaped from the fishbowl hides in the pattern of the curtain, They pretend to be flowers.
A favorite picture book for children. Published in 1979.
[Image 5:×1673.jpg] ■Message from Taro Gomi
“It seems like my goldfish feels good,
He’s a master at finding places that look fun.
We meet Kingyo not only in picture books but also in various places. It’s generally a pleasant and fun place.
And then there’s Hokkaido.
This is the new land that my goldfish has finally found. ”
[Image 6:×1500.jpg] ■Profile Born in Tokyo in 1945. Graduated from Kuwasawa Design Institute. Picture book author. He has a wide range of fans from children to adults, and has written over 450 books. Many picture books have been translated and published all over the world. In addition to winning the Sankei Children’s Publishing Cultural Award for “Hidden Things” and “Tabed Ita Are” (both published by Bunka Publishing Bureau), he has won numerous awards, including the Bologna
International Picture Book Original Art Exhibition. His works include “Everyone Poo” (published by Fukuinkan Shoten), “The Yellow Butterfly” (published by Kaiseisha), and “Saru Rururu” (published by Ehonkan).
What is “Inventive Cheesecake” CHEESE WONDER?
After continuing to pursue the possibilities of cheesecake, we finally found the combination and ratio of “Cheese Wonder”.
The key to its deliciousness is the combination of the texture of the raw cheese soufflé, made with pasture-raised milk and free-range eggs raised on our own free-range dairy farm in Hidaka-cho, Hokkaido, the raw cheese mousse, and the crunchy cookies. It’s truly amazingly delicious.
We produce raw materials in-house while working on experiments and problem-solving to reduce environmental impact with an eye to the future.
[Image 7:×2601.jpg ]
1) Using pasture-raised milk and eggs grown on our own farm
The raw materials for CHEESE WONDER are cows raised in a healthy manner in conditions close to nature, so we were able to make cheesecakes with milk that is rich in flavor and goes well with sweets. The eggs used for our raw cheese soufflé are also fresh eggs from healthy chickens raised at our own free-range chicken farm.
[Image 8:×1280.jpg] 2) Two-layered structure of fresh cheese soufflé and fresh cheese mousse that are both moist and fluffy.
By not baking the soufflé dough, which would normally be finished by baking, we created a two-layered structure with the rich and moist texture of raw cheese soufflé as the base, and a fluffy texture topped with fresh cheese mousse with the flavor of cheese.
Since our products are delivered frozen, you can enjoy a variety of textures by changing the thawing time to suit your preferences.
[Image 9:×1280.jpg] 3) Pressed almond cookies with a particular crunchy texture
Cookie dough made with rich almond powder is sandwiched between hot griddles and baked to create a crunchy yet moist and rich finish that allows you to enjoy the buttery flavor even more. By applying a thin film of oil to the entire cookie, we prevent the moisture from transferring to the raw cheese soufflé that is placed on top, ensuring that the crunchy texture lasts for a long time.
[Image 10:×1000.jpg] 4) Cookie shape that is easy to eat and represents the brand Due to the large size, I created a split in the “CHEESE WONDER” W motif to make it easier to cut the cookie in half. It is finished in a new form that you have never seen before, and you can enjoy just looking at it.
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Reference materials
The secret to Cheese Wonder’s deliciousness lies in its grazing. Our mission is to make delicious sweets without putting a burden on the global environment, animals, or people. Environmentally
regenerative/grazing dairy farming
Utopia Agriculture is an agricultural production corporation that challenges sustainable and delicious sweets making, free-range dairy farming, and cage-free chicken farming under the theme of “GRAZE EXPERIMENTS.” Sweets are something you don’t have to eat. We aim to make truly delicious sweets that you can truly enjoy without having a negative impact on the global environment, because we still want to eat them.
Cow burp contains methane gas, which is said to be about 30 times more greenhouse gas than CO2, and there are general concerns about its impact on the environment, as most of the cow’s feed relies on grains imported from overseas. We are building a system/sustainable business model that creates cycles between cows and soil, farms and poultry farms, and sweets and farms.
[Image 11:×1589.jpg ]
Pastured milk, which is extracted from cows that live freely and stress-free on vast pastures in Hidaka-cho, Hokkaido, mainly eating green grass, is characterized by its delicious aroma and high nutritional value, as it is rich in carotene and vitamins.
We feed the confectionary scraps and strawberry stems from the group’s confectionery manufacturing process to chickens at our poultry farm, and the chicken manure is spread on the pastures of our pasture-raised dairy farm. In addition to chicken droppings, pastures also contain excrement from cows, and as the cows walk around on it, the soil becomes fertile, and high-quality pasture grows again, creating a circular system.
*By feeding the chickens with candy scraps, industrial waste is eliminated, and the eggs themselves become richer and more delicious. Carbon offsets achieved on pastured dairy farms
At our company’s farm in Hidaka-cho, Hokkaido, experimental results have shown that we store 11 tons of CO2 per hectare every year, with a constant CO2 storage capacity of 273 tons/ha.
273 tons is equivalent to the CO2 emitted by 230 cars per year, or equivalent to the CO2 emitted by 100 ordinary households.
Additionally, since each cow emits 10 tons of CO2 every year, a farm with an area of ​​32 ha can offset the CO2 emissions equivalent to 35 cows. (FY2023)
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